Sickest Apex Legends Plays So Far

VOICE OVER: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
Apex Legends mixes the fast moving twitch-based combat of classic arena shooters with battle royale gameplay, and the result is not only a great game, but some of the coolest plays and moments.
Sickest Plays in Apex Legends

When you give players a game as engaging and energetic as “Apex Legends”, you can expect to find some entertaining plays all over the Internet. Welcome to MojoPlays, and this is our list for the SICKEST Plays in “Apex Legends”!

Stay Off His Lawn


Typically, as you get older, you’ll find that your reflexes aren’t what they used to be, which is why we have so much respect and admiration for elderly folks who play video games. It isn’t easy processing all of the action on screen, but GrndPaGaming has got the skills! While in the middle of a firefight, GrndPa manages to finish off an entire squad with only three shots of the Triple Take, and without using the scope! Color us impressed because that must have taken some serious eagle eyes to pull off!

Dah, Which Way Did He Go?

drlee_kor84 a.k.a “mansik0_0”

For a game as fast-paced as “Apex Legends”, it can be hard to keep up with the action. Things can get especially difficult when you’re getting close to the end. Although, once you realize there’s only one enemy squad remaining, all senses go into maximum overdrive. That must be what helped the player known as “mansik” achieve victory. In the final moments of the game, mansik found himself trapped in one of Thunderdome’s cages with a whole enemy team. By frantically switching between rifts, he was able to bamboozle the enemies and steal the win for his team. Talk about a bat-&-switch move!

A Strong Grapple Game


As we were doing research for this video, we were amazed by how many people were able to use Pathfinder’s grappling hook in efficient and impressive ways. Out of them, we had to put this hilarious play on the list. When PC player “Triv” and his teammate find the last remaining enemy, Triv begins swinging around his target like a certain webhead might do. Of course, the Wraith player is having a hard time keeping up, and as soon as playtime is over, she’s promptly taken out by Triv with a single shot of the Mastiff. Remember, kids, if you wanna win, you gotta bamboozle ‘em!

Dead Before Hitting the Ground


Either this player is the sharpest sharpshooter to ever sharpen a shot, or they just have an obscene amount of luck beyond comprehension. While exploring, PC player “xabaddon” took a quick glance at a nearby supply ship and spotted an enemy player. Using up only two shots of a Longbow, baddon managed to eliminate the player before they even hit the ground. How is a shot like this even possible?! You’d have to do some quick calculations or make a lucky guess to pull that off! We can only imagine how angry and profane our fallen victim became after being eliminated.

“You Can’t Jump”


Normally, we avoid landing in areas where enemy teams are lurking about. However, user Benjiah20 and his team felt a little confident for this game and landed in the same spot as another squad. After racing towards some high-tier loot, Benjiah starts beating the crap out of his target. Just when the Bloodhound player tries to make a quick escape via zipline, Benjiah gives chase only to grapple him and kick him down. Geez, after a play like that, you’d think Benjiah had some kind of personal vendetta with him!

Shroud “Isn’t Human”


If Ninja is the biggest player in “Fortnite”, then Shroud has certainly asserted his dominance in “Apex Legends”, and this clip certainly proves that notion. With both teammates down and two enemy squads remaining, Shroud bolts around the map while downing enemy after enemy, eventually winning the entire game. With his mouse moving the camera so erratically, its a wonder how anyone (let alone shroud himself) can comprehend just what the blazes is going on! Now, we see why this Twitch clip was titled “How gods play”! Shroud, my dude, did you remember to breathe?

31 Kills


For someone to get a whopping THIRTY-ONE kills in a single game? “That’s impossible!” we hear you say. Actually, not so. At the time of writing, Xbox user Tollis managed to break the world record for Most Kills in a Single Game of “Apex Legends” on Console. Oh, and did we mention Tollis’s teammates died early and were unable to be respawned? We suppose this makes Tollis the Ultimate Rambo of “Apex Legends”!