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Top 10 Best Schitt’s Creek Moments

VO: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Mark Sammut
Balancing humor and heart, these are the best Schitt’s Creek moments. If you’re looking for an underrated gem, this comedy series needs to be your next binge. It might not look like anything groundbreaking on the surface, but roses bloom in the strangest of places. MsMojo ranks the best Schitt’s Creek moments. What do you think are the most unforgettable Schitt’s Creek moments? Let us know in the comments!

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Roses bloom in the strangest of places. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Schitt's Creek Moments.

For this list, we’re looking at the funniest, most heartwarming, or unforgettable scenes from the first five seasons of this Canadian TV sitcom.

#10: Family Portrait
"Friends and Family"

Although the Roses tend to push each other's buttons and do not always see eye to eye, there can be no doubt of the mutual love shared among all four members. An old and massive portrait shows up to remind the Roses of everything the family has lost. Instead of holding on to the last remaining relic from the glory days, Johnny and Moira admit this remnant no longer represents the Roses and should be discarded. The people in the portrait may be wealthy, but the old Rose family would never have gotten together to dance the night away in a barn.

#9: Moira & Johnny’s Anniversary Dinner
"Happy Anniversary"

Together for well over three decades, Moira and Johnny's love perseveres even in the face of great misfortune, as the couple tries to bring some of that Rose magic to Schitt's Creek. Moira and Johnny's anniversary dinner marks a rare time when the family's past and present lives directly clash, forcing the pair to choose between a wealthy socialite couple or Roland and Jocelyn. Along with the awesome sight of Johnny tearing down the obnoxious couple, this dinner confirms beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Roses consider Schitt's Creek to be home.

#8: Moira & David’s Duet
"Asbestos Fest"

Some moments are precious, others are hilarious. Moira and David's Christmas in July duet is precious and hilarious. A veteran of the stage seeking to rewind time back to the 1980s, Moira pushes to put on a one-woman show for a fundraiser, but quickly comes to regret this arrangement. With Moira depressed and refusing to leave her son's bed, David willingly offers to revive an embarrassing duet the pair used to perform for Christmas. The performance hits right in the funny bone; more importantly, David voluntarily embarrasses himself so Moira does not have to bear the burden alone. That is love.

#7: Moira’s Resurrection
"RIP Moira Rose"

Finding out about a celebrity's untimely death can be downright shocking, particularly if the supposedly deceased star is the one reading the news. In true "Sunrise Bay" fashion, Moira surprises her grieving a cappella group with an impromptu resurrection. Along with being quite hilarious, the Jazzagals' reaction to Moira's fictitious demise affirms that Schitt's Creek's residents no longer see the Roses as outsiders. While Twitter is flooded with hollow condolences from former acquaintances, Moira happily sings along with her true friends, the Jazzagals, who genuinely care whether the actress is alive or dead.

#6: David Gives Ted Advice About Alexis
"Singles Week"

A history laden with unhealthy relationships and friendships left David hesitant to open up and trust people. Without cash to buy friends, David has no choice but to put himself out there and is rewarded with a kindred spirit in Stevie. Following Alexis' declaration of love, Ted reaches out to David for guidance, who happens to be in a similar boat with his boyfriend, Patrick. David's personal growth shines through as the emotionally stunted character fights against every impulse to run away and admits that these emotions are real. Such a character-defining moment ends with David unwittingly eating a dog treat, which somehow makes the whole thing even better.

#5: David’s Pansexuality Wine Metaphor

"Schitt's Creek" is not only gut-wrenchingly hilarious and routinely endearing, but the sitcom can also be quite profound. While David's fondness of guys is immediately apparent, an unexpected night with Stevie reveals the character is not particularly concerned with gender. Beautifully phrased as a wine metaphor, David describes pansexuality in a way that manages to be insightful, clever, and funny. Occurring during the opening season, David's metaphor is among the earliest moments to indicate "Schitt's Creek" is far more than just a fish out of water sitcom.

#4: “A Little Bit Alexis”
"The Hospies"

Prior to launching a career in marketing; Alexis specialized in partying, world traveling, and the occasional hostage situation. Like all minor celebrities primarily known for being rich, Alexis scored a reality show and even recorded a theme song. Written by actress Annie Murphy in collaboration with the Canadian band Hollerado and released as a single on various music streaming services, "A Little Bit Alexis" lampoons notoriously awful bangers created by celebrities like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. Alexis' brief performance is hilarious, but the most amazing thing about "A Little Bit Alexis" is that the parody track is kind of good.

#3: Moira's Commercial
"Wine and Roses"

Out of the four Roses, Moira yearns the most to leave Schitt's Creek and never misses an opportunity to hopefully revitalize a long-since stagnant acting career. One such chance arrives in the form of a commercial for a fruity wine; unfortunately, the twelve-time People's Choice Award almost-nominee cannot help but be slightly rusty. As "Schitt's Creek" shows very little of the Rose family's past lives, this moment provides a glimpse of the person Moira used to be. Until Hollywood comes calling, Moira will just have to make do with the Jazzagals and the occasional performance at a car dealership.

#2: Simply the Best
"The Jazzaguy"

Patrick and David make for such an irresistibly warm and tender couple, only Tina Turner could possibly hope to reflect the relationship's magic. During an open mic night, Patrick dedicates a cover of "Simply the Best" to an initially flustered but ultimately touched David, who eventually repays the favor. Considering David does not care for public displays of emotions and Patrick has yet to come out of the closet, these performances embody the couple's mutual passion and willingness to grow. In each other; Patrick gained something real, while David found someone to love besides the Rose family and Mariah Carey.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

The Crowening
“The Crowening”

Moira & Roland in Bed
"The Affair"

Stoned David Calls Patrick
"Motel Review"

David & Ted Kiss

Moira’s Garden / Hookup Spot
"Stop Saying Lice!"

#1: Fold the Cheese
"Family Dinner"

"Schitt's Creek" is a treasure trove of witty one-liners and memorable quotes, but few scenes compare to David and Moira's ill-fated attempt to cook enchiladas. This whole misadventure summarizes everything awesome about "Schitt's Creek." First things first, the sitcom's trademark humor comes through splendidly as Moira's unearned confidence culminates in an argument with David over the art of folding cheese. A seemingly silly plot about enchiladas causes Moira to realize a lifetime of comfort came at the cost of self-dependence. Last but not least, the whole family comes together to eat terrible enchiladas and enjoy each other's company.

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