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Top 10 Times YouTubers Were Dragged Online

VO: Lisa @MsMojo WRITTEN BY: Savannah Sher
Remember these times YouTubers were dragged online? Some serious tea got spilled, huh? We’re focusing on beauty, lifestyle or ASMR YouTubers who've had online drama or have been the subject of videos on gossip channels like Sebastian Williams, Cody Ko, Tea Spill, Beef or Drama Daily. MsMojo ranks the most dramatic times YouTubers were dragged online. Are there any YouTube controversies we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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Get ready to see some tea get spilled. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times YouTubers were Dragged Online.

For this list, we’re focusing on beauty, lifestyle or ASMR YouTubers who've had online drama or have been the subject of videos on gossip channels like Sebastian Williams, Cody Ko, Tea Spill, Beef or Drama Daily. We’re excluding other types of controversial channels like the Paul brothers and Olivia Jade who have been criticized for blunders, but not necessarily drama online.

#10: Veronica Wang & SAS-ASMR

In order for you to understand this particular drama, you may first need a lesson on what mukbang is. It’s a YouTube phenomenon where people eat massive amounts of food for their fans on camera, and two of the most popular accounts in this genre are SAS-ASMR and Veronica Wang. When a parody account called Shookbang appeared on the scene producing edits of these mukbang scenes, the YouTubers swung into action claiming copyright infringement – and watched as many on the platform turned on them for the move. But the backlash didn't end there, as dirt on the content producers was dug up, including the possibility that Wang once worked as an escort.

#9: Gabbie Hanna Called Out for Allegedly Scamming Her Fans

Gabbie Hanna originally found fame on Vine before expanding her reach with YouTube, where she became known for her comedic content. But things went south when she decided to help promote Kenza Cosmetics and their range of makeup brushes. The deal, as presented, was that these expensive brushes were free as long as you paid for shipping, but her followers eventually realized that the products they purchased didn’t seem to actually ship. Not only that, some came to notice that these products – allegedly high end stuff – were available at ridiculously low prices on sites like AliExpress.

#8: Gabi DeMartino Being a Wannabe

Gabi DeMartino frequently draws comparisons to Ariana Grande because of the fact that she openly idolizes the pop star and has produced content recreating Grande’s videos. The problem is though that the Arianators – as a lot – aren't exactly big fans of Gabi, if the hate in her comment section is anything to go by. Ariana herself even weighed in and seemed to be throwing shade. However, it's hard to tell who got the last laugh, as DeMartino was asked by Ariana herself to appear in the video for “Thank U, Next”. Is she laughing at her or with her? We may never know. But, speaking of Ariana Grande wannabes, let’s not forget about JessChic!

#7: The Zoella and Eltoria Advent Calendar Fail

Around the holidays, the beauty community loves checking out all of the different advent calendars that are made available by major brands. So when Zoe Sugg created her 2017 Advent calendar all her fans were excited to jump on board. However, what they received was far from what Zoe had advertised. The following year, Eltoria released her 2018 calendar with similar negative reviews. Fans were angry to find that the units were filled with previously opened items. Naturally, this lead to accusations that Eltoria had used rejected products from calendars items that she herself had received – and likely received for free – and repackaged them for her own advents.

#6: Jaclyn Hill's Morphe Vault Collaboration

Jaclyn Hill is one of the biggest beauty YouTubers in the game, and she has had her fair share of brand collaborations over the years – with varied results. Following the success of her first Morphe palette, she announced that she would be releasing a “Morphe Vault”, involving not one but four new palettes. Once early reviews of the products came in though, she opted to delay the launch because of the negative response. When the vault was eventually released, it arrived amid speculation that the product had never actually been reformulated, fueled by the fact that there were stickers over the ingredients lists on the packaging.

#5: Lele Pons – for Everything

Lele Pons found her fame on Vine, where she skyrocketed to become the first person on the platform to reach one billion loops and by the time it shut down, she was both the most followed and most looped user. But with success, often comes criticism, and Pons has definitely received her fair share of it, both from followers and other social media influencers. She has been flogged for a variety of things, from faking a charity donation, to not writing her own book to marketing products to children, and to simply not being funny.

#4: The ACE Family’s Controversies

This family presents itself online as being the ultimate in domestic #goals, but behind the cute matching outfits and funny pranks, there have been plenty of controversies that have brought the ACE Family down. Their “charity” basketball even didn’t go over well when only well known YouTubers were allowed to compete and let’s not even get into the allegedly racist and sexist tweets. And when ACE Family patriarch Austin McBroom was revealed to have taken a child into a sex shop and bought them a phallic shaped lollipop, people were understandably pretty enraged.

#3: Jeffree Star’s Racism

In the past couple of years, there has been a shockingly prevalent issue of famous YouTubers being called out for racist behavior, and Jeffree Star is probably the most high profile of the bunch. This vlogger has become one of the biggest on the platform and has had feuds with just about everyone you could imagine. But the most damaging drama took place when he was accused of racism – behavior that arrived in many different forms, and which caused many of his friends and followers to leave him behind. He did publish a lengthy apology video, but many claimed it wasn’t enough.

#2: Laura Lee’s Racism

Jeffree Star isn't the only accused racist beauty vlogger on YouTube... It was a drama that featured many of the same players as Star – Manny MUA, Nikita Dragon and Gabby Zamora all became embroiled – and just like her ex-friend Star, Lee was called out for publishing a racist posts which has since been deleted. Things got even worse for Lee after she published her apology video, which many considered to be disingenuous because she turned herself into the victim, leaving fans to want more from the vlogger.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

KathleenLights’ Racism

Simplynessa15 Drama

Lance Stewart Exposed for Being Fake

#1: Tana Mongeau’s Convention

Tana Mongeau is a rapper and YouTuber personality, and oh has she had her fair share of controversy. At this point, we’ve all heard of Fyre Festival, and comparisons have been drawn between that disaster and Tana Mongeau’s failed anti-VidCon convention. Just like Fyre Fest, this event was shut down midway through, and since this took place in mid-2018, this YouTuber has been dragged like you wouldn’t believe. And the drama didn’t stop there, because Mongeau also promoted the very same “free” makeup brushes as Gabbie Hanna! Seems like she really can’t catch a break.

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