Top 10 Awesome Maisie Williams Moments



Top 10 Awesome Maisie Williams Moments

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Isn't she just delightful? For this list, we'll be looking at the greatest, most entertaining, and most hilarious things done by Maisie Williams. We'll be including things she's done in her personal life, moments from interviews or viral videos such as Carpool Karaoke with Sophie Turner and scenes from various TV shows like Doctor Who and Game of Thrones. Because we'll be talking about specific scenes from these shows, a spoiler warning is in effect!
Top 10 Maisie Williams Moments

Isn’t she just delightful? Welcome to MsMojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten Maisie Williams moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the greatest, most entertaining, and most hilarious things done by Maisie Williams. We’ll be including things she’s done in her personal life, moments from interviews or viral videos, and scenes from various TV shows. Because we’ll be talking about specific scenes from these shows, a spoiler warning is in effect!

#10: Immortality on “Doctor Who”

Maisie Williams seems to be quite the genre enthusiast. If she’s not changing faces on “Game of Thrones,” she’s living multiple lifetimes on “Doctor Who.” Maisie first appeared as Ashildr in the ninth series episode “The Girl Who Died”, where she was killed in a war with the Mire. However, the Doctor brings her back to life with a Mire repair kit, cursing her with immortality. She subsequently appeared in three more episodes, each performance more compelling than the last. Williams described her stint on “Doctor Who” as “every fanboy’s dream,” and her enthusiasm for the role shines through.

#9: Killing Littlefinger

We speak for everyone when we say – it’s about bloody time! Littlefinger has been scheming and causing problems for seven seasons, so it’s a relief to finally see him out of the game. And it was at the hands of our girl herself. After attempting to pit the Stark sisters against each other, Littlefinger’s plan is thwarted, and Arya slits his throat with the same Valyrian dagger he once put to her father’s neck. And that’s just so, so satisfying. Not only did she get to avenge her father’s betrayal and death, but she basically gave Petyr a giant middle finger by killing him with his own blade.

#8: Heart Rate Monitor Challenge

In January 2018, Maisie was hooked up to a heart rate monitor for “The Radio 1 Breakfast Show.” And the results were delightful. First, her heart rate skyrockets after seeing a picture of her boyfriend. For context, she had no reaction when looking at sexy pictures of Pedro Pascal and Kit Harrington. Now that’s love right there. Things ramp up again when Eddie Redmayne shows up and tries to glean some “Game of Thrones” spoilers. And, spoilers, it looks like the White Walkers kill everyone and have a big, ol’ party. This segment is a blast from beginning to end, and we get to see Eddie Redmayne’s beautiful face. What’s not to love?

#7: Arya’s Kill List

Watching Arya recite her kill list is always fun. Watching Maisie Williams recite it on “Graham Norton” while menacingly staring into the camera is amazing. While appearing on the comedy chat show, Maisie revealed that she’s constantly asked by her fans to recite the kill list. Seeing his opportunity, Graham asked her to do so for the camera. She just had one caveat – adding Tom Hanks, Anthony Joshua, and Graham Norton to the list. Seeing Tom Hanks act surprised is hilarious, and watching Graham Norton totally geek out over being placed on the list is just adorable. Granted, we would totally have the same reaction.

#6: The First Time with Sophie Turner

In March 2019, Maisie and Sophie played The First Time with Rolling Stone. It’s a fun game, and we learned quite a lot about the two ladies. For example, Maisie auditioned for “Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang,” and her mother totally fangirled over meeting Sean Bean at the first “Game of Thrones” readthrough. Along the way we heard a lot of giggling, watched Sophie touch Maisie’s boob, and listened to them joke about Joe Jonas’s privates. So, you know, there’s a little bit of everything here. It’s worth a watch if you want to learn a little more about the besties, or just want to watch them joke around for ten minutes.

#5: Pranking Fans

Maisie is quite the little jokester, isn’t she? In this NYLON video, Maisie can be seen pranking fans in a local hobby store. Fans enter the store to get free “Game of Thrones” merch and are met by Maisie behind the counter. Only, she isn’t Masie Williams – she’s “Lorraine.” Lorraine has never seen “Game of Thrones,” thinks that Arya is a little boy, and has the fans act out various animals and scenes from the show - some of them more risque than others. It’s all harmless fun, and Maisie shows complete and total commitment. And really, who doesn’t want to watch fans fly around the room like a dragon?

#4: Strive to Be Talented

Of course, it’s not ALL jokes with Maisie. Case in point – her TEDx Talk in Manchester. The talk took place in February 2019, while Maisie was sporting the iconic pink hair. But while her appearance is playful and fun, the talk is surprisingly introspective. It starts a little awkwardly, as Maisie is as nervous as can be, but things pick up once she begins her story. A plug for her social media app Daisie, which connects talented individuals, leads in turn to a beautiful summation on talent, confidence, the value of learning, and the virtues of dreaming. For someone who was so nervous and apprehensive, Maisie killed the TED talk. It must have been on her list.

#3: Carpool Karaoke with Sophie Turner

Really, any time you see these two together, you know it’s going to be a good time. They appeared on Apple TV’s “Carpool Karaoke: The Series,” and it was just wall-to-wall insanity. One of the best bits saw them saying silly things like “Hakuna matata” and “It’s-a me, Mario” while imitating Sean Bean. Heck, that clip alone garnered fifteen million views on YouTube! The segment also saw them scaring fans in a “Game of Thrones” attraction, talking about their dream jobs (like working the floor at CVS), and singing various pop songs. If you want to see the girls at their most wild, untethered, and uncensored, check out the episode.

#2: April Fools

Alright Maisie, you damn near gave us a heart attack, there. While promoting “Game of Thrones” on “Jimmy Fallon,” Maisie “accidentally” let slip that Arya died in the second episode of the season. She shows some incredible acting talent here, as she plows through the spoiler without warning or fanfare and seems legitimately worried about blowing a giant secret. On the other hand, Jimmy’s acting is a little rocky at first, although he pulls himself together quite well. It was a fantastic (and heart-stopping) prank thanks to Maisie’s complete dedication and unbelievable acting talent. And of course the video went viral, helping to drum up hype for season eight. Not that it needed more…

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Robot Chicken

Making Direwolf Bread

Not Her…

#1: Killing the Night King

While Arya’s vengeance on Walder Frey was sweet, this was the killing to end all killings. During the Battle of Winterfell, Arya proves herself as a capable warrior and valuable ally. Her true shining moment is when, upon realizing what the Red Woman had prophesied for her years earlier, she sneaks up on the Night King and stabs him with her Valyrian steel dagger, saving Bran and all of humanity. We all knew Arya was a badass assassin, but this completely unexpected moment solidified her as one of the most astonishing female characters in television history! Valar Morghulis!