Top 10 Times Regular People Were Mistaken for Celebrities



Top 10 Times Regular People Were Mistaken for Celebrities

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These real life celebrity doppelgangers were a bit too convincing. There are a lot of regular people who look like celebrities, and sometimes people mistakenly ask them for a selfie. From Maisie Williams to Drake to Snoop Dogg, we're looking at some of the funniest times regular people pretended to be famous people. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the top 10 times regular people were mistaken for celebs.

Top 10 Times Regular People Were Mistaken for Celebrities

Ever have someone mistake you for a celebrity? Nope… us neither. But these folks sure have! Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times Regular People Were Mistaken for Celebrities.

For this list, we’re looking at moments when non-celebs were mistaken for huge stars. Some of these people actually bear a striking resemblance to their celeb lookalikes, some are passable and some are just… well… you’ll see.

#10: Logan Unlucky

It’s not everyday that you’ll bump into Wolverine himself, so when this fan found Hugh Jackman on the street at night, he just had to grab a picture with the Golden Globe winner. The only problem is, it wasn’t Hugh Jackman, nor does it really look like him… Sure, there’s a slight resemblance in the face, but let’s not forget that Mr. Jackman is (ahem) jacked from all his hard work in the gym preparing for his many appearances as Wolverine. Also, why would Hugh Jackman just be walking down your street at night? Come on man! We’re pretty sure he has a car or ten.

#9: Double Trouble

Let’s face it, your odds of meeting one celebrity in a random encounter is pretty low; so the odds of meeting two huge Hollywood stars at once is downright miniscule. But, that didn’t stop this happy fella from thinking he’s met both Orlando Bloom AND Christian Bale in the same room, at once, together. We can forgive him for the Christian Bale look-alike – that dude is spot on! But, fake Orlando Bloom isn’t anywhere close to looking like the real thing. Regardless, it probably made for a great story to tell his buddies the next day….

#8: The I-Wrong Throne

This fella looks pretty proud to have flagged down the writer of “Game of Thrones” for a casual selfie. We mean, what are the odds of meeting George R.R. Martin not only one day, but two in a row?! Just look at the comments of the picture, everyone is so excited their friend met Mr. Martin. There’s a catch of course: that’s not really George R.R. Martin - though we can forgive the young man for thinking so, as the resemblance isn’t too bad. While we can see the similarities, (forgive us “Game of Thrones” fans…) the real George is a tad-bit stockier.

#7: Arya Sure?

Speaking of “Game of Thrones,” George R.R. Martin wasn’t the only famous person from the show whose lookalike was mistaken for the real thing. This Twitter user thinks he’s met an idol of his in Maisie Williams, but (hilariously) he had the news broken to him, that he’s posing with a fraud, by… the real Maisie Williams! Well, at least got a Twitter mention from the real Arya Stark. Want more GOT lookalikes? These two girls think not only believe they’ve met Peter Dinklage, but that he even bought them a drink! Well, at least they thought he did until people on their Instagram no doubt told them that it’s obviously not Tyrion Lannister.

#6: Snoop . . . There It Isn’t

This encounter between Snoop Dogg and two random guys on the bus must have taken place on Halloween because this Snoop Dogg lookalike is spot on! Seriously, look at this guy… he’s the Doggfather himself. We’d be asking for a picture with this guy too and bragging to all our friends that we bumped into Snoop Dogg on the bus. Sure, we’d wonder why Snoop was taking the bus, but we’d eventually create some far-fetched excuse to keep alive the dream that we just met Snoop D-O-Double G. Alas… Snoop Dogg, this was not.

#5: The Wrong Shape of You

It’s so nice that megastar Ed Sheeran takes time out of his incredibly busy schedule to not only take selfies with random people, but also join fans in the crowd at concerts. We can forgive these two girls for mistakenly thinking they’ve spotted the hit musician at a concert, but these other two Ed Sheeran sightings look absolutely nothing like him! Regardless, that didn’t stop these Fake Sheerans from stepping into the spotlight and posing for pictures despite their very faint resemblance to the actual musician. For shame!

#4: In My Feelings but Not Reality

These two girls think they’ve found Drake on a night out on the town. And you know what? We’ll totally give them that, as this guy is a dead ringer for the famous rapper. This lookalike might have a bit more stubble and a slightly bigger head, but in the heat of the moment, we’re sure these two girls just got really excited and reached for their cameras. Now, the odds that Drake is partying at the same venue as you is quite slim, but – like all these almost-celeb encounters – they surely made for great stories to tell for weeks to come.

#3: Not Prez-ent

Yeah… if we bumped into Barack Obama we’d definitely ask for a picture too… and an autograph, and a signed copy of his book, and many, many questions about the world as well. We mean, come on! This guy IS Obama – the only difference is he’s not in a nice suit and Michelle isn’t at his side. You know what… now that we’re looking a little closer, we can’t actually be sure that this ISN’T Obama on vacation or something. Seriously… the resemblance is just uncanny!

#2: Tell It to the Judge

Imagine seeing Ross from “Friends” one day on the street? Seems plausible. Now, imagine seeing Ross from “Friends” one day robbing a store… Yeah, you’re right. That does sound crazy, but you can’t blame the Internet for wondering if it was David Schwimmer’s British twin or something. because these guys look a lot alike. This is the entry that inspired this whole list to begin with, and the news coverage of this beer heist gone viral had us giggling for days - as did Mr. Schwimmer’s very real spoof video of the whole situation.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:


Dwight Not Right

The Beautiful Wrong People

Marilyn Manson

#1: Is It Too Late Now to Say Sorry?

It was the celebrity photo that had all the morning news shows saying, “What’s up with Justin Bieber?” The picture showed the music icon eating a burrito sideways like it was corn on the cob, and apparently this was newsworthy. The thing is, it actually wasn’t J-Beebs but a Canadian lookalike who was hired by a group called “Yes Theory” to stage an event featuring the Fake Justin in the hopes of showing the Internet just how easy it is to create news. Well, the video went viral as they planned, and all these news stations had egg on their faces soon after, as the group’s reveal video has almost ten million views on YouTube.