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Top 10 Unrealistic Things That Always Happen To Women In Movies

VO: Lisa @MsMojo WRITTEN BY: Savannah Sher
Does Hollywood honestly think we never catch on to the unrealistic things that always happen to women in movies? Well, that never actually happens IRL! We’re looking things that happen to women in film that aren’t exactly true to life. MsMojo ranks most unrealistic things that always happen to women in movies. Are there any unrealistic clichés we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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Well, that never actually happens IRL! Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Unrealistic Things That Always Happen To Women In Movies.

For this list, we’re looking things that happen to women in film that aren’t exactly true to life.

#10: They Wake Up with Perfect Hair & Makeup

You know all those t-shirts and mugs and phone cases emblazoned with the phrase “I woke up like this”? Well, we all know they’re a lie. Except in the movies however, where women wake up looking fresh faced and gorgeous, with perfectly tousled hair that falls in flawless waves. Sometimes they’re even wearing eyeliner and mascara, and we all know it is NOT a good idea to sleep in your eye makeup. In real life, there’s a good amount of work that goes into our physical appearance, and we wish movies wouldn’t set the bar so high with the expectation that we should look incredible before our morning coffee.

#9: They Wear Heels While Running

Many women choose to wear high heels for special occasions, and some even wear them every day for work. But we can all agree that stilettos aren’t exactly comfortable, and when you’re trying to get something done or move quickly, they’re definitely not ideal footwear. In film though, particularly action films, women tend to wear heels ALL the time, even when they’re running from a predator. This trope was most notably called out in 2015’s “Jurassic World” when the heroine tried to outrun a dinosaur in a pair of quite impractical looking shoes.

#8: They Spend Their Work Days Talking About Men

In cinema, particularly romantic comedies, it seems that women’s actual jobs are secondary to their quest to find themselves a man. Women in the workplace are often seen not working, but rather chit chatting about their date the night before or discussing why that guy they met online never called. Not only is this unrealistic, but it’s also actually misogynistic, because it implies that women have nothing better to do than try to find a husband. By reducing women to just their romantic lives, you imply that their workplace contributions aren’t significant. Have these films even HEARD of the Bechdel test?

#7: Their Good Looks Are Hidden by Glasses

You’re all familiar with the classic Hollywood makeover scene: homely, uncool girl gets transformed into a beautiful butterfly in a rapid fire montage that leaves her unrecognizable. Some movies do a better job with these makeovers, like “The Princess Diaries”, where the reveal is truly shocking. But some just seem ridiculous, like “She's All That”, where it was obvious that Rachael Leigh Cook was adorable all along, as she was just wearing glasses and some unfortunate outfits beforehand. In real life, taking off your glasses doesn’t make everyone look at you differently! And what’s wrong with wearing glasses in the first place?

#6: They Go on Vacation to Get Over a Breakup

We can all agree that breakups are awful, and after a particularly bad one, many of us just want to curl up with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and watch Netflix until it asks us if we’re still there. Rather than hiding under the blankets for a month however, women in movies tend towards buying an impulsive plane ticket to a far flung location for a solo vacation instead. Traveling by yourself is an awesome experience, but wouldn’t it be a bit lonely to do it right after you’ve broken up with someone? Luckily, in Hollywood-land, there’s always a local hottie ready to whisk you off on his Vespa.

#5: Their Makeup Is Always Perfect

We already talked about how on-screen female characters seem to wake up with a perfect full face of makeup, but there are other times where it doesn’t exactly make sense for them to look so good. For example, in a post-apocalyptic world! There are so many examples of women in horror films, action movies and adventure flicks who are still wearing lipstick, blush, eyeshadow and more even when the world is pretty much ending. We admire their dedication to cosmetics, but we have a feeling that if something that serious was going down, we’d probably skip the eyeliner that day. Or that if we somehow found the time to do our makeup that it would, you know, wear off at some point…

#4: They Wear Men’s Shirts After Sex

Raise your hand if after a steamy night with a guy, you have opted to put on his button down shirt as an adorable post coital outfit. Anyone? In movies, they make it seem like this is a standard sexy move, but in real life, it’s just kind of impractical. Even if it is a one night stand and you only have your dress from the night before, wouldn’t you be more comfortable asking to borrow one of the dude’s t-shirts or a hoodie instead? Dress shirts aren’t exactly known for being comfortable, and we all know that in real life, they look boxy and unflattering rather than perfectly fitted and cute.

#3: They Always Find Time to Get Rid of Body Hair

Some people don’t have to worry about body hair on a regular basis (not that there’s anything wrong with it, to begin with). But for most women, it’s a constant battle between shaving, waxing, plucking and even lasering to ensure you are no more hairy than the day you were born. In film, women always seem to find time to shave their legs and underarms, even if they’ve been living in the jungle for a year or existing in a world where society has completely fallen apart. Even in period pieces where it doesn’t exactly make sense for the women to not have body hair, it’s miraculously gone anyway!

#2: They Wear Bras to Bed

In real life, you’d better bet that we are whipping our bras off as soon as we get home from work because - hey, why not? Those things are uncomfortable and it’s nice to feel unencumbered while you’re relaxing at home. In the movies, women seemingly keep their bras on ALL the time, including when they’re going to bed and even when they’re having sex. And if they do happen to take their bras off at some point during the action, rest assured that there will be a bed sheet perfectly positioned to cover their bust and protect their modesty.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

They Like Being Told That They “Aren’t Like Other Girls”

Their Water Breaks Dramatically Before Giving Birth

They Put on Hand Cream Before Bed

They Think Creepy Gestures Are Romantic

They Get Out of Bed Naked & Cover Themselves with a Sheet

#1: They Can Climax VERY Easily

Now if there’s one movie trope that has truly done women wrong, it has to be this one. In movies, men and women often start having sex with little to no foreplay, and as soon as the penetration takes place, the woman begins moaning with pleasure, and often has an orgasm within seemingly no time at all. This has taught generations of men that they don’t need to put in much work in the bedroom to keep their ladies happy, but for most real women this couldn’t be further from the truth. Hollywood: please make your sex scenes more realistic so we can all have better sex in real life, thanks!

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