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Top 10 Unforgettable Friends Season 2 Moments

VO: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Savannah Sher
These Friends Season 2 moments will be there for you. We’re doing a deep dive into the second season of Friends and picking the funniest and most memorable moments. Unlike Ross’ list, ours won’t enrage Rachel. MsMojo ranks the best Friends Season 2 moments. What’s your favorite moment from Friends: Season 2? Let us know in the comments!

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These memories “will be there for you.” Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Friends Season 2 Moments.

For this list, we’re doing a deep dive into the second season of “Friends” and picking the funniest and most memorable moments.

#10: Chandler's Tailor
"The One with Ross's New Girlfriend"

Some storylines on “Friends” are completely timeless, while others would definitely be treated differently if they were to appear on a sitcom today. One example of the latter is the season two episode where Chandler needs help finding a tailor, and Joey recommends the guy he’s been going to for decades. Chandler is alarmed by how... handsy... the tailor is when he’s measuring him, but Joey reassures him that what happened to him is totally normal. All the guys are understandably horrified when they realize that Joey has been dealing with this since he was a teenager.

#9: Brooke Shields Stalking Joey
"The One After the Superbowl"

Joey is thrilled when he gets a letter from a fan, since his career is just finally picking up. He agrees to go on a date with the woman who wrote to him, before quickly realizing that she doesn’t exactly have all her marbles and thinks that he is actually Dr. Drake Ramoray, his character from “Days of Our Lives.” This plotline is all the funnier because the role of his stalker is played by the incredibly beautiful Brooke Shields, which makes it difficult for Joey to resist even though she’s certifiably nuts. The way he manages to finally shake her is totally hilarious.

#8: ‘Smelly Cat’ Music Video
"The One Where Eddie Moves In"

There’s a sad story arc in Season 2 when Joey and Chandler decide not to be roommates anymore and Chandler has to deal with his replacement - the unforgettable Eddie. There are a lot of sad (and disturbing!) moments in this plotline, but as always Phoebe manages to add some levity to the show with her video for Smelly Cat. The gang is all excited to watch it, but they’re all dismayed when they realize that Phoebe’s voice has been dubbed over - and it sounds nothing like her. The video itself is totally ridiculous in the best way possible.

#7: Ross & Rachel Sleeping Together
"The One Where Ross and Rachel...You Know"

Ross and Rachel have a difficult time when they’re trying to plan their first big date, and Ross tries to make up for it by creating a perfectly romantic moment in the museum’s planetarium. We’re guessing the first time you saw this episode you didn’t quite get the “rolling over a juice box” joke, but now that you’re older you know exactly what they’re talking about. Seeing the two wake up together all cozy and smitten is hilarious when you realize the entire thing is on display for a bunch of school children to see.

#6: 5 Steaks & an Eggplant
"The One with Five Steaks and an Eggplant"

In classic sitcom fashion, “Friends” managed to touch on a lot of real life issues in comedic ways throughout the show’s run. In this episode, they tackle the wealth disparity among the group when the gang goes out for a celebratory dinner and they decided to split the bill evenly six ways - despite the fact that they ordered very different things. Rachel, Phoebe, and Joey try to order the cheapest things on the menu, while the others didn’t think twice about choosing pricier items. In the end, Monica makes it up to them by cooking a nice dinner for everyone - that results in her losing her job.

#5: Barry & Mindy’s Wedding
"The One with Barry and Mindy's Wedding"

Season 2 ends with Rachel’s ex, Barry, getting married to her ex-best friend, Mindy, in a wedding where Rachel somehow ends up being a bridesmaid - in the worst dress of all time. To make matters worse on an already humiliating day, she accidentally walks down the aisle with her derriere showing. Though it’s a difficult time for Rachel, it might be even worse for Monica who breaks up with Richard, despite the fact that they’re still very much in love because they have different visions of their future together.

#4: Ross’ List
"The One with the List"

After Ross finally finds out that Rachel has feelings for him (more on that later), he is coerced by Chandler into making a sort of pro/con list about Rachel and Julie to help him decide what to do next. When Rachel gets her hands on the list, you know there is going to be hell to pay once she reads some of the things he wrote about her (as well as the unfortunate typos). Despite the fact that he chose Rachel, she’s so furious about the whole thing that it looks like their relationship will be ruined before it can even really get started.

#3: Chandler Gets His Clothes Stolen
"The One After the Superbowl"

By the time Season 2 of “Friends” was underway, the show had become incredibly popular, which meant that they were able to get some incredible stars to make guest appearances. One of the most memorable in the entire series is when Julia Roberts shows up as an old acquaintance of Chandler’s who acts like she’s interested in him, only to humiliate him as an act of revenge based on how he treated her when they were younger. The storyline is hilarious as is, but seeing an A-lister like Roberts in the role makes it just perfect.

#2: Ross & Rachel's Kiss in Central Perk
"The One Where Ross Finds Out"

Two of the most iconic scenes from the entire run of “Friends” take place in this Season 2 episode. First, Rachel gets drunk on a date and calls Ross to tell him exactly how “over” him she is, slurring on about his new cat and what closure feels like. Despite her attempts to avoid him hearing her message, he eventually finds out exactly how she feels. Soon after, he shows up at Central Perk to confront her, telling her she had no right to tell him about her feelings when he’s with someone else. But the chemistry between these two can’t be denied, and they ultimately share a kiss that is one of the most memorable in TV history.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

"The One with Russ"

The Friendship Bracelets
"The One with the Prom Video"

Chandler & Joey Gives Christmas Gifts
"The One with Phoebe's Dad"

Losing Ben
"The One with the Baby on the Bus"

Joey Explains His Acting Process
"The One with the Lesbian Wedding"

#1: The Prom Video
"The One with the Prom Video"

After getting in a massive fight over the list he made about her and Julie, Rachel is giving Ross the cold shoulder. But when the gang digs up an old home video from Monica and Rachel’s prom night, everything changes. Rachel finds out that when it looked like her date had stood her up, Ross got all dressed up in a tux to take her at the last minute, only to be crushed when Chip finally shows up. After seeing this, back in the ‘90s, Rachel silently walks over to him and kisses him, kicking off the relationship we had all been waiting for. Phoebe saying, “he’s her lobster,” is both funny and totally adorable.

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