Every Friends Season Premiere: Ranked!



Every Friends Season Premiere: Ranked!

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It's time to rank every "Friends" season premiere! Our countdown includes "The One After 'I Do,'" "The One After Vegas," "The One After Ross Says Rachel," and more!

Every Friends Season Premiere Ranked

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For this list, we’ll be there for you to run down the ranking of every season’s first episode

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#10: "The One Where No One Proposes"
Season 9

In the last moments of season eight Rachel said “yes” to what she mistakenly took as Joey asking her to marry him. And in the season nine premiere things pick up right where they left off. The focus of this episode is the misunderstanding and all the various distractions that keep it from being cleared up until the end. Now, if you haven’t seen it, the episode title “The One Where No One Proposes” is kind of a spoiler. While fans who didn’t like the Joey/Rachel storyline might have thought that this would be the end of it, it wasn’t.

#9: "The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss"
Season 10

When season nine ended Ross was kissing Joey’s ex Charlie and Joey was kissing Ross’ ex Rachel. After a summer of wondering what would happen, season 10 opened with both couples deciding to slow things down until they could talk to the ex’s and let them know what was going on. Ross gives Joey the 4-1-1 on the plane ride home from Barbados, but Joey can’t bring himself to reveal his secret. Although, once Ross walks in on Joey and Rachel making out, the smelly cat is out of the bag. In other relationship news, Phoebe breaks up with Mike’s girlfriend for him and Monica experiments with cornrows.

#8: "The One With the Princess Leia Fantasy"
Season 3

Although they would end up breaking up later on, when season three started we were all in our happy place with TV’s most popular couple. Ross and Rachel were going strong and even exploring some fantasies. Particularly Ross’s “Star Wars”-themed desires. Things don’t quite go as planned after a somewhat disturbing conversation with Chandler though. While Ross and Rachel are better than ever, Monica was having a hard time getting over Richard and Joey was struggling over the fact that Chandler was dating Janice again. But like the amazing friend he is, he accepts it because she makes Chandler happy.

#7: "The One With Monica's Thunder"
Season 7

The season six finale gave us one of the most romantic moments in the show’s history when Chandler and Monica got engaged. Season seven opened on that same night, with Monica still riding high. Until she catches Ross and Rachel kissing, that is. Monica’s good mood quickly dissolves into anger at having the thunder of her moment stolen. This episode is very funny, but it is also a perfect encapsulation of the show as a whole. While there were other relationships, huge moments, and interesting character developments, at the heart of it all, the thunder was always Ross and Rachel. To quote Joey trying to be 19:

#6: “The One After ‘I Do’”
Season 8

Monica and Chandler got married at the end of Season Seven, but it was the revelation of Rachel’s pregnancy to the audience that made the biggest impact. When Season eight premiered everyone was still at the wedding. Which is where Chandler finds out he dances like Monica’s dad, Ross meets Mona, and the guys notice that Joey has small feet. All that is happening while the girls discover that Rachel is the pregnant one. But who’s the father? That little nugget won’t be revealed until the following episode. By the way, did we ever tell you about the time we went backpacking through western europe?

#5: "The One With Ross's New Girlfriend"
Season 2

After a season of Ross living with his secret, unrequited love of Rachel, it looked like season two was when they were finally going to get together. And it was. Just not in the season opener as many were probably expecting when Rachel showed up at the airport with flowers. That’s because no one was expecting Julie. This season's premier surprise was a great way to start things off and delay the inevitable coupling of Ross and Rachel. And while the audience was learning that they would have to wait to get their satisfaction on that front, Joey was learning about how they “do” and “don’t do” pants.

#4: "The One After Vegas"
Season 6

Have you ever woken up in Las Vegas and realized that you got really drunk the night before and married your ex? Rachel and Ross have. Did you ever agree to get an annulment and tell your ex that it’s taken care of when in fact you didn’t do it and you’re still married? Ross has. Welcome to the season six premier! And while Ross is trying to avoid another failed marriage on his record, Chandler and Monica are trying to ignore all the signs that they should get married. Which leads to a big sign that they should move in together instead.

#3: "The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate" [aka “Pilot”]
Season 1

This is the one that started it all back on September 22nd, 1994. Just five friends sitting around talking and having coffee. Until, of course, in comes the runaway bride who would become the sixth member of this close knit crew. It isn’t a great episode - pilots rarely are - but looking back on it almost three decades later, it’s a good episode that still holds up. Especially Chandler, who definitely defines himself as the “funny one” right from the get go. For everyone that has always felt like a shoe. This one’s for you!

#2: "The One After Ross Says Rachel"
Season 5

After season four ended on, what could be argued was the show’s best finale episode ever, the season five premier had a lot to live up to. And it succeeded in doing so. As much as fans wanted to see Ross and Rachel get back together, one had to feel for Emily after Ross says Rachel’s name at the wedding. Meanwhile, Monica and Chandler are navigating the aftermath of their pre-wedding hook-up. Although we might not have known it at the time, Chandler and Monica’s casual friends-with-benefits situation would eventually lead to what we might call the series’ greatest love story.

#1: "The One With the Jellyfish"
Season 4

This great season four premier tops our list for a multitude of reasons. The resolution of the “Whose room did Ross pick,” season three cliffhanger ended up being a bit anticlimactic with Bonnie being in Rachel’s room when he goes in. However, this set up Ross’s long breakup session with Bonnie which led to him falling asleep while reading the letter Rachel wrote him. Let that be a lesson to everyone watching… unless you know what they’re talking about, when someone asks you, “Does it?” do not say “It does.” This episode is actually packed with two life lessons, the second being that urine will dull the pain of a jellyfish sting.