Top 10 Funniest Segments on The Ellen Show



Top 10 Funniest Segments on The Ellen Show

VOICE OVER: Elise Doucet WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
The funniest segments on The Ellen Show never grow old. We're looking at the some of the most side-splitting segments to have ever graced the variety comedy talk show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. With content like this, Ellen has shown she's the life of the party! MsMojo ranks the funniest segments on The Ellen Show. Which Ellen Show segment made you laugh the hardest? Let us know in the comments!
With content like this, Ellen has shown she’s the life of the party! Welcome to MsMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Funniest Segments on The Ellen Show.

For this list, we’re looking at the some of the most side-splitting segments to have ever graced the variety comedy talk show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres

#10: “Bad Paid-For Tattoos”

When it comes to buying tattoos, you need to heavily consider whether what you want is really what you want. Once the ink makes its way onto your skin, it’s there for a looong time! Ellen’s segment, “Bad Paid-For Tattoos”, is exactly what it sounds like: a showcase of terrible tattoos sent in by fans. Throughout the segment’s history, we’ve seen some with misspelled words, incorrect grammar, and some body art that look incredibly painful! We’ll see a really clever tattoo on occasion, but seeing most of these has only made us take a rain check on getting one ourselves.

#9: “Oh Hair, No!”

Everyone gets a bad hair day at some point in their lives, whether it’s because the barber messed up or we ended up choosing a style that doesn’t look as good as we thought it would. However, after seeing Ellen’s “Oh Hair No!” segments, it got us thinking that maybe ours weren’t as severe as we made them out to be. These brief segments show off various photos of fans and their terrible hairdos. Much like the bad tattoos, these hairstyles get pretty creative, with some even paying tribute to Ellen. However, we wouldn’t be caught dead getting any of these - we’ll stick with a regular trim, thank you very much.

#8: “Clumsy Thumbsy”

Time and time again, auto-correct has proven to be one of the most useless modern inventions. More often than not, it fails to actually correct what we’re trying to say, more often than not resulting in inappropriate responses instead. Clumsy Thumbsy puts the spotlight on this issue. For a quick minute or two, Ellen reads text messages that have quickly gone awry thanks to auto-correct. Expect a lot of innuendos and uncomfortable exchanges with parents. While the segment can often feel a little too short, Clumsy Thumbsy deserves a spot for just how relatable it is.

#7: “Ellen’s Dance Dare”

Every once in a while, Ellen will run a contest called “Ellen’s Dance Dare” where fans vie to win a few thousand dollars. All you have to do is record of video of yourself dancing behind a stranger - without getting caught. Throughout the contest’s timeframe, Ellen showed off a handful of her favorite submissions thus far. Some unsuspecting people fail to notice what is happening, but the reactions of those who do notice are absolutely priceless! Just looking back at previous Dance Dare contests has us excited for the next contest… assuming we don’t have to wait a couple more years before Ellen announces another one.

#6: “One-Eyed Monster”

Here’s a game that’s fun for everyone...except the contestants. In this segment, Ellen asks two of them a question, with the answer always being between zero and five. If a contestant answers incorrectly, they must step inside the mouth of a one-eyed monster and pull out its teeth, with the number depending on how far off they were from the correct amount. As fewer teeth remain, the game gets more tense and more hilarious, as the monster fakes everyone out with each tooth pull. The segment eventually ended up being re-used (and upgraded) in Ellen’s game show, “Ellen’s Game of Games”.

#5: Haunted House

Around Halloween, what’s on everyone’s mind? ...Okay, BESIDES costumes and candy. People want to enter haunted houses! Every October, the show’s executive producer “Average Andy” Lassner visits various haunted houses while accompanied by a celebrity or, sometimes, Ellen herself. For those who are easily frightened, fear not. You won’t be the one getting scared. The real attraction is seeing Andy freak out! He’ll yell at the actors, hug walls, and jump at anything that moves more than an inch. Even when he thinks something is fake, he’s quickly proven wrong! If only we could have this segment year-round...

#4: "Kevin the Cashier"

Ever met a terrible waiter or sales associate and thought, “Holy crap, how’d this person get hired?” You clearly haven’t met Kevin the Cashier. In this segment, show writer Adam Yenser puts on his Kevin the Cashier persona and “works” at various businesses while acting in the most absurd ways possible. From making crude remarks to misusing equipment, it’s amazing that anyone can tolerate his behavior. Good thing Adam makes sure to reveal his identity before guests leave the store. With many prank videos get too outrageous or crass with their content, Kevin the Cashier manages to be hilarious AND harmless with very little vulgarity.

#3: Looking Through Her Fans’ Instagrams

This is one of the few segments you don’t want to appear on. Ellen has often mentioned her obsession with Instagram, and what better way to show that obsession than shuffling through her audience’s accounts. Every once in a while, Ellen will show a few embarrassing posts from her followers, calling them out by their full name and asking them to explain the post. Yep...they gotta own up to their pics on national television, and you can expect Ellen to make things even more humiliating. The only way she can make things worse is by digging through Facebook pictures...which she also has...several times.

#2: Ellen in Your Ear

The classic “voice in your ear” prank has made its way onto the “Ellen” show, and it’s one of the funniest stunts she’s ever pulled. Participants, who are typically celebrities, have to say anything and everything that Ellen tells them to. You can already see the cogs turning in her head as soon as the segment begins. Some of her accomplices include Neil Patrick Harris, Adam Levine, and Adele. She even got Steve Harvey to embarrass himself in front of his own audience! So, if you just so happen to meet a celebrity and they start acting weird, chances are you’re both on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few Honorable Mentions…

“World Wide Whaat?!”

“Know or Go”

“Tea Time with Sophia Grace & Rosie”

“Take That, China!”

#1: “What’s Wrong with These Photos? Photos”

As much as we love the “What’s with These Signs? Signs” segment, we keep finding ourselves coming back to “What’s With These Photos? Photos”. For this bit, Ellen shows various pictures sent in by her fans. You can expect plenty of photos featuring poor phrasing in advertisements, awkward family pictures, and photos that were simply taken at a bad time. It’s amazing how Ellen can respond to any of these, given how shocking some of them can get. Just remember, folks - not every moment is a good photo opportunity!