Top 10 Times Celebs Clapped Back at Ellen



Top 10 Times Celebs Clapped Back at Ellen

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Her interviews are usually so much fun, but there have been several times celebs clapped back at Ellen.
Things can get pretty heated on daytime talk TV! Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten times celebs clapped back at Ellen.

For this list, we’ll be looking at times when a celebrity fired a comeback or a witty retort towards Ellen or something she had said.

#10: Michelle Obama

If anyone can take a pot shot at Ellen and get away with it, it’s the First Lady of the United States! Back in 2016, Ellen hosted a segment where she took Michelle Obama to a CVS Pharmacy to prepare her for life after the White House. While checking out, Ellen asks Michelle if she can pull some strings and get her face on some money. Michelle swiftly answers with a resounding no, saying that you have to “do something grand” like Harriet Tubman in order to get your face on money. Ouch. We guess making the world laugh isn’t grand enough! She also calls Ellen “really annoying” and compares her to a three-year-old. Now she’s REALLY not getting her face on money!

#9: Giada De Laurentiis

We’re not going to lie; this is probably one of the most awkward segments in “Ellen” history. And not in a good, awkward humor kind of way. In this segment, Ellen and Nicole Kidman were cooking with celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis. Giada immediately showed frustration when they didn’t know what to do and condescendingly asked them if they had ever cooked before. Once she began providing step by step instructions, she told Ellen that her risotto balls looked “like dog food.” Judging by the comments, Ellen’s fans were not very happy about the guest’s rude and patronizing behavior.

#8: Wanda Sykes

Well, someone had to call Ellen out on her lame tour! While visiting “Ellen,” Wanda Sykes whipped out a Relatable Tour shirt and immediately began tearing into it. She hilariously pointed out how Ellen only visited four cities and spent a majority of her time at home in Los Angeles. Not only that, but three of the four cities were in California! And not only THAT, but the fourth city was Seattle, meaning she never left the west coast. We love Ellen, but Wanda was right in saying that it was a pathetic excuse for a tour! All Ellen could do was laugh and proclaim that she was too busy to travel. Laaaame.

#7: Justin Timberlake

We all sing the wrong lyrics sometimes. It happens. But could you imagine sending a video of yourself singing the wrong lyrics to the very man who sings the song!? Well, that’s exactly what Ellen did when she sent a video of herself singing Can’t Stop the Feeling to Justin Timberlake. Justin brings it up on the show and makes fun of Ellen for singing “just electric” when the actual words are “just imagine.” All Ellen can do is laugh and hang her head in shame with the full realization that she had just embarrassed herself in front of a pop legend. Oh well, at least she owned her goof!

#6: Cher

Ellen definitely hams it up for these off-set segments, and if this and the Michelle Obama video are any indication, the celebrities REALLY don’t like it! In this one, Ellen takes Cher to a local Drybar to surprise fans with silly hair makeovers. It’s clear that Cher was growing increasingly annoyed with Ellen’s high energy and constant jokes, and by the end she had had enough. Ellen begins to sing If I Could Turn Back Time but quickly stops and makes fun of the lyrics. She then says that the fans know Ellen better than they know Cher, prompting Cher to laugh and call Ellen a not-so-nice name! It’s all in good fun of course, but Ellen WAS being annoying…

#5: Katy Perry

And here we see Ellen embarrassing herself in front of a mega pop star. Again. She really has a habit of doing that, doesn’t she? Before playing a game called Will You Perry Me?, Katy Perry makes a joke about getting married again, prompting Ellen to question who she was married to. This prompts Katy to remind Ellen about Russell Brand, and after she does, she makes a cutting gesture to indicate to the editors that Ellen’s question should be cut from the broadcast. Not only that, she digs in deeper by reminding Ellen that she gave her a wedding gift on the show! These are the kinds of moments where you just have to grit your teeth and say, “Oh yeah…”

#4: Wendy Williams

We don’t know if it was having a competitor on her show or what, but many viewers noticed that Ellen acted particularly cold and uninterested towards guest Wendy Williams. Right before starting a game of Heads Up, Ellen threw some shade by saying Wendy “is never too shy to give her opinions on anyone or anything.” Well, she learned that firsthand during the game when Wendy basically stated that Ellen and Justin Bieber look alike by saying some people think this - and then justifying it by saying “he’s cute!” Ellen plays it off like a pro, but some viewers think that she was legitimately taken aback by the comparison.

#3: Hasan Minhaj

The host of “Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj” was immediately put on the defensive when Ellen mispronounced his name not five seconds into the interview. He pronounced it as “Has-anMin-age” rather than “Has-in Min-hage,” prompting him to correct her. Not only that, she pronounced it that way AFTER saying what a big fan she was! Clearly not THAT big of a fan! To make the whole situation even more awkward, you could clearly tell that Hasan was a little annoyed after Ellen stood firm in her pronunciation. He said “no” a little more forcefully and even put his hands up in defensive resolution, a clear gesture conveying that the argument was over.

#2: Sean Hayes

Sean Hayes is usually a sweetheart, and he’s also very, very funny. Case in point – his lighthearted jab towards Ellen. After Ellen said, “Let’s talk about you,” Sean looked towards the crowd and mouthed the word “finally,” prompting some giggles from both the audience and Ellen herself. He took the jab one step further by gesturing that the world revolves around Ellen, and it is this joke that elicits some true guffaws by everyone in attendance. Unlike some of the other clap backs on this list, this one wasn’t awkward in any way and you can tell that Ellen didn’t take it too seriously.

#1: Dakota Johnson

Dakota certainly wasn’t shy about sticking it to Ellen! It all started when Ellen falsely claimed that she wasn’t invited to Dakota’s 30th birthday party. Dakota shut that down really fast – not only was Ellen invited, but also she never gave a reason or an excuse for not showing up! But Dakota wasn’t done. She then talked to Ellen about Tig Notaro performing at her birthday before saying that Tig is her favorite comedian. Ellen stops mid-sentence and feigns dismay, prompting Dakota to quickly respond, “Other than you.” Too late, Dakota. The damage has been done. And with that, Dakota Johnson proved that she is one of the coolest and most down to earth actresses in Hollywood.
Are we really calling Justin Timberlake a pop legend now?? That's weak and dumb.