Top 10 Snacks That Don't Exist Anymore



Top 10 Snacks That Don't Exist Anymore

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: George Pacheco
We miss these foods! For this list, we'll be ranking the most deliciously missed snack foods that have tragically fallen by the wayside. Our countdown includes P.B. Crisps, Cheetos Twisted, Keebler Magic Middles, and more!

Top 10 Snacks That Don't Exist Anymore

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Snacks That Don't Exist Anymore.

For this list, we'll be ranking the most deliciously missed snack foods that have tragically fallen by the wayside.

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#10: P.B. Crisps

You just know a snack is missed when there are groups on multiple platforms asking for their return. P.B. Crisps were one such snack, a small graham that looked like a little peanut, but filled with HUGE flavor. That's because inside was some delicious peanut butter filling, while PB&J Crisps added jelly, and Chocolate Crisps were filled with, you guessed it, chocolate. It was the combination of crispiness, sweetness, and… er, "nuttiness" that made us crave P.B. Crisps back in the mid-nineties, and we'd do just about anything to have them back.

#9: Jell-O Pudding Pops

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but nothing quite beats the real thing. This is going to be a running thread for many of these snacks, such as Jell-o Pudding Pops, because it isn't as if frozen pudding on a stick has gone away. It's more that the trademarked brand and that trademarked taste is no more. Jell-O Pudding Pops were a summertime staple throughout the 1980s and beyond, a creamy and indulgent frozen treat. The OG Pudding Pops were lost after General Foods sold the name to Popsicle, which used their own flavoring and production methods. The good news is that you can technically make these at home if you buy the Jell-O molds, some milk, and a little bit of nostalgia!

#8: Peanut Butter Boppers

Trust us when we tell you guys that you haven't lived unless you've had peanut butter boppers in your mouth. This crispy, creamy, and utterly delicious snack was almost sinful in its ridiculous indulgence. The snack was from the Nature Valley company, which today is more closely associated with healthy-ish granola snacks. There was nothing remotely health-conscious about Peanut Butter Boppers, however… unless we're counting the protein in the peanut butter? Regardless, this creamy PB center was smooth and velvety in texture, a mouth-feel that clashed in the best possible way with those crispy crunchies on the outside. If anyone out there is holdin', we're buyin'. Seriously, someone find us some Peanut Butter Boppers!

#7: Oreo Cakesters

They're like Oreos, but… “cakey.” If that description turns you off, then maybe you're too young to remember Oreo Cakesters in their heyday. That's because this Oreo experiment was more than just an Oreo Cookies/snack cake hybrid. There was a fluffy indulgence to the creamy filling that tasted a bit more "executive" than your average Double Stuf, while the cake itself was softer and more spongy than it had any right to be, honestly. Did Oreo Cakesters feel like the cookie company was trying to go for that sweet, sweet Hostess money? Maybe, but we weren't complaining. Bring these back!

#6: PB Max

Let's face it, candy bars come and go, most without much fanfare. There are some serious calls for the return of the PB Max, however, a Mars candy creation that really was something else. The final form of PB Max wasn't just peanut butter and chocolate, but a delicious cookie topped with PB and then covered in sweet chocolate heaven. The most frustrating thing about the PB Max's demise is that it actually sold really well. However, the Mars Family reportedly didn't like peanut butter (or money, apparently), so they used this subjective opinion as a means for the PB Max ax. What a waste.

#5: Cheetos Twisted

It may seem as if there's a new flavor of Cheetos available every week, so you'd be forgiven if you didn't notice that Cheetos Twisted no longer exist. These curly Q-shaped Cheetos snacks were thicker, meaning more of that finger-staining cheese dust to coat your fingers. They also arrived armed with that patented Cheetos crunch and were available from around 2002 to 2012, but all good things must eventually come to an end. The Cheetos folks discontinued their Twisted brand, but never fear because the company is bound to create something similar down the line.

#4: Yogos

Parents will often do just about anything to get their kids to eat healthy, but even the busiest folks have their limits. Yogos weren't trying to masquerade as healthy fruit or yogurt, but instead were sugary fruit-flavored snacks with a yogurt coating on top. They were an acquired taste, to say the least, but millennials were ON THAT taste back when they were kids, as Yogos seemed to be on top between 2005 and the beginning of the 2010s. Chewy, sweet, sour, and available in varieties of berry flavors, Yogos were perhaps too unique for this world and burned so bright that they could never be brought back.

#3: Philadelphia Cheesecake Snack Bars

Hey! Ever think to yourself, "I've been good. Why shouldn't I have cheesecake for a snack?" No? It was just us? Ah, well. We have no regrets about devouring this indulgent snack from the Philadelphia people: small, snack-sized cheesecake squares available to eat any hour of the day. You want the graham cracker bottom? You get the graham cracker bottom. You want sweet icing and fruit laced over that thick cheesecake deliciousness? Shut the front door and eat these slices of heaven in private, because we guarantee you're gonna have a moment. We can only hope and pray that the next time we stroll by our grocer's freezer, this classic snack will be staring back at us.

#2: Hershey's Bites

The Hershey's company has so many delicious snacks under their belt, it's easy to forget that there's also plenty of forgotten classics. Hershey's Swoops were one, but the penultimate spot on our list goes to the much-missed Hershey's Bites. No, not the candy bites, but this even crunchier and more snackable concoction that came in a variety of flavors. Rolos, Kit Kats, Peppermint Patties, and more were all shrunk down and packaged in a size that was perfectly geared for guzzling. Unfortunately, they posed a choking hazard for some, and most of the line was discontinued. However, Hershey's website does say that limited flavors can be purchased direct, but don't go scouring store shelves for this one.

#1: Keebler Magic Middles

If there was ever a snack cookie king, this was the one. The mighty Keebler Elves truly outdid themselves when they magically concocted the recipe for the perfect treat. The shortbread wasn't too sweet and held its integrity against that chocolatey or peanut-buttery flavor core that burst onto your taste buds with the force of a fudgy freight train. Oh, and if you warmed these bad boys in the microwave for a few seconds? Absolute heaven. We're not sure if we can go all the way to the top of the Keebler Elf hierarchy for some answers, but we're desperate for Magic Middles to be made available again.