Top 10 Grey’s Anatomy Moments That Made Us Happy Cry



Top 10 Grey's Anatomy Moments That Made Us Happy Cry

VOICE OVER: Elise Doucet WRITTEN BY: Victoria Toltesi
Unless you don't have a pulse, these are all Grey's Anatomy moments that make us happy cry.
This show has made us shed many tears over the years, but let’s focus on the happy ones. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Grey’s Anatomy Moment that Made Us Happy Cry.

For this list, we’re looking at wholesome and beautiful moments in the hit medical drama that had us reaching for the tissues.

#10: Richard & Catherine’s Wedding
“You're My Home”

These two fight hard but they aren’t afraid to love even harder. We’ve known Richard for a long time, we’ve seen him mentor future generations of doctors, break down racial barriers, struggle with addiction, lose his wife and in the end we just want him to be happy. Catherine is more than a match for him; she’s a legend in her own right and more importantly she loves him. Their wedding is passionate and sincere, representing a promise made by two people who’ve both experienced pain but are excited for their future together.

#9: Callie & Arizona’s Wedding
“White Wedding”

They may not be together anymore but their time in the sun was beautiful. We love the LGBT+ representation and creator Shonda Rhymes wanted to do it right, since same-sex marriage wasn’t legal in the United States yet when this episode aired. The entire wedding is an outpouring of love, both brides are glowing and happy, and Bailey even officiates. Callie’s Mom decides that she can’t support the marriage and chooses not to come, but her Dad comes back in time for some tear-jerking words and their father-daughter dance.

#8: Alex & Izzie’s Wedding
“What a Difference a Day Makes”

Sometimes tragedy and joy walk hand-in-hand, and the end result is a lot of confused crying. It was supposed to be Derek and Meredith’s wedding but Izzie’s cancer is advanced and spreading, so they give their wedding day to Izzie and Alex. Already, emotions are high and when Izzie starts walking down the aisle it’s almost too much to handle, especially when George helps her. And then we get to the vows. It’s impossible to keep dry eyes as Alex speaks, promising to be there for her and ready for anything life throws their way.

#7: Bailey Becoming Chief of Surgery
"Walking Tall"

When we first meet Miranda Bailey, she is a little bit terrifying, and that’s putting it nicely. Over the years however her tough exterior revealed a warm and caring woman with drive who’s someone we want to root for. We’ve seen her struggle and work hard so when she finally becomes Chief of Surgery it’s easy to cheer and wipe our eyes along with her. Especially when Richard passes on his stethoscope and tells her all the reasons she’s perfect for the job. She’s also a trail blazer, becoming the first female Chief in the history of the hospital and we couldn’t imagine a more deserving woman.

#6: Meredith’s Pregnancy Announcement
“I Was Made for Lovin' You”

After Meredith had a miscarriage and was diagnosed with a hostile uterus, she assumed she couldn’t get pregnant. But sometimes good things come to those who least expect it. When Meredith gets pregnant she gets a “world’s best big sister” shirt for Zola, and Derek’s reaction is perfect. He’s super happy and his usual optimistic self as he reassures Meredith that good things happen to them. It’s a beautiful and intimate moment and by the end they just giggle and hug at the thought of another baby coming into their lives.

#5: April Has Her Baby
“Family Affair”

It will take us a while to get over the death of Jackson and April’s first baby, Samuel, but this is a happy list. Jackson and April have one last fling before they divorce and April gets pregnant, this time with a very healthy little girl. Harriet’s birth is less than ideal, with a traumatic home C-section, and April nearly loses her life in order to bring her into the world. Once things settle down, seeing Jackson and April finally happy with a little bundle in their arms is exactly what our hearts need.

#4: Cristina’s Speech to Meredith
“Fear (Of the Unknown”

Goodbyes are always bittersweet and this one will have you grabbing for tissues. Cristina and Meredith have been BFF goals since the day they met. They’ve been through it all together including natural disasters, love and heartache. We thought the twisted sisters would be side-by-side forever but then Cristina got an amazing opportunity in Switzerland. Cristina’s parting speech to Meredith is, well, beautiful. She reminds Mer how special she is and how she makes her brave. And at the end of the speech they dance it out one last time...

#3: Renaming the Hospital
"Transplant Wasteland"

If this show has taught us anything, it’s that in the face of tragedy the only thing we can do is rise above the ashes and make life meaningful. That’s exactly what the medical staff did after the plane accident that took the lives of Mark Sloan and Lexie Grey. When Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital becomes owned by the doctors that work there, Jackson proposes a new name, Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital: a fitting tribute to two amazing doctors and a constant reminder of what the hospital should stand for.

#2: Meredith Winning the Harper Avery Award
“Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story"

All Meredith’s life she’s lived her mother’s shadow. Ellis Grey was a world-renowned surgeon, won two Harper Avery Awards and had high expectations for her daughter. Meredith felt inadequate and suffocated by her mother’s legacy until her successful abdominal wall transplant. It was a ground-breaking operation that got Meredith her own Harper Avery and the sense of accomplishment she’d been searching for. She was too busy operating to accept the award herself, but Jackson’s emotional speech on her behalf brought all the feelings. When she looks up to the gallery Mer sees her family, peers, and the proud ghost of Ellis Grey.

Before we reveal our number one pick here are a few emotional mentions.

Joe & Alex Finally get Married
“All of Me”

The House of Candles

Derek’s Elevator Proposal
“Elevator Love Letters”

April & Jackson Run Away Together
“Take It Back”

Callie Getting Custody of Sofia
“Family Affair”

#1: Meredith & Derek Adopt Zola

From the moment Derek and Meredith laid eyes on baby Zola in the hospital she had them hook, line and sinker. They were hopelessly in love with her and talked about adopting her soon after meeting her. They even rush to get married to get her, but of course things can’t be too easy for them. They almost lose Zola when she gets sick, and a social worker even tells them the adoption is unlikely when Mer lies about their marital status. Things are grim until the fateful moment when there’s a knock on the door and it’s Zola - the moment Meredith and Derek become parents.