Top 10 Best Harry Styles Looks



Top 10 Best Harry Styles Looks

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If you thought all he could do was sing, just look at the best Harry Styles looks.
And you thought all he could do was sing. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Harry Styles Looks.

For this list, we’re taking a look at the best outfits worn by English singer-songwriter Harry Styles.

#10: Performance at the Greek Theatre (2017)

This outfit is the perfect place to start for the uninitiated; as in those who may not be aware that Harry Styles is a modern-day fashion icon. Styles trotted out this multi-color floral suit for a performance at L.A.’s famed Greek Theatre in 2017. The garment is beautiful, and Styles juxtaposes its vibrant colors with a black pussycat bow layered beneath his suit jacket. Clutching a mic stand adorned with a rainbow flag, Styles is a vision of superb style and bold choices. If the music doesn’t bring ‘em in, this stunning suit certainly will.

#9: Love Magazine Party (2015)

Styles showed up to a party hosted by Love Magazine and fashion brand Miu Miu in 2015 rocking this spectacular patterned suit. Styles’ magnificent locks flow down to his shoulders and blend into the suit’s geometric pattern, creating a seamless look from head to toe. The Gucci suit marked a turning point for Styles, who had only just begun to truly explore his flavor for high end fashion. Styles posed with celebrities and friends alike, including his stylist, Harry Lambert, who was no doubt thrilled at how well the outfit suited his client.

#8: “Harry Styles: Live on Tour” at SF Masonic Auditorium (2017)

Styles chose to kick off his 2017-18 “Harry Styles: Live on Tour” Tour with a performance at the SF Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco. True to form, Styles was a musical and stylistic revelation, rocking an intimate crowd of just over 3000 people with songs from his eponymous debut album and wowing them with yet another beautiful floral suit. The pants were actually bell bottoms, and gracefully swept across the floor whenever Styles moved about the stage. The rest of the look was relatively simple, with a plain white dress shirt hidden beneath the fully floral getup. This is one Harry Styles look we definitely won’t forget.

#7: “Harry Styles: Live on Tour” at Oslo Spektrum (2018)

Harry Styles performed at Norway’s Oslo Spektrum in March of 2018 during the European leg of his aforementioned world tour. It was for that show that he decided to bust out this flashy look. The checkered outfit is comprised of dark reds and blacks and looks like something you’d find in Harley Quinn’s wardrobe. Not that we’re complaining! Look a little closer and you’ll notice that the suit is actually bedazzled with the gems sparkling in the light throughout the performance. Few celebs can pull off a look like this, but Harry Styles is definitely one of them.

#6: 43rd Annual American Music Awards (2015)

We think it’s safe to say Harry Styles has a thing for floral suits. Prior to their indefinite hiatus, One Direction regularly rocked red carpets together. In the early days they were a pack, but as the years progressed Harry Styles’ fashion choices began to overshadow the rest of the group. Case in point: this appearance at the 2015 American Music Awards. While the rest of the 1D boys look good, Harry Styles looks phenomenal. Styles once again went for a floral suit, although this time he steered clear of anything even remotely resembling a color. Black and white from head to toe, it’s an inspired fashion choice for a young man, but Styles pulls it off, nonetheless.

#5: 31st Annual ARIA Awards (2017)

Bow down fashionistas and pay tribute to your style god. When Harry Styles stepped out onto the red carpet at the 31st Annual ARIA Awards in Sydney, Australia, he did so in a futuristic purple suit designed by Alexander McQueen. The metallic, paisley print suit is simply mesmerizing and served as a breath of fresh air in a sea of black blazers and white dress shirts that surrounded Styles throughout the event. The fashion-forward star completed the look with a pair of bronze, square-toed boots that look like they would be better suited to a dystopian sci-fi flick. Seriously, where do you even find shoes like that? Suffice it to say, this look stole the show!

#4: Street Styles (2019)

When Harry Styles emerged from a building to walk the streets of Manhattan in this eclectic getup, people no doubt stopped and stared. On his bottom half, Styles decided to go with a pair of pink loafers, slightly hidden beneath a pair of striped trousers. As if that wasn’t already bold enough, Styles threw caution to the wind when it came to his upper half, choosing to sport a striped blue and white dress shirt beneath a blue and white patterned vest adorned with sheep. We honestly don’t know how to label this look because it’s just so unique.

#3: iHeartRadio Music Festival (2017)

Gucci, Gucci and more Gucci. That’s the only way for us to describe this Harry Styles ensemble. While performing at the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas, Styles leaned heavily into the current logomania resurgence; sporting a velvet suit designed by Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele. The diamond-pattern is enough to put you into a trance, and the plethora of Gucci logos, while subtle, are a nice touch. Styles again added a pussycat bow to the look to give it a more layered appearance. GQ likened the look to that of a “trendy circus star” and frankly, we’re inclined to agree with them.

#2: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony (2019)

How could anyone not absolutely adore this look? In 2019, Harry Styles inducted his friend, legendary Fleetwood Mac songwriter and vocalist Stevie Nicks, into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. At an event of this magnitude, it’s only right that Styles went all out. The singer arrived in a royal blue corduroy suit designed by (you guessed it) Gucci. Underneath he went with a simple white shirt, which served as the perfect contrast to the bold blue of the suit. While the night undoubtedly belonged to Nicks, the one thing that could have overshadowed her induction was this effortlessly cool look from Harry Styles.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are some honorable mentions:

#1: 71st Met Gala (2019)

Styles arrived at the 2019 MET Gala (an event he also co-chaired) in a sheer black blouse and dress pants. He accessorized by sporting a single pearl earring and adorned his fingers in numerous rings - rounding out the look with some baby blue and black nail polish. While understated, the look embodies everything we love and respect about Styles’ fashion. It’s daring (for a man), unexpected, classy and totally unique. Few male entertainers have the courage to wear something so revealing to a red-carpet event, but Styles strutted his stuff with absolute confidence. You go, boy!