Top 10 Even Stevens Stars: Where Are They Now?



Top 10 Even Stevens Stars: Where Are They Now?

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Andrew Tejada
After rewatching it on Disney+, we've been thinking about the cast of Even Stevens.
For three seasons and a movie, The Stevens family entertained us with their antics. But what happened to Louis, Ren, Beans and the rest after the series ended? Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re looking at “Even Stevens Stars: Where Are They Now?”

For this list, we’re following up on the cast of this popular Disney comedy to see what they’ve been up to since it ended in 2003.

#10: Fred Meyers
Role: Thomas ‘Tom’ Gribalski

Although Tom Gribalski was a key member of Louis Stevens’ crew, his friends didn’t seem to like him all that much. His awkward personality, strange habits and tendency to call his mother Doris made Louis look normal by comparison. Actor Fred Meyers brought Tom to life with comedic flair and tons of energy. When the show wrapped, Meyers nabbed roles on TV shows like “Boston Legal” and “That's So Raven”. He also appeared in the Chris Pine-led movie “Confession” and acted with fellow Disney alum Hilary Duff in “Raise your Voice”. But after playing a small role in the straight to video horror film “Hallowed Ground” in 2007, Meyers has yet to resurface in Hollywood.

#9: Jim Wise
Role: Coach Terry Tugnut

At Lawrence Jr High, Terry Tugnut coached...pretty much every sport. Although his character was intensely into athletics, it turns out there was plenty of artistic talent underneath the baseball cap of the man who played him. After hanging up his whistle, Terry’s actor, Jim Wise, had voice acting roles in everything from the “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” to “The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie”. Behind the camera, Wise has been credited as a writer for several major late-night shows and over a hundred episodes of “MadTV”. If you want to see him in live action, you can spot him in “Chelsea”, or as Trump in the movie “#2 Minutes of Fame”. While the latter comedy doesn’t have a release date yet, we can definitely say “Wise” is still in demand.

#8: A. J. Trauth
Role: Alan Twitty

Where would Louis Stevens be without his best friend Twitty? The quirky Twitty was a loyal companion that was always willing to jump headfirst into any crazy Stevens scheme. Once A.J. Trauth’s role as Twitty ended, he went on to make small appearances in several movies and TV shows, like “CSI” and “House”. He also found voice acting success in shows like “Kim Possible” and as Probst Wyatt III in two “Wolfenstein” games. In his personal life, Trauth married fellow Disney Channel alum Leah Pipes in 2014, though the couple separated 5 years later. As of 2019, Trauth’s next project is unknown. Hopefully, we’ll see him reunite with his best friend Louis in the future.

#7: Steven Anthony Lawrence
Role: Bernard ‘Beans’ Aranguren

Bernard “Beans” Aranguren was your stereotypical annoying tv neighbor. Although he looked harmless, this obnoxious bacon-loving kid could ruin your day faster than you could say beans. Actor Stephen Lawrence’s annoying role immediately earned him a series of successful gigs in “The Cat in the Hat”, “Cheaper by the Dozen” and “Kicking and Screaming”. But after those roles, his momentum started to slow down. While he’s made small appearances in tv and film throughout the 2010s, like his hilarious cameo on “Weeds”, he’s kept himself busy outside of Hollywood. In 2015, fans spotted a jolly Lawrence working as one of Santa's Helpers in a California mall. The former child actor has also found a passion for teaching young actors about the entertainment industry.

#6: Margo Harshman
Role: Tawny Dean

When Louis desperately needed advice, he turned to the perceptive and blunt Tawny Dean. As she continued to showcase her maturity, brilliance and many talents, Louis began to fall for her. The adorable couple ultimately solidified their relationship in the series finale. After her role as Tawny earned her several young artist award nominations, actress Margo Harshman kept busy with a variety of roles. She's appeared in everything from slasher films to “College Road Trip” and “The Big Bang Theory”. Since 2013, Harshman has played the wheelchair bound intelligence analyst Delilah Fielding on “NCIS”. Coincidentally, Harshman’s role as Delilah mirrors her “Even Stevens” role by having her playing another intelligent woman that provides guidance and just so happens to be romantically involved with a series lead.

#5: Nick Spano
Role: Donnie Stevens

It was impossible to talk about sports in Lawrence High without mentioning the decorated athlete Donnie Stevens. While he excelled at many sports and had a heart of gold, he wasn’t the smartest member of the Stevens family. Nick Spano did a great job at bringing out Donnie’s comedic, competitive and caring sides. When the series ended, Spano made appearances in movies and tv dramas, like “Cold Case” and “NCIS”. Since 2011, Spano has primarily stepped away from Hollywood to focus on coaching acting and business ventures. In 2019, he opened the Re/creation Café in Los Angeles. In a December 2019 Instagram post, he teased an upcoming reunion with his TV sister, Christy Carlson Romano.

#4: Donna Pescow
Role: Eileen Stevens

Eileen was the most impressive character on “Even Stevens”. She managed to work her way up from state senator to congresswoman while keeping her zany family in check. The actress behind this driven mom was none other than Donna Pescow. After taking a hiatus from acting right after the show concluded, she’s landed a variety of notable roles. She’s appeared on “New Girl”, “Cold Case” and “The Sopranos”. You could also spot her in the films “Holiday Road Trip” and “Carol of the Bells”. But fans of superhero tv would most likely recognize her as Dr. Sharon Finkel, a psychologist who mentored the Flash and his friends. We wonder who it’s harder to give advice to: the fastest man alive or Louis Stevens.

#3: Tom Virtue
Role: Steve Stevens

There are times when Steve Stevens seems like the world’s most oblivious dad. But underneath his silly demeanor lay a capable and loving father. Tom Virtue’s comedic timing and incredible range made Steve a joy to watch. Fortunately, Virtue was able to use that range to literally never stop working. He’s had recurring roles on “As Told by Ginger”, “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” and “American Horror Story”. Virtue has also made appearances in “Iron Man 3”, the Oscar-winning “Green Book” and the 3rd “Transformers” movie. And no, he doesn’t share any robot fighting scenes with his former tv son. With a role in Netflix’s “Atypical” at the end of the 2010s and an appearance in the upcoming drama “Blindfire,” it looks like Virtue has no intention of slowing down.

#2: Christy Carlson Romano
Role: Ren Stevens

Our favorite overachiever was series lead Ren Stevens. For three seasons, we watched Ren ace her classes while failing to get along with her mischievous brother. After Christy Carlson Romano left the role, she lent her voice to Final Fantasy’s Yuffie in the “Kingdom Hearts” video game, Trina on the “Big Hero 6” series and the iconic Kim Possible. In between her numerous roles, she played Belle in Beauty and the Beast on Broadway. Although she found constant success, Romano revealed in an article that she suffered depression and had drinking issues. She’s credited her relationship with her husband and starting a family as the biggest positive changes in her life. Romano now brings that positivity to her series “Christy’s Kitchen Throwback”, a YouTube show where she cooks with former Disney co-stars and others.

#1: Shia LaBeouf
Role: Louis Anthony Stevens

The actor behind the mischievous and hilarious Louis needs no introduction. After the show catapulted him to fame, Shia LaBeouf landed huge roles in the “Indiana Jones” and “Transformers” franchises. He also starred in music videos, viral videos and a few bizarre art projects. However, his struggles with alocholism, mental health issues and legal troubles cast a large shadow over his successful career. After going to rehab in 2017, LaBeouf appeared in critically acclaimed movies like “The Peanut Butter Falcon” and “Honey Boy”. In the latter film, he plays a father who has an abusive relationship with his son, a child actor. Since the story is based on LaBeouf ’s own life experiences, the film suggests he overcame a lot of darkness while bringing Louis to life.