How To Beat Arknights Toughest Enemies

VOICE OVER: Dave Thibault
They're the strongest foes that you'll meet in this hit gatcha video game! For this list, we're looking at the strongest characters players will encounter in Arknights, and the strategies needed for besting them. Our countdown includes the likes of FrostNova, W, Crownslayer, and more!
How to Beat Arknights Toughest Enemies

The toughest enemies of Rhodes Island are no pushover, so take our advice on how to beat these guys Doctor. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be discussing some of the bosses in Arknights, and how to beat them


Crownslayer in operation 1-8 is one of Reunion's squad leaders who handles infiltration and assassination operations, she specializes in melee combat and breaking through defensive lines. Get as many ranged operators as you can along her path as she’ll pass through blocking Operators. Out of all the Reunion squad leaders, she’s the easiest to manage, but remain on your toes and don’t let your guard down. If you’re struggling, try using the EMP when she’s in range of your guards and ranged units.


Appearing in operation 1-12, W really really likes to blow your operators up. She almost exclusively attacks using explosives and throwing weapons. In fact her best attack is to target ranged units by planting explosives on them, which can deal massive damage. Long distance ground units like Dobermann are ideal operators to use here, as they can attack from a completely separate lower lane. When her HP is under 50%, she will mark multiple targets with explosives. Your best window of attack comes when she comes up through the lower staircase, a guard with healers is your best strategy here. Don’t forget about the EMP in case your units come close to death.


Serving in one of Reunion's Assault Squad. Skullshatterer is armed with two grenade launchers and explosives, and possesses high mobility while also being a significant threat in melee combat. He can launch grenades when not being blocked, dealing significant Area of Effect damage to any operators standing nearby. In Operation 2-10, An ideal trick is to have at least two ranged units to cover his path, while having 2 healers to keep up their health. In 3-8, he’ll do a lap around the field, making it ideal to place a long range unit in the center with a healer. His attack increases significantly when HP is under 50% so don’t get too comfortable when he’s close to death.


FrostNova in 4-10 is one of the few Casters capable of suppressing enemies in a head-on engagement. She frequently uses Arts to attack nearby Operators with a frozen ring, dealing high Arts damage as well as slowing the AS of affected targets. Avoid placing ranged units close to her, as she can freeze tiles indefinitely, making it impossible to deploy Operators on these tiles. Your best window to attack is when she’s in the middle lane. Get a guard in close with a healer nearby when you have the chance, but make sure you have a backup in case you need to redeploy. Finally taking her down? Oh and she’s got two HP bars and her attack is higher on the 2nd bar, be careful.

Mephisto & Faust

These two Reunion squad leaders work together in Operation 5-10, Mephisto is a Medic who heals his wounded troops while also commanding them to attack, he also boasts an insane amount of HP. Faust is a Sniper who uses extremely long-range attacks to inflict devastating physical damage. Mephisto won’t attack by himself, but he doubles the HP regeneration of all enemies on the field. Faust may attack with a special bolt dealing double damage, normally targeting whoever was deployed last on the battlefield. Because of his high HP and healing abilities, Concentrate on attacking Mephisto first. And since you can’t send operators onto the right side of the battlefield; Wait until Faust approaches your defense line before you engage him, though be advised, he cannot be blocked.