Top 10 Sims Mods That Caused The Most Chaos



Top 10 Sims Mods That Caused The Most Chaos

VOICE OVER: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Mandy Anne Lutman
The Sims series has one of the biggest modding communities in gaming! For this list, we'll be looking at most popular Sims mods that enhance the gameplay by giving players plenty of extreme storylines to have fun with. Our countdown includes Zombie Apocalypse, The Possessed Child., Armageddon and more!
Script written by Mandy Luttman

Top 10 Best Sims Mods to Cause the Most Destruction/Havoc

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Sims Mods to Cause the Most Destruction/Havoc.

For this list, we’ll be looking at most popular Sims mods that enhance the gameplay by giving players plenty of extreme storylines to have fun with.

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#10: MC Command Center

Want to easily change your sim’s traits, change the looks of another household, set active and NPC relationships, control pregnancy, and more? Then you’ll have tons of fun with MC Command Center. Easy to use and fairly straightforward, this mod allows you to control pretty much any aspect of the game you want. With so much power, it’s extremely easy to cause plenty of havoc and up the drama in your community. Want Santa’s or Grim Reaper’s babies? Done. Age down a kid? No problem. Change a trait or add more? Mess up relationships in the neighborhood? Yep, all sorted with MCCC.

#9: Intense Fire

If controlling everything and everyone is too complicated and you just want to release some frustrations, this mod will do the trick. In the game, fires don’t always bring out Grim Reaper, so this will help you speed that up a bit. You can control how many times you want to start a fire, how often, and even where they happen. Since the game doesn’t usually allow fires on community lots, this is a perfect way to cause some destruction in sim public places. And if you’re super serious about causing the most destruction possible, choose the option to start a fire every minute.

#8: Basemental Mods

Recommended for those over 18, the Basemental Mods add some grittier moments into The Sims 4 game. From taking illegal substances to being involved in the gang life, you can expose your sim to a GTA-type of a lifestyle you won’t find in the official game. After taking a substance, your sim will begin to behave accordingly. The mod also allows them to grow cannabis plants inside their home and make money from sales. As a gang member, your sim will be able to run operations, get involved in rivalries, and plenty more. It’s safe to say these two mods can definitely bring plenty of havoc if you choose to play on the extreme side of things.

#7: Zombie Apocalypse

Yup, you can start a whole zombie apocalypse. And not just start it, but control it, too! This mod even lets children participate in the apocalypse - they can get bitten by zombies and then bite others in kind. As an adult, you can assign partners that will help you get through the apocalypse and fight together. If you see a sim that’s injured, you can use the first aid spray to help them. The mod also comes with the Jill Valentine service, which is a police officer that’s able to fight off any zombies coming your way. If you combine this with the intense fire mod, you’ll truly be living in a world of ultimate chaos.

#6: Life Tragedies

As the name suggests, this mod is all about the biggest tragedies a sim could have in their lives. From getting arrested to using a poisoned apple on your victim, you have control over the community in the most gruesome ways possible. Want to kidnap a sim and take them to a cave? All sorted with this mod. You can even ask for ransom, brainwash the sim, and do all sorts of crazy things you should really never do in real life. It’s one of those mods you can combine with just about any mod from this list for a game of extreme chaos.

#5: The Possessed Child

Do you dare to visit a burial site and chant the name Jonathan Colby? If you do, you may just wake up Jonathan, who’s a child, and he’s ready for some revenge. Seriously, this kid is really not friendly. If you unleash him, he’ll go nuts, and wipe out any sim that stands in his way. With this mod, you can also acquire the curse yourself and become the child. Will you be able to banish his spirit, or will you just let him roam around the neighborhood going about his dastardly business? The choice is yours. But remember, choose wisely or pay the price.

#4: The Worst Kind of Toddlers

These toddlers are your worst nightmare. And no, we don’t mean that they’re bratty or ill-behaved. Deadly toddlers is one of those mods with a self explanatory name. But, of course, in the context of the game, unleashing these tiny terrors can be a whole lot of fun. In The Sims, taking care of toddlers generally isn’t that bad, but this mod will transform parenting into living hell. Seriously, if you want toddlers to rule your sim world and ruin the lives of the rest of the household, this is the mod for you. Just a word of warning: don’t make them angry. If you do, your fave sim could wind up meeting the Grim Reaper way before it's supposed to!

#3: Armageddon

Ready for epic battles and complete chaos? With the Armageddon mod, you can take the role of a supervillain and unleash your frustrations upon every sim that’s ever done you wrong. Your supervillain quests will give you a reward of even more powers. You can perform spells and other powerful interactions; if you’re truly going for it, you can even aid criminals and help them escape. Level up and unlock new effects, including the red eye glow, flames, bats, and more. It’s a perfect addition to the evil trait and studying for that villainy degree with the Discover University expansion!

#2: Chaos, Chaos & More Chaos

Torture and Chaos is one of those mods that takes everything to the next level. If you’re the type of a Sims player who used to remove ladders from pools and doors from rooms, this is the mod for you. It starts with reading The Book of Chaos to gain mischief skill. And then the fun begins. Any extreme interaction you can think of is most likely in this mod, including drowning Sims in bodily functions. Yeah, you heard that right. Your sim will no longer mourn when someone passes - instead, they’ll maniacally laugh and look forward to their next victim. Pure chaos all around.

#1: Extreme Havoc

Otherwise known as...Extreme Violence. EA may be taking its sweet time when it comes to bringing cars and helicopters into the Sims 4, but this mod got there first. Well, sort of. You may not be able to drive your car peacefully to work, but you can drift and basically go full GTA style on your community. You’ll be able to take away sims’ lives in the most brutal way you can think of and even perform interactions such as taekwondo kicks and breaking bottles on someone’s head. Best part? You can make holidays devolve into fights that make the neighborhood brawls look tame by comparison.