Top 10 Funniest Superstore Running Gags



Top 10 Funniest Superstore Running Gags

VOICE OVER: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Emily Blair
The funniest "Superstore" running gags never get old. Our countdown includes Justine being basic, Glenn's car, Dina's Halloween costume, and more!

Top 10 Funniest Superstore Running Gags

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Funniest Superstore Running Gags

For this list, we’ll be looking at running jokes from this sitcom that span multiple seasons and will never get old.

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#10: All the References to Raccoons

In a store with as many bizarre situations and problems as Cloud 9, it would make sense that some of the more constant issues would fade into the background. Still, it’s shocking that a problem as big as a raccoon infestation would become such a nonchalant topic of conversation for these employees. The critters are referenced often in conversations, and even seen on occasion, like when Justine came face to face with one during a blizzard. What’s even more shocking about this running gag is that it was inspired by a real raccoon infestation on the Superstore soundstage, proving once again that truth can be stranger than fiction indeed.

#9: Justine Being Basic

Sometimes when Justine talks, she sounds just like she’s quoting your weird aunt’s Facebook posts. Justine loves alcohol, boys, and doing crazy things with her friends - or at least you’d think she loves all those things from how often she talks about them. In reality, her life is pretty tame and everyone knows it, which is why her fellow employees are quick to call out her “basic” behaviors. The characters on this show are so genius because we all know someone like Justine, who gossips all the time and lies to make her life sound more interesting, but it’s much funnier to watch since you don’t actually have to deal with her in person.

#8: Marcus Trying to get Everyone to Chant

It’s clear to anyone that Marcus really likes the idea of being a leader, but he definitely doesn’t have the right skills for it... nor does he seem to know exactly what being a leader means. The one thing he knows how to lead, or at least try to lead, is a good old-fashioned chant. Marcus will try to start a chant for any and every reason, sometimes even immediately after another failed chant attempt. It’s so painfully awkward every time he does it, especially the way he eagerly looks around waiting for others to join in. Still, during the one time it did actually work out for Marcus, it was so fun to see the pure joy on his face when his chant was picked up.

#7: Jonah Being a Know-It-All

Jonah is one of those guys who has to prove he’s the smartest in the room, even though no one seems to care about what he says.. He sprinkles in facts and information from news articles to showcase he’s well-read, and always tries to bring up world events he thinks people should be talking about, earning him countless eye rolls from his coworkers. Even his Halloween costumes are pretentious. Thankfully, part of Jonah’s character development has seen him working on his know-it-all tendencies. They haven’t gone away completely of course, but at least he’s better at handling the teasing when people get annoyed with his attitude now.

#6: Cheyenne’s Uncomfortable Laugh

One of Cheyenne’s most telling mannerisms is without a doubt her nervous laugh. Anytime she’s uncomfortable, confused, or scared, her first instinct is to let out this laugh that instantly tells anyone around her how she’s feeling. It’s so well-known that she’s totally unable to keep any secrets, like that time her laugh gave away to Amy that the employees all knew she was in marriage counseling. Cheyenne is such a genuinely sweet and honest person, it makes complete sense that something like lying would make her so nervous. But it’s also so funny watching the panic in her eyes when her iconic laugh just takes over.

#5: “Shut Up, Sandra!”

Don’t worry, Sandra: we’re not sure what you did to receive so much backlash either. For some reason, sweet and meek Sandra can very easily trigger a scathing response from her coworkers, most often Dina. Sandra’s not a very controversial character, compared to some like Justine and Jonah. That makes it that much more jarring seeing someone snap at her for almost nothing. Some say that this joke is a reference to a running gag from “Community”, another NBC comedy, where characters would tell an elderly student named Leonard to shut up. Superstore’s “Shut up, Sandra” has become such a well-known part of the series that people have even made T-shirts with the quote on them. This joke is certainly a fan-favorite.

#4: Glenn’s Car

Poor Glenn just can’t catch a break, and neither can his car. Beginning with his car being stolen while the staff was locked in the store, Glenn has experienced a long string of bad luck involving cars. From having the windows smashed and being filled with water, to getting crushed by a taco sign, it seems that anytime something horrible happens in the Cloud 9 parking lot, it happens to Glenn’s car. After seeing multiple new cars of his get destroyed, it’s easy to see where a large amount of Glenn’s manager salary goes.

#3: Amy’s Name Tag

In the series pilot, Amy immediately established herself as a character anyone who’s worked in retail can relate to when she explained why she doesn’t put her own name on her name tags. She’s totally right: it’s incredibly jarring hearing a complete stranger use your name. Amy’s various name tags are an interesting Easter egg for “Superstore” fans, especially when they somehow relate to the plot of that episode. She’s only worn her real name tag on a handful of significant occasions, which elevated this running gag to an important plot point for her character. It’s such a little detail, but we truly miss it now that America Ferrera has left the show.

#2: Dina’s Halloween Costume

Dina is quite a thrifty woman who wants to get the most use possible out of all her things, including Halloween costumes. This is evidenced by the fact that she wears the same sexy cop costume three years in a row, even going as far to alter the costume to wear it while she’s pregnant. She chose this costume by chance, but it really fits her character in the most amusing way. She’s very no-nonsense and authoritarian like a police officer, but the distracting cut of the costume reflects the unexpected hilarity of her personality. We love seeing the rest of the staff’s creative costumes each year, but Dina’s sexy cop costume is one of the best parts of a “Superstore” Halloween.

#1: Crazy Customers & Music

As crazy and unbelievable as the cast of characters that make up the Cloud 9 staff is, the intermittent cuts to the store’s customers always remind us there are much weirder people out there. The faint elevator music combined with vignettes of customers doing things that range from odd to downright shocking is such a bizarre and entertaining running joke. The peculiar Cloud 9 customers are especially placed in the spotlight in the episode “Customer Safari”, where the employees compete to find the weirdest customers. However, this joke definitely works best when it has nothing to do with the episode at hand, except for serving as a constant reminder of the puzzling world of Cloud 9.