Top 10 Jade & Tori Moments on Victorious



Top 10 Jade & Tori Moments on Victorious

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Joey Turner
These Jade and Tori moments on "Victorious" are all winners. Our countdown includes accidental vandalism, Tori's Secret Santa, an eye for an eye, and more!

Top 10 Jade and Tori Moments on Victorious

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Jade and Tori Moments on Victorious.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the moments that really highlight the rocky on-again-off-again friendship between Tori Vega and Jade West - both the good times and the bad. It goes without saying that you can expect spoilers from the Nickelodeon sitcom ahead.

Think we missed an important chapter for these two? Let us know in the comments what your favorite ‘Jori’ moment was.

#10: Fighting Over a Role
“Tori Gets Stuck”

Tori lands the leading role in a new school play and Jade is her understudy –unsurprisingly, Jade isn’t happy about this. She tries every underhanded technique she can think of against Tori –including having a fake talent scout call her, or trying to give her an allergy attack. Later, when Tori has to give blood at the hospital, Jade takes full advantage of the situation –resulting in Tori becoming woozy after giving three PINTS of blood. This is arguably the rivalry at its worst with Jade more than willing to jeopardize Tori’s health just for a part in a play; and in the end, NEITHER of them could perform. Serves you right, Jade.

#9: Too Much of a Good Thing
“Locked Up!”

Tragically, Jade and Beck are left without any vacation plans, so Beck suggests they ask Tori if they can come with her to Yerba. Tori agrees, but on one condition… Jade’s got to give her a hug. She gets what she wants, but Jade ends up squeezing her too tightly, practically suffocating her. On the one hand, Tori probably shouldn’t have prodded Jade; but on the other hand, all she wanted was a hug, and Jade didn’t seem to mind hugging Tori in the past. Fortunately, Tori’s able to pry Jade off in time for the gang’s trip to Yerba… only to find out that the vacation wasn’t worth it. Well, at least you got the hug, Cheekbones.

#8: Fixing Beck & Jade
“Jade Dumps Beck”

Jade lets her jealousy get the better of her and dumps Beck; but most surprising of all, she goes to Tori for help. For the rest of the episode, Tori goes out of her way to help her frenemy get back together with Beck. Jade could’ve gone to anyone else for help and Tori could’ve easily just said no, but it’s clear that there’s newfound respect between both parties that may or may not grow from there –depending on Jade’s mood. In the end, their plan succeeds and Jade and Beck are back together, and Jade simply says that she owes Tori one. What that favor is, we may never know.

#7: Accidental Vandalism
“The Wood”

A new reality show named “The Wood” has come to Hollywood Arts, and they’re looking for “real” drama. Putting their heads together, Tori and Jade think they have just the thing – vandalizing a junk car with golf clubs. Unfortunately, they end up trashing the wrong car. As a result, the crew behind “The Wood” is kicked out of Hollywood Arts, and Tori and Jade have to carry the driver of the car they destroyed all the way home. On one hand, it’s a treat to see the two agree and collaborate on a project; but on the other hand, maybe they should stick to theater acting instead of reality TV.

#6: Driving Tori to Her Doom
“Driving Tori Crazy”

Tori is in desperate need of a ride to school, and, surprisingly, Jade volunteers to drive her the next day. Tori is rightfully suspicious given their history, but she goes along with it anyway. The ride feels like something out of a horror movie – driving through the desert with no cell phone signal, and –oddly enough - a shovel in the backseat. Expecting the worst, Tori bails and decides to just walk from there. While the scene is hilariously creepy, you can’t help but wonder – was Jade really planning something horrible for Tori, or was she just trying to scare her? Honestly, Jade’s pretty unpredictable, so it could’ve gone either way.

#5: Tori’s Secret Santa
“A Christmas Tori”

The gang is taking part in a Secret Santa gift exchange, and –in a cruel twist of fate- Jade ends up with Tori. She tries to get out of it, naturally, but with no such luck. Meanwhile, Tori’s been struggling with finding a gift for André; but luckily, Jade’s gift is the perfect idea for a present. The idea itself is for the two of them, along with Cat, to belt out a lively, swinging performance of André’s new Christmas song. While it’s not really a traditional present, it managed to make both Tori and André happy, and gave us a new Christmas earworm to enjoy in one fell swoop. And who says Jade’s just a Grinch?

#4: “Give Tori a Squeeze”
“Wok Star”

Thanks to an offhand comment, Tori has to raise the money to help Jade put on her play. The only problem is that the lady she finds to finance the play wants to make a whole bunch of bizarre changes to the show that REALLY hinder Jade’s vision. Luckily, Tori has a plan – while the rest of the gang stalls Mrs. Lee, the show goes on the way it was meant to, and it’s a smash hit. In the end, both girls get something they wanted – Jade impresses her dad, and Tori gets a hug from her former enemy-turned-frenemy. Don’t worry, this one is genuine and doesn’t nearly suffocate Tori –she worked too hard for that.

#3: Finally Making Peace
“Stage Fighting”

When the class is given a stage-fighting project, Tori, unfortunately, gets paired up with Jade. She’s afraid that Jade might injure her for real, but what the scary girl does is actually worse. She frames Tori for supposedly giving her a black eye -landing her in MAJOR trouble. Surprisingly, when Jade’s charade is revealed, Tori doesn’t rat her out; in exchange, Jade helps Tori escape her punishment. This was a CRUCIAL moment in the show’s history – the first time we ever see these two make peace. Of course, it doesn’t mean they’ll be fast friends, but it’s definitely a sign of progress for the rocky road ahead.

#2: An Eye for an Eye
“Tori Goes Platinum”

Jade steals Tori’s opportunity to perform in the Platinum Music Awards, so it’s okay for Tori to kiss Beck, right? Well, not really, since Tori can’t find it in her heart to smooch Jade’s ex behind her back. What she doesn’t realize, however, is that Jade saw everything, and is quick to relinquish her part back to Tori out of gratitude. It’s now clear how far these two have come since they first met. Back then; they’d gladly do anything to get back at the other. But now, they legitimately regard each other as friends who don’t wish to hurt each other too much. While they still have their spats, it’s a much-needed upgrade.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Trolling Trina

“I Don’t Talk Like That”

“Prom Wrecker”

The Tickle Bunny Twins
“April Fools’ Blank”

#1: Take a Hint
“Tori & Jade’s Playdate”

Tori and Jade playing husband and wife… that pretty much says it all. To prepare the two girls for a play, Sikowitz forces them to go on a date, and neither one is too thrilled about it. And yet, they’re able to muster up the strength to compliment one another, and then come together to teach two creepy dorks a lesson with one of the series’ most savage and catchiest songs. No matter how many times Tori and Jade’s friendship resets, these two manage to find a way to get along even for one day, and what better way than with a sassy, upbeat duet? Also, we may or may not low-key ship ‘Jori’ after their performance.