Top 10 Strangest Marvel Superheroes Ever



Top 10 Strangest Marvel Superheroes Ever

VOICE OVER: Callum Janes WRITTEN BY: Andrew Tejada
Weird, strange, and shocking. When it comes to these Marvel characters, all of the above apply. For this list, we'll be looking at the weirdest do-gooders that have ever appeared within this fictional universe. Our countdown includes Rocket Racoon, 3-D Man, Squirrel Girl, and more!

Top 10 Strangest Marvel Superheroes

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 strangest Marvel superheroes.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the weirdest do-gooders that have ever appeared within this fictional universe.

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#10: Lockjaw

The fact that Lockjaw is an extremely large bulldog who occasionally has antennae would be more than enough to qualify him as a strange hero. But since he's part of a race of super-powered beings named Inhumans, he has a couple more quirks. Lockjaw is strong enough to bite down on a steel beam and use it as a weapon. He also can teleport himself and his allies over long distances. With his powers, the Inhumans can move between their Moon home and the Earth in the blink of an eye. If you can accept Lockjaw’s abnormal size and various powers, you’ll find that you have gained a good dog as a friend. And you’d probably never be late getting anywhere again.

#9: 3-D Man

Pilot Chuck Chandler managed to stumble upon a Skrull spaceship during a test flight. Although he managed to get away, his body experienced odd side effects from being on the alien craft. When Chuck got back to Earth, his body and mind became trapped in his brother Hal’s glasses But if Hal Chandler concentrates and falls into a coma, Chuck can live again and fight crime as 3-D man for up to three hours at a time. The green shape-shifting aliens Skrulls are somehow the most normal part of this bizarre origin story. Although we're sure 3-D man means well, we think the siblings should focus more on fixing this odd situation instead of fighting.

#8: Rocket Racoon

Have you ever wondered how a raccoon learned how to communicate and shoot guns? Well, it's a weird story. Originally, Rocket was one of many animals on a planet named Halfworld that received enhanced intelligence so that he could take care of mentally ill humans that lived there. Over time, he became a high-ranking law officer that helped defend innocent lives. After Rocket got off the planet for various reasons, he fell in with Star-Lord and became a Guardian. His origin story admittedly varies a bit from adaptation to adaptation. But no matter what causes rocket to transform from a normal animal, the resulting being is always a strange talking racoon.

#7: Howard the Duck

Once upon a time, Howard was just another ordinary anthropomorphic waterfowl living in Duckworld. But he was mysteriously sent careening from his bird planet to Earth. After arriving on a human planet, he made the best of his situation and decided to live life to the fullest. This duck out of water has been everything from a driver to a private investigator. And while hanging on earth, he often manages to defy the odds and form a close bond with a human woman named Beverly. Howard’s strange adventures have led him to take a human to duckworld and train with Dr. Strange. There’s no telling where this bizarre waterfowl will end up next.

#6: Groot

While Groot is clearly everyone’s favorite peculiar tree being in the Marvel Universe, his origins are more of a mystery. He seems to be from a race of beings known as the Flora Colossus that live on Planet X. Although it’s hinted that Groot was banished from his unusual home, we still don’t know for sure. Despite the fact that the big tree can talk intelligently on Planet X, his vocal chords are so rigid that beings outside the world think he’s repeating the same three words. Groot’s inability to communicate with most beings hasn’t stopped him from growing plants off his body or regenerating into a completely new being. While he’s definitely a weird alien, we still want to hug this loveable tree.

#5: Phone Ranger

A few atom-sized aliens aimed to take a routine trip on their spaceship. Unfortunately, they ended up trapped inside of a regular human phone. After their tech was infused into the phone, a repairman named A.G. Bell found the device and used it for heroism. The otherworldly equipment lets him tap into any cellular device. So, he’d listen out for emergencies and arrive on scene first to save the day as the Phone Ranger. Unfortunately for the phone repairman, his unbelievably absurd origins didn’t make him stand out in Marvel Comics. But we will call this bizarre hero the weirdest phone repairman we’ve ever seen.

#4: Throg

Although Loki turned Thor into a frog for a while, we'd like to highlight another worthy amphibian. Simon Walterson was a normal human until he was cursed to live life as a hopping animal. While he was an amphibian, he became friends with frog Thor. When the Thunder God left for Asgard, Simon used a sliver of Mjolnir that was left behind to become Throg. This powerful frog managed to rise above his unconventional start to become an enduring character. Throg has allied with the Asgardians of the Galaxy, joined the Pet Avengers and fought rats in Queens. Hey, not every part of an abnormal amphibian's life can be glamorous.

#3: Squirrel Girl

We understand if you don’t take the strange Squirrel Girl seriously at first. Her big bushy tail, powerful chompers and ability to talk to squirrels doesn't seem very useful. However, this rodent-themed heroine has an impressive resume. Squirrel Girl and her loyal animal companions have fought Iron Man, defeated Dr. Doom and may have toppled Thanos. The way she faces dangerous opponents like those with a bright smile and a plucky attitude is odd yet wonderful. Since Squirrel Girl has useful and unique powers along with a strong legacy, we wonder why this offbeat character hasn’t appeared in the MCU yet. It's probably because she would have defeated Thanos in seconds before “Infinity War” even started.

#2: Doop

Doop allegedly came to be because of a few Cold War experiments. But we have no idea if he was considered a success or failure. On one hand, this floating Green Gob is incredibly hard to understand and occasionally creepy. But this odd creature also can make copies of seemingly any object and is able to go toe-to-toe with Thor. Thanks to Doop’s weird physiology, he can regenerate and live while his brain is in different places. And he seems to gain new powers and abilities every time we meet up with him. Since Doop can easily travel to practically wherever he wants, there's no telling where this unusual green blob will show up next.

Before we reveal our oddest pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

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#1: Spider-Ham

An anthropomorphic Pig scientist named May Porker decided to try out her newly invented atomic hair dryer. Unfortunately, she was filled with radioactive energy and bit a nearby spider. The arachnid transformed into an anthropomorphic male Pig that still had all his spider instincts. Since this incident also gave May Porker amnesia, she believed he was a nephew of hers named Peter. He decided to roll with it and lived with her while secretly masquerading as Spider-Ham. This absolutely insane origin story is fitting for a character as odd as Spider-Ham. Throughout his numerous comic, TV and film appearances he's always been the strangest entity in the room. But the confident way Spider-Ham embraces his identity makes us cheer for this unlikely pig every time.