Top 10 Creepiest Things Caught on Trail Cameras



Top 10 Creepiest Things Caught on Trail Cameras

VOICE OVER: Peter DeGiglio WRITTEN BY: Whitney Wilson
These creepy videos will freak you out! For this list, we'll be looking at spooky, unusual and just plain bizarre footage caught on trail cameras. Our countdown includes Deer-Chasing Demon, Zombies, Creepy Clown, and more!

Top 10 Creepiest Things Caught on Trail Cameras

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Creepiest Things Caught on Trail Cameras.

For this list, we’ll be looking at spooky, unusual and just plain bizarre footage caught on trail cameras.

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#10: Deer-Chasing Demon

While it’s widely known that deer spook easily, we really can’t blame this one for running for its life. This trail camera still image captures the moment an unexplained creature is giving this poor deer the chase of its life. While most who see this image believe it’s a hoax or a really strange angle of a natural predator such as a cougar, others believe this could be proof of the elusive yet infamous Jersey Devil. No matter what it is, we are definitely on the same page as this deer. We do not want to run into this creature in the middle of the night.

#9: Grim Reaper

It doesn’t matter what Blue Oyster Cult said. We are still going to fear this one. While the grim reaper is usually seen as a bad omen, maybe this particular one was just trying to help a forest creature pass over to the other side. Considering the date stamp, it is possible that this was simply one of those people who celebrate Halloween for the entire month of October. Then again, even the most dedicated Halloween lover has to draw the line at being out in the middle of the night in freezing temperatures. Whatever the case, seeing this on your trail camera is pretty terrifying, no matter the time of year.

#8: Ghostly Hunter

Sure, venison is delicious, but can ghosts even eat it? Maybe this particular Pennsylvania hunter is trying to find out. There are two creepy aspects of this photo. Of course, the ghostly hunter is spooky, but this could simply be a case of the camera distorting either a human subject or a water reflection. After all, trail cameras aren’t exactly the best quality, and this photo was taken at night. The truly creepy and worrisome part of this picture is how the buck staring into the camera doesn’t even seem to know it might be being watched from behind. The most likely explanation to this mysterious visitor is, of course, that it’s a hoax, so maybe the deer’s oblivious nature isn’t so bad.

#7: Nightgown Wanderer

Even the frights are bigger in Texas. This grainy image appears to capture a nighttime wanderer on the trail. A similar but clearer image that might show the same figure was posted on a hunting forum in 2015, taken near a cemetery in Liberty, Texas. Now, it could simply be a person out and about for a stroll in their nightgown or someone chasing after their dog. However, the proximity to a graveyard and the fact that it was two miles from any houses is a bit spooky, as is the fact that bare footprints were allegedly found in the spot.

#6: Daytime Sasquatch

Maybe you’ve heard that Virginia is for lovers, but have you heard that Virginia is for baby Bigfoot, too? When outdoorsman Roger Williams captured this photo in 2013 in the mountains of Southwest Virginia, he submitted the strange image to a local newspaper. In no time, the picture circulated around cryptozoologist circles and quickly drew similarities to the famous Jacobs photos taken in 2007 in Northwest Pennsylvania. Williams also disclosed to the “Finding Bigfoot” team that one of his neighbors heard strange sounds a few miles from where the photo was taken. As Williams himself said when he first published the photo, “The mystery remains!”

#5: Zombies

Virginia seems to be a hotspot for bizarre trail camera photos. This image first started circulating around October 2012, and it just gets creepier the longer you look at it. At first, it looks like two out of sorts figures wandering the woods late at night. However, a closer look reveals that the figure in the front is missing some flesh, exposing its ribcage. While it could be an indication that the dead roam Virginia, it’s more likely to be a hoax or another case of October-long Halloween enthusiasts. No matter the case, this image is unsettling.

#4: Living Deliciously

This creepy creature took being the GOAT too seriously. In the small town Bowie [boo-y], Maryland, legends and rumors about the mysterious goat man have circulated for decades. According to the stories, a scientist at Beltsville Research Agricultural Center conducted experiments combining goat DNA and human DNA. Of course, something went horribly wrong, resulting in the creation of the goat man. This particular image has been tied to the legend, but it should actually be tied to a Photoshop contest. An artist who goes by Lew AKA Viergacht submitted the photo as part of a contest in 2011. While they did not win the contest, their art has lived on in countless “Proof Cryptids Exist” compilations. In fact, Viergacht calls it their “My most-stolen image.”

#3: Runaway

These deer seem more freaked out by the camera than by the little girl who is right next to them. Could this child be part of their herd or a Disney princess in the making? As it turns out, there’s much more to this photo than meets the eye. For starters, there are actually several more pictures of this magical girl and her deer friends. That’s because this image is part of a series called “Following the Deer” by Illinois artist William Harper. The image was taken out of context and widely circulated around the Internet, leading several concerned citizens to wonder why this little girl was wandering the woods. Thankfully, the girl was never really lost, but this picture is still very spooky.

#2: The Rake

Accounts of an American cryptid known as the Rake date back to the 1600s when a mariner apparently fled back across the ocean to escape the creature. Well, if this photo is anything like what he saw, we can’t blame him. This particular image was allegedly recovered from a trail camera in a destroyed hunting camp. While this could be true and the creature could be responsible for the destruction, this picture’s murky origins leave room for doubt. Is this the Rake of lore or is it simply a spooky edit? No matter the case, this image is probably the most relatable one on this list. After all, who wants their picture taken unexpectedly at 1:44 a.m.? We empathize with your frustration, mysterious creature.

#1: Creepy Clown

Back in 2016, there was a massive wave of creepy clown sightings that spooked people in several cities. However, it looks like someone was about seven years early to the circus-themed party. These images were captured on a trail camera in the middle of the woods. While this matches the later clowns’ MO, this particular sighting occurred several miles from the nearest town. This could simply be a case of someone wanting to mess with the person who put out this camera, but it is extremely creepy no matter the motive. The bizarre eye contact definitely doesn’t help, either.