Top 10 Craziest Things Caught by Doorbell Cameras



Top 10 Craziest Things Caught by Doorbell Cameras

VOICE OVER: Peter DeGiglio WRITTEN BY: Christopher Lozano
Somebody is always watching! For this list, we're looking at the strangest occurrences recorded on doorbell cameras. Our countdown includes Package Thief, A Creepy Clown, Rat Snake, and more!

Top 10 Times Doorbell Cameras Caught Crazy Things

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times Doorbell Cameras Caught Crazy Things.

For this list, we’re looking at the strangest occurrences recorded on doorbell cameras.

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#10: Great Escape

Dogs are pack-oriented animals. Their social intelligence is high and they’re very aware of hierarchies. Even so, we can’t help but be impressed when they work together as a pack to achieve their goals. And within the context of the home, those goals are often quite mischievous. Take this video captured by a doorbell camera as an example. The owner of this group of pups couldn’t figure out how the dogs were escaping, so a Ring doorbell was set up. It turns out that the smaller dog of the group was opening the gate so that the rest of them could escape.

#9: Package Thief

There are few feelings more satisfying in day-to-day life than receiving a package you’ve been eagerly expecting. It’s like a mini Christmas! Sure, you usually know what’s being delivered, but it’s still a great feeling to finally get that parcel you’ve been looking forward to. That’s why it is infuriating when your package isn’t just late, but that it’s actually been stolen! This package thief was caught on camera rummaging through the house’s mail and then running off with a large package! What was in the box? We don’t know, but hopefully he got caught so the rightful owners could find out!

#8: Clumsy Bear

When you get a notification that there’s someone at the door, and you’re not expecting company, where does your mind go? Door-to-door salesmen? A neighbor asking to borrow some sugar? No matter how wild your imagination, we're willing to bet you never expected it to be a bear! Let alone one that’s messing up your Christmas decoration. That’s just what happened here when this curious-looking bear showed up. It would seem that the animal was not in the Christmas spirit. At least the bear listens when the people inside tell it to go away!

#7: An Adorable Thief

When your long-awaited package goes missing or doesn’t show up, it’s only natural to assume it’s the doing of a diabolical thief. Maybe it was the guy in the video we saw before! Luckily for this homeowner in California, they had a doorbell camera, so that they could identify the package nabber. Turns out, it wasn’t one of the usual suspects … but a curious white lab. It’s hard to be angry watching that sweet little tail wag and those big puppy dog eyes. Hopefully the victim of this daylight robbery resident got their package back … OR there was a delicious treat inside and the dog ate it. We’d be happy with either ending.

#6: Freaky Figure

A man was just relaxing in his house watching TV one day when his doorbell alert went off. To his surprise, it wasn’t a kid going door-to-door for a school fundraiser, but this seriously creepy character. We’d be terrified too if we saw what looked like someone lurking just out of frame! Is it a ghost? Did the zombie apocalypse finally arrive? They tried to communicate with the creepy figure, but it did not respond. Turns out, it was a spider crawling over the camera lens. That’s not as bad as a zombie, but still pretty bad!

#5: Rat Snake

If you thought seeing a spider crawl across your door was creepy, then you are going to hate this one. A doorbell camera in Texas caught a snake slithering around this house’s door. Not on the ground in front of the door, ON the door. Just the sight of this gives us major heebie jeebies. We can not imagine the terror we’d feel if we opened our door and found a giant snake staring back at us. Okay, this one wasn’t giant, but it’d still be terrifying. This snake was luckily just a nonvenomous rat snake, but on-camera, it still made a big impression.

#4: TV Man

There are some things we just do not expect to see on our doorbell cam. Heck, a UFO, ghost, or sasquatch wouldn’t be quite as surprising as what we see in this footage. In 2019, various families in and around Henrico County, Virginia woke up to a television on their porch. The delivery person? An individual wearing a tv on their head. He walks up to people’s front doors, drops an old school TV on the porch and then leaves. We’re not sure if this is funny and quirky or downright terrifying. There’s something unsettling about the planning and logistics that would go into a stunt like this. And the only audience is the doorbell camera.

#3: A Creepy Clown

This is straight out of a horror movie. In 2016, there were reports of people roaming around and scaring people while dressed as clowns. What kind of a monster would do that? In this footage, we see a clown wearing some sort of hazmat suit and carrying what appears to be a machete walk up to a door. He brandishes the blade at the camera and makes some unsettling noises before being startled off. We can only imagine what it would be like to be greeted by such a terrifying figure.

#2: A Woman in Need

This disturbing late-night footage comes from Texas in 2018. A panicked woman comes to the door with what looks like shackles around her wrists. It’s a shocking and scary sight, but she was the one in danger. Turns out she was trying to get away from her abusive boyfriend. The victim had escaped after an assault and was desperately looking for help - from anyone. Though she ultimately wound up returning home, her boyfriend had by that point left the residence. Regardless, we’re glad this doorbell camera was able to be put to good use by authorities. She was later confirmed safe, and has since given interviews to tell her harrowing story..

#1: Doorbell Licker

There are a couple things about this one that make it creepy. First, it happened at night, like all strange and inexplicable things. Second, it just isn’t sanitary to lick a doorbell, kids. People ring doorbells with their fingers and people’s hands tend to be filthy when out and about in the world. Lastly, this man licked the doorbell for three hours. Yep, three hours. We’re speechless. We understand the motives of a knife wielding clown trying to get into your house, but why on earth would a man lick a doorbell (or anything) for three hours? The man had a history with the law, including public intoxication and drug use, but it’s difficult to even imagine what was going through his mind.