Top 10 Moments That Made Us Love Sebastian Stan



Top 10 Moments That Made Us Love Sebastian Stan

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These are the moments that made us love Sebastian Stan. For this list, we'll be looking at this actor's most memorable moments on screen both as himself and in character. Our countdown includes opening up about his heritage, what does the "Moo Cow" say?, cooking Greek food, and more!

Top 10 Moments That Made Us Love Sebastian Stan

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Moments That Made Us Love Sebastian Stan.

For this list, we’ll be looking at this actor’s most memorable moments on screen both as himself and in character.

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#10: Perfecting the Winter Soldier’s Signature Move
“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” (2014)

The Winter Soldier’s signature knife flip is a memorable flourish that left viewers seriously impressed. While Stan makes the move look effortless, it apparently took weeks of practice to get it just right. The actor shared that he’d take pretty much any opportunity to brandish a plastic knife in the lead-up to filming that iconic fight scene. It really shows his dedication to the role, especially as it was actually performed by a stunt double in the movie. Still, watching him in rehearsals is thrilling. He’s got the choreography down to a tee, and the knife toss is just as exciting no matter how many times we see it.

#9: Getting His Flirt on with Sharon Stone
“The Late Late Show with James Corden” (2015-)

While visiting “The Late Late Show,” Stan met his teenage crush, Sharon Stone, and took the opportunity to shoot his shot. We love his assuredness as he flirts with the actress, seemingly forgetting that James Corden, Zach Woods, or the audience are even there. But that’s just fine, we’re happy to watch him, and clearly, the actor's got game. He obviously wasn’t expecting her response, but his reaction’s just as endearing and hilarious. You can tell how excited he is to be beside her, and he can’t resist making his feelings known at any opening. It’s entertaining and charming, and all we can say is Stone’s one lucky lady.

#8: Cooking Greek Food
“Pam & Tommy” (2022)

Tommy Lee is no angel in the biographical miniseries, but one of the character’s standout moments is when he channels his frustration into something appetizing. He’s angry after the Mötley Crüe-centered “Behind The Music” episode implies that the group’s recent album bombed. So, when Pam comes home, she’s greeted by Tommy and a full-on Greek feast. He serves up the dishes with such enthusiasm, and it’s precisely how we want all our meals presented from now on. It also portrays a distinct chemistry between the pair as they work through a plethora of emotions together. This scene left us drooling, and not just because the food looks delicious.

#7: Discovering His Spice Tolerance
“Hot Ones” (2015-)

When Sebastian Stan embarked on the “Hot Ones” challenge, he didn’t really seem to know what he was getting himself into. Regardless, he puts on an impressive show, fighting back tears and choking out answers while coming to terms with his spice threshold. We learn a lot about the actor, ranging from his various jobs and desire to host a food show with Anthony Mackie to his interest in the West Side Highway and astronomy. Even though he’s clearly in a lot of pain, he perseveres and is as charming as always. It’s one of his best interviews, but we have no doubt he was happy when it was over.

#6: What Does the “Moo Cow” Say?
“100 (Monologues)” (1980-2000)

In 2014, the Theatre Communications Group published Eric Bogosian’s acclaimed collection of monologues while Bogosian himself began posting video performances of them - one per week - until all 100 were online. Stan’s contribution, “Highway,” where he plays an unsuccessful hitchhiker, is particularly memorable. While waiting for a ride, he talks about his life and the events that led to this moment. It’s quite a thoughtful piece about living life to the fullest, even if you have to stray off the beaten path alone. However, one highlight sees the actor break from his more serious and subdued tone to explain what sound the “moo cow” makes. Nevertheless, the performance highlights his wide-reaching talents and proves he deserves more leading roles.

#5: Roasting Tom Holland with Anthony Mackie

The ever-growing MCU cast has treated us to plenty of unforgettable pop-culture moments. It also gifted us this iconic bromance and the relentless good-natured ribbing of Tom Holland. We’re not sure whether it’s his youthfulness, Britishness, or that he once played Billy Elliot, but The Falcon and the Winter Soldier really have it in for Spider-Man. Ultimately, they’re just concerned that Holland’s success will go to his head, and he’ll get a bit too big for his web. It’d be hard to come by an interview where they don’t roast the young Brit, yet it’s always entertaining. But don’t worry, Holland knows how to dish it back just as well.

#4: Opening Up about His Heritage
“IndieWire” (2021)

Sebastian was just 8-years old when he and his mom left Romania following the revolution and fall of communism. In light of the Oscar-nominated documentary, “Collective,” Stan and filmmaker Alexander Nanau shared their experiences and memories of leaving their birth country and settling somewhere foreign. The actor divulged that he developed a complex relationship with his native Romania, and it took him years to finally embrace his heritage. He also shared how his past shaped his career and influenced his determination to “tell the right stories.” It’s intriguing to hear him shed light on a lesser-understood part of the immigrant experience. He now hopes to learn more about his former homeland.

#3: Entertaining Us from Quarantine

Nothing said 2020 more than this video of Sebastian Stan going through all the stages of quarantine in about 90 seconds. It starts with him standing around unsure of what to do before cutting to him washing his hands and cleaning the house pretty thoroughly. Like many of us did, he goes through several time-wasting activities, such as trying to catch food in his mouth and reading an apparently hysterical book. But once he pops the cork, the party really gets started. He jams out to hit after hit, showcasing some impressive vocal range. Eventually, though, he’s seemingly exhausted all forms of quaran-tainment, except for flicking a light switch on and off.

#2: Anthony Mackie Takes Over His Interview
“Entertainment Tonight” (1981-)

During a chat with “Entertainment Tonight,” Stan’s interview gets commandeered by his “Captain America” co-star. Mackie’s the ultimate hype man, singing his friend’s praises before grabbing the mic and taking charge. This moment gives us a glimpse into their friendship that we can only imagine is even more fun behind the scenes. Watching the pair vibe and bring out the best in each other is really enjoyable, and it’s obvious that their friendship is genuine. We’re not sure any seasoned interviewer could’ve scored anything quite as entertaining. You just know that it’s bound to be a barrel of laughs any time they’re on set together.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

“Winter’s Children,” Empire Magazine
A Great Nickname for the Winter Soldier Stans

Drawing Bucky Barnes, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” (2003-)
The Actor Is a Man of Many Talents

Photoshoot Fun, “Entertainment Weekly”
Those Photoshoots Can Be Long; You’ve Gotta Find a Way to Jazz Things Up

Playing Musical Beers, “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” (2014-)
Unfortunately for Jimmy, Sebastian Really Wanted That Beer

Reading Thirst Tweets with Anthony Mackie, BuzzFeed Celeb
His Reaction Is Priceless

#1: Chemistry with Anthony Mackie
“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” (2021)

A lot of choreography and precise planning go into creating these Marvel epics. However, that doesn't mean there's no room for improv either. According to “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” director Kari Skogland, Stan and Mackie's phenomenal chemistry inspired their miniseries. Together, they're so on fire that she knew she could just let the cameras roll, and they'd take care of the rest. This is best exhibited during the therapy scene from episode two. Indeed, we can never get enough of what’s arguably one of Marvel's most dynamic duos. These actors bring out the best in each other, and their partnership's nothing short of iconic. More Bucky and Sam on our screens, please!