Top 10 Unhinged MCU Interview Moments Only True Fans Know



Top 10 Unhinged MCU Interview Moments Only True Fans Know

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Only true fans will know these unhinged MCU interview moments. For this list, we'll be looking at the Avengers cast's most hysterical moments in press interviews. Our countdown includes whose bicep is it, anyway?, let me borrow 20 dollars, playing "Family Feud," and more!

Top 10 Unhinged MCU Interview Moments Only True Fans Know

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Unhinged MCU Interview Moments Only True Fans Know.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the Avengers cast’s most hysterical moments in press interviews. There are a few entries in our list that aren’t traditional interviews, but they’re definitely unhinged all the same!

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#10: “Oh My God, Sebastian Stan!”

If you see Sebastian Stan’s name written anywhere and don’t immediately read it in Anthony Mackie’s voice, we’re not sure what to say to you! If there's one thing Anthony Mackie loves more than being mean to Tom Holland, it's Sebastian Stan. The premiere for “Winter Soldier” saw Troublemaker Mackie stealing the microphone and interviewing his costar himself! We have no doubt interviewer Carly Steel had some great questions prepared, but it just doesn’t get much better than this. And, honestly? Mackie kind of has a talent for interviewing! (But that might just be his love for Sebastian!)

#9: James Corden’s Tour For the Unhinged

It doesn’t get more chaotic than this! A bus full of “Infinity War” cast, sunscreen on Corden’s legs, and a couple of sing-alongs, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a party. The sheer number of Avengers here is, quite frankly, a little intimidating, so we can’t imagine how the fans at the comicbook store felt when the whole lot of them walked in! As with any sort of press featuring these incredible actors, it’s all sunshine, good times, and hilarious one-liners! It’s a good thing Hemsworth missed this one, because we’re not sure how much mayhem we’d have been able to handle!

#8: Playing “Family Feud”

Like the last entry, this isn’t exactly an interview, per se, but the game was played through “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, so we figure it still counts! Thinking of answers on the spot is pretty tricky, but when you’re feeling the pressure from your colleagues who double as best friends, we’d imagine it’s even more chanllenging! Chris Hemsworth is the clear winner at coming up with answers, but not before name tags are tossed and swapped, a few tiffs arise, and a whole lot of back-and-forth ensues. All in all, “Family Feud” with the Avengers goes exactly how you’d think it would!

#7: The Jeremy Renner & Paul Rudd Show

These two were definitely unexpected in terms of predicted pairs for the “Endgame” press tour, but they create such a surprisingly wonderful dynamic. And by “surprisingly wonderful”, we of course mean hysterically hectic. The fact they weren’t really able to talk about the movie a lot means they spend most of the time goofing off. These two manage to rival even the Evans-Hemsworth duo with just how well they get along. This interview sees everything from deadpan answers, to snuggles, to stories about their kids, and we’re here for every second! Just remember that this list did begin, and then it’ll end…

#6: Chris Hemsworth's Tower of Terror Story

Chris Hemsworth is chaos embodied, there’s no way around it. We’re quickly reminded just how much dad energy he exudes when he tells us the story of the time he and his daughter cheated the system at Disneyland’s formerly-named Tower of Terror. RDJ’s reaction might be the funniest thing to ever come out of him, which is saying something, because he’s quite the comedian as it is! Either way, this is a great story told by an even greater storyteller, but it’s only a fraction of the havoc that transpired from this interview.

#5: “Get That B**** Off the Monitor!”

This is another interview where it was difficult to pick just one moment, especially considering this one features the original six! A not-so-platonic bromance forms between Ruffalo and RDJ, but that isn’t unhinged so much as it’s just really sweet! The group is set to answer fan questions with the very first coming from a lovely lady named Kae, who, honestly, we wish we could thank in person. When it comes to fan inquiries, we’re all but guaranteed hilarious responses, so this doesn’t come as a total surprise. Still, if a competition ever arose, Downey’s reply definitely takes first place!

#4: Any Time They Have to Answer Questions About the MCU

Apart from Tom Holland, they're all clueless! From Josh Brolin’s decisive “no” to Chris Pratt’s “yo mama” joke rewritten for Dormamu, it’s clear no one has any idea what’s going on–and it’s freaking glorious. The best parts have to be when the actors simply make up answers! These poor saps don’t remember a single line or plot point from their movies, but their charm glows from the inside out, and we suppose that’ll just have to substitute. We will commend Tom, though! He’s just as much of a fan as we are, and we love him for it!

#3: “Let Me Borrow 20 Dollars!”

Anthony Mackie is out here making us feel seen! This is an interview that’s actually not just MCU-exclusive. The questions are Disney-oriented, which is always fun and definitely draws out some rather creative answers from different celebrities. Either way, it’s Mackie’s response to being asked which princess he’d be, that went viral in the fandom! It’s not very difficult to make Chris Evans crack up laughing, but Mackie actually sends him flying off his chair from giggles, which is pretty adorable. (It also distracts us from wondering how exactly Evans can name all the dwarfs off the top of his head…)

#2: Whose Bicep Is It, Anyway?

Call us crazy, but we think we know what started “Civil War”: Chris Evans’ sheer astoundment at the size of Robert Downey Jr. 's biceps. Come on, man, why are we underestimating RDJ like this? Hemsworth’s “since, uh, when?” only makes things funnier, and it’s definitely a worthy clip if the way it’s circulated within the fan community is any indication. This is the same interview that also brought us the iconic ‘Captain America’s Doritos’ moment between Evans and Hemsworth which, you know…we hope we don’t have to explain.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

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“I Don't Wike It”
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Hemsworth & Evans on How They'd Play Each Other's Characters
Roasts Flying Left, Right, & Center!

#1: Jonathan

Paul Rudd seems to have remembered the letter ‘J’ and nothing else… Which is hilarious because the ‘J’ is the one letter that’s silent. Admittedly, it’s a little funnier without context, but if you’ve seen the interview, you’ll know that he actually does know the name which, you know, is a good thing. According to Rudd, though, Mjölnir is Icelandic for Jonathan, so this might actually be a perfect answer. Still, the reply of “Jonathan” with zero hesitation from the actor has to be one of the greatest interview responses to date! Let’s hope it’s referenced in “Thor: Love and Thunder”!