Top 10 Times Fuller House Tackled Serious Issues



Top 10 Times Fuller House Tackled Serious Issues

VOICE OVER: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Kim Mabee
"Fuller House" tackled a lot of serious issues. For this list, we'll be looking at the most notable moments where this show didn't shy away from discussing difficult topics. Our countdown includes divorce, surrogacy, being a widow, and more!

Top 10 Times Fuller House Tackled Serious Issues

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times “Fuller House” Tackled Serious Issues.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most notable moments where this show didn’t shy away from discussing difficult topics. Because some of these issues revolve around key plot points, a spoiler alert is in effect.

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#10: The Vengeful Video of Ramona
“Girl Talk”

Jackson’s best friend, Bobby Popko, goes through some ups and downs with Ramona throughout the series as they deal with their feelings for one another. While they get together at one point, they have to overcome a lot, including a particularly cruel moment where he can’t handle being told “no”. After Ramona turns him down in front of his friends, Popko retaliates by posting a video mocking her looks and dancing skills. While “Full House” dealt with being picked on in many forms, “Fuller House” looked at what happens when you add social media to the mix. Luckily, Popko feels firsthand how hurtful his actions toward Ramona were when Jackson gives him a taste of his own medicine.

#9: Divorce

When we first got re-introduced to the Tanner Family, we were all anxious to find out where they had ended up all these years later. We were surprised to see that Danny Tanner had remarried, and that Kimmy Gibbler was in the middle of a messy separation. These two relationships ultimately evolve in different ways. Kimmy does end up divorcing Fernando, but only so that they can get married again. Meanwhile, Danny eventually reveals that he and his new wife Teri got divorced. Both Kimmy and Danny got through it, proving that as jarring as relationship changes can be, you’ll make it through one way or another.

#8: Growing Up & Fitting In

One of the themes that both the original and the reboot tackle is the struggles the kids have with maturing, making friends, and finding where they belong. Jackson, Ramona, Max, and even Tommy deal with these things in various ways throughout the show. Ramona knows how special she is, but has to find a good group of friends. Jackson manages to fit into different cliques, but wants to find something he’s good at. When Max starts middle school, he struggles with how much he stands out among the older kids. And we see little Tommy attempt to get into a prestigious pre-school, only to learn that he’s not ready just yet. Growing up isn’t an easy process, but “Fuller House” tackles it with authenticity.

#7: Bonding With Step-Parents
“Moms’ Night Out” & “If the Suit Fits”

After D.J. and Matt break-up, he moves on with her enemy, Gia. To everyone’s surprise, the couple reveals they impulsively got married in the fifth season. Gia’s daughter Rocki has never connected with any of her previous stepdads, so she’s skeptical about Matt’s attempts to get close to her. Yet once he opens up, she realizes he might be a good addition to her family. A similar situation occurs when D.J.’s son Jackson accepts that her fiancé Steve will soon be his stepfather. A touching heart-to-heart helps him see that he can honor his father’s memory and welcome a new figure into the house. The step-kid/step-parent relationship isn’t always straightforward, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth pursuing.

#6: Estranged Family
“If the Suit Fits”

It’s no secret that Kimmy always wanted to be a part of D.J.’s family. But we were never really sure why she spent so much time at the Tanner house. Fast forward to season 5 of “Fuller House”, where Kimmy thinks she’s going to be reunited with her parents. She’s excited to reconnect, revealing that she hasn’t seen them in ages. But when they bail at the last minute, we learn that they have a history of not being there for her. Joey is the one that comforts her through the turmoil, explaining that he can relate to her circumstances. During the series finale, he walks her down the aisle, beautifully proving that family can be the people you choose.

#5: Surrogacy

“Fuller House” sees Stephanie explaining that she likely can’t get pregnant. But she learns that she may be able to have a baby via surrogacy, and later decides to do just that with her family’s help. Her beau Jimmy is eager to be the father, but after a parade of potential surrogates, they find themselves at a dead end. Yet Kimmy doesn’t hesitate to step up for her brother – and for the sister she’s always wanted. The pregnancy helps Stephanie and Kimmy form an unbreakable bond. But more importantly, the long-lasting storyline provides an honest and thorough look at alternate ways to have children and what surrogacy entails, which isn’t something you see too often.

#4: The Loss of a Parent

The foundation of the original show lay on the death of Danny’s wife and the girls’ mom, Pam. All these years later, D.J. and her sons go through the same thing after her husband and their dad Tommy passes. Jackson and Max remember their firefighter father fondly, but struggle with the loss throughout. For instance, Max experiences a wave of grief during the holidays, while Jackson is emotional after seeing his dad’s special occasion suit. And those are just a few examples. Plus, the series shows how complicated such a tragedy is to process in the long-term when Stephanie struggles to remember her mom. These are always emotional moments, but the family finds solace in each other, old home videos, and joyful memories.

#3: Underage Drinking
“Driving Mr. Jackson”

Jackson has many friends, but he tends to be influenced by them. After he and Ramona go to a party, Fernando gets a text from her to pick them up. Soon, we realize that Jackson gave into peer pressure, and had too much to drink. When the truth comes out, D.J. is appalled that Fernando kept it from her. Eventually a sick tortoise helps her realize that it’s not about who helps him, it’s just important that someone does. This episode provides an important look at the dangers of peer pressure, as Jackson understands he made a mistake. At the same time, it showcases the complex parenting dynamics at play when raising a teenager, as D.J. remembers that it takes a village.

#2: Being a Widow

As we mentioned, D.J. starts off the series mourning the death of her husband, mirroring the original show. We learn that following the tragedy, she moved back into her childhood home with her three kids, prepared to tackle single parenthood. Though she wants to pretend she doesn’t need help, it’s not easy being a widowed single mother. After all, she has to be there for her children while also processing a major loss. Luckily, her sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy step in to help carry some of the load. In doing so, they become modern-day versions of Joey and Uncle Jesse. Throughout the series, D.J. — much like her father before her —is able to grieve, raise her kids, and start a new chapter.

#1: Infertility

When we’re first introduced to the adult Stephanie Tanner, she’s living a carefree life as a DJ. After returning to her childhood home to help raise her nephews, she realizes that she may be missing out on raising her own family. But as we mentioned, she heartbreakingly reveals she can’t have children. Seeing the pain she’s in is difficult, but it also sheds light on a struggle that so many women face when trying to start a family. The show doesn’t shy away from the raw emotion and uncertainty of the issue, but it also tackles it with hope and optimism. Thanks to the surrogacy storyline, Stephanie has a daughter, Dani. And in the series finale, she shares that she’s pregnant, touching hearts everywhere!