Top 10 Strongest Anime Villains of All Time



Top 10 Strongest Anime Villains of All Time

VOICE OVER: Ashley Bowman
Some bad guys are just built different. Join Ashley as we look over the strongest villains in all of anime, as seen in series such as "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure", "Dragon Ball Super", "Gurren Lagann", and more!
Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

Top 10 Strongest Anime Villains of All Time

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we are counting down our picks for the Top 10 Strongest Anime Villains of All Time.

For this list, we’re going over the antagonists of anime who remain unmatched in terms of power-scaling, and their innate ability to blow shit up. Who do you think takes the destructive crown? Let us know in the comments.

#10: Meruem

“Hunter x Hunter” (2011-14)

While he may have ultimately fell at the final hurdle due to the lingering effect of the Poor Man’s Rose’s poison, the King of the Chimera Ants continues to stand tall as the greatest threat the hunters association have ever tackled. The only thing deadlier than his ability to withstand damage would be his dizzying intellect. Having the endurance to shrug off calamitous techniques like the Zero Hand is impressive enough, but being able to adapt in such a way as to weave through Netero’s lightspeed defenses and literally disarm him? That’s next level.

#9: Diavolo

“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind” (2018-19)

While the majority still can’t quite get their heads around how Diavolo’s power actually works, there is no debating its effectiveness. A crime boss who will do anything to remain anonymous and rule from the shadows, Diavolo’s command over Passione is mainly held together by fear and influence, but when he has to resort to force – he’s got the time erasing properties of King Crimson to help him out. Unless you’re adept at looking for the tell-tale signs of time skips, chances are you’re going to be torn to pieces before you even realize what’s going on. Just ask the majority of Giorno’s crew.

#8: Hao Asakura

“Shaman King” (2001-)

He may be a merciless killer with his sights set on godhood, but you’ve got to admire Hao’s drive. Thanks to the handy talent of being able to resurrect himself through his descendants, this immensely powerful Shaman has consistently rebirthed himself, allowing him to enter multiple Shaman Tournaments. Given how his Guardian Ghost happens to be a giant that can switch elements on the fly, it’s little wonder how he was able to devastate every opponent who came at him. For every potential weakness, Hao has a lethal solution. It certainly accounts for the number of dead X-Laws he's left in his wake.

#7: Sosuke Aizen

“Bleach” (2004-12)

What happens when the smartest man in the room also happens to be one of unparalleled strength with his eyes set on replacing God, and comes armed with a terrible mullet? You’ve got yourself a villain who, for the longest time, appeared to be untouchable. Even without his zanpakuto’s ability of perfect hypnosis, Aizen’s default strength feels borderline illegal. One strike from this guy, and Captain-class Shinigami start dropping like flies. And that’s all before he got his hands on the Hogyoku and elevated himself to Butterfly, Destroyer of Worlds. No wonder it took a deus ex Ichigo to bring him down!

#6: Zamasu

“Dragon Ball Super” (2015-18)

What happens when a literal deity gets too big for its britches? You get something like Zamasu – a being whose selfish yearning for immortality decimated an entire timeline and wiped-out mankind. Thanks to both the wish-granting nature of the Super Dragon Balls and a few jaunts through time, Zamasu not only became an immortal being, but gave rise to an alternative version of himself that took Goku’s body for his own. Double the narcissism, double the destruction. Both sides of Zamasu caused so much mayhem that it took a universal deletion courtesy of the Omni King to set things right.

#5: Father

“Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” (2009-10)

Once nothing more than a dwarf in a flask, the ambition of this creature not only led to the annihilation of a whole civilisation, but eventually swallowing the physical manifestation of God. Needless to say, the Father of the Homonculi is nothing but appetite, and won’t hesitate to break anyone who gets in his way. Aside from creating the devilishly dangerous Homonculi to act as his tools, after consuming God and becoming a so-called perfect being, Father demonstrated unmatched control over alchemy – to the extent that raising the dead and conjuring up a mini-sun were as easy as breathing.

#4: Fiamma

“A Certain Magical Index” (2008-19)

We’re sensing a theme here. Crazy strong Esper enrolled in the Catholic Church, figures he can do a better job than God, and attains the power to make it a reality. Fiamma is the embodiment of hubris, but one who comes armed with something as devastatingly strong as the Holy Right – an entity that not only lets him make miracles but undo anything it touches. If not for the likes of Touma and the unbeatable nature of the anime equivalent of Control-Alt-Delete, Fiamma’s reign as divine authority of a ruined world would very much become the new norm.

#3: Tiamat

“Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front – Babylonia” (2019)

The Fate-verse is no stranger to ancient beings that possess enough power to destroy populations and reshape the world, but this hulking she-beast is by far the strongest. Don’t believe us? Tiamat gave birth to humanity, cannot be killed by regular means, can nullify
all Noble Phantasms, can easily wipe out any Heroic Spirit, and bring about new life on the fly. How do you stop a monster like her? A million convoluted ass-pulls that only Type Moon could dream up. Otherwise, no, she cannot be stopped.

#2: Misogi Kumagawa

“Medaka Box” (2012)

Don’t let the cheerful expression fool you, Kumagawa has nothing but hate and self-loathing in his heart, made all the worse by the fact he can kill anyone with a mere thought. While preferring to dispatch his victims via giant screws, Kumagawa’s true strength lies in All Fiction; a Minus that lets him undo aspects of reality at will. Whether it be removing damage, overcoming death, erasing color from the world, all concepts of life become his playground, which he chooses to abuse on a regular basis to satisfy that darkness inside him.

#1: Anti-Spiral

“Gurren Lagann” (2007)

A cosmic being with only one goal in mind – the eradication of all life in the universe. So driven by fear of Spiral power and what it might entail, the Anti-Spiral strives to stagnate all things, and has the means to do so. Trapping any living thing in a series of illusionary universes, manipulating life and death, and able to alter its size to the extent that it can trample galaxies. It’s crazy that such an omnipresent enemy could ever hope to be matched yet alone outdone, but it goes to show that giant mecha and the power of friendship defy everything!