Top 10 Funniest Kelly Clarkson Show Moments



Top 10 Funniest Kelly Clarkson Show Moments

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"The Kelly Clarkson Show" is comedy gold. For this list, we'll be looking at the segments and interviews from the daytime television variety talk show we can always turn to when we need a good laugh. Our countdown includes "Out of this World" with Demi Lavato, Kelly drops an accidental innuendo, wine tasting with Kevin Hart, and more!

Top 10 Funniest Kelly Clarkson Show Moments

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Funniest Kelly Clarkson Show Moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the segments and interviews from the daytime television variety talk show we can always turn to when we need a good laugh.

Which moment from The Kelly Clarkson Show made you laugh the hardest? Let us know in the comments.

#10: “Throw Me a Line” with Kandi Burruss & Seth Meyers

Kelly is usually a humble and hospitable talk show host. But put her in front of a buzzer, and the gloves come off. In this case, she goes head-to-head with fellow songstress Kandi Burruss in a complete the lyric-type game. In the first round, the pair hit their buttons almost simultaneously, but Kelly insists she got there first. What makes the moment even funnier is that Burruss contributed to the writing of the song “No Scrubs” by TLC. Amazingly neither singer gets the next one even though it’s from the internationally famous Broadway musical, “Hamilton.” But when Kelly protests, Seth responds with a hilariously valid point. Meyers and Clarkson are an unexpectedly brilliant duo. We’d love a Kelly Clarkson Late Night crossover.

#9: Ace Ventura & Dr. Robotnik Join the Animal Segment

It’s been a while since we last saw Ace Ventura, and needless to say, he hasn’t lost his touch. After amusingly identifying the well-known “stick bug,” Carey channels his “Sonic” character, Dr. Robotnik, to defend himself from the most adorable hedgehog, which he soon befriends. It only gets funnier when he embodies the pet detective while introducing himself to a bearded dragon sitting on his shoulder. However, he needs to brush up on his knowledge of baby anacondas. Perhaps that could be the premise of the next movie should Ventura ever come out of retirement. Carey can effortlessly turn anything into a hilarious viral moment, and this segment’s no exception.

#8: “Out of this World” with Demi Lovato

Kelly's fiercely competitive streak is guaranteed to bring hilarity to any situation. For instance, during this game about extraterrestrial-themed movies, she's pretty confident she's going to smash it. However, the bodiless voice has a warning for her as he reviews the rules. When she hits the buzzer first, Kelly goes into excitement overload. There's nothing gracious about it, but it's incredibly funny. Funnier still is her reaction when she learns she got the answer wrong. Demi then cooly swoops in and steals the round while Kelly continues to rage. We guess you could say she got the right answer, just to the wrong question.

#7: Kelly Breakdances for Maya Rudolph During Virtual Charades

Due to the pandemic, many of us had to learn to get creative, and video calls were a significant part of that. As Kelly’s interview with David Boreanaz shows, they could be a blessing or a curse. But the show found a silver lining by turning bad wifi connections into a game. She and Maya Rudolph play a version of Virtual Charades with their mics muted. Undoubtedly, the highlight of “The David Boreanaz Can’t Hear Me Game” is when Kelly gets on the floor to demonstrate break dancing. Her commitment to the clues and Maya’s wildly incorrect guesses will have you laughing out loud. She might not have gotten it right, but we were rewarded with this side-splittingly hilarious break dancing showcase.

#6: Kelly Drops an Accidental Innuendo

Retta and Kelly got into the real stuff when the topic of celebrity crushes came up. Retta dishes on her love for Michael Fassbender and her hysterical drunken encounter with the actor. While her story would likely leave any of us mortified, it makes for a brilliant and unforgettable talk show anecdote. Luckily, she doesn’t have too long to sit in the humiliation as Kelly’s response unintentionally draws attention away from the story. Watching Kelly suddenly realize why the audience’s laughing is incredibly entertaining. We wonder if Fassbender saw this interview and whether we’ll ever see him on the talk show.

#5: “A Quiet Case” with Ken Jeong

If you thought Kelly was competitive, she seemingly met her match in Ken Jeong. In this game inspired by the movie “A Quiet Place,” Kelly and Ken are tasked with identifying everyday objects based on the sounds they make. Ken gets the first one, and his celebratory dance is excellent. Of course, that just means Kelly returns the favor by strutting over to his podium to flaunt her own victory. It doesn’t often happen, but Kelly wins the game, and Ken, well, his defeat isn’t exactly graceful. If there are two takeaways from this segment, it’s that Kelly and Ken are the comedy duo we didn’t know we needed, and not everything sounds like a hairbrush.

#4: Kelly’s Son Interrupts Chris Martin’s Performance

Coldplay is certainly an acquired taste that evokes different reactions in various listeners. During a season 3 preview clip, Kelly can be seen singing along to Chris Martin’s performance of “Yellow” with her daughter, River. Perhaps it was something about the song’s title that prompted her 5-year-old son, Remy, to interrupt with a very important announcement. While some parents might be left a tad flustered by their kid interrupting a guest, Kelly just throws her head back and laughs. And who can blame her? It’s as adorable as it is amusing, and when nature calls, you gotta answer no matter who’s singing beside you.

#3: Wine Tasting with Kevin Hart

Kelly and Kevin got into the festive mood with a wine tasting demonstration from master sommelier Ian Cauble. But neither was ready for the number of steps you have to go through before you can actually drink anything. It certainly tests Clarkson's patience, but the real comedy gold comes from Hart. He's consistently ready with an array of hilarious facial expressions and some witty wine-related humor to share. Unsurprisingly, this became a fan favorite moment and even went viral. To this day, it's one of the funniest things we've seen on the show, and we wouldn’t complain if it became a "Kelly Clarkson Show" holiday tradition. Talk about bringing Christmas cheer!

#2: Getting the Giggles with Sandra Bullock

Even stars as iconic as Kelly Clarkson get starstruck, as this interview proves. Kelly promises to keep her cool while interviewing Sandra Bullock - but that doesn't last long. The actress' response to Kelly's "American Idol" question helps set the tone for the conversation, but Kelly continues to fangirl anyway. The pair share an endearing chemistry, and we feel like we're watching a blossoming friendship, especially given how often they descend into fits of laughter. It’s such a joy-inducing interview that’s guaranteed to brighten up anyone’s day. And we think we found the perfect co-star for Sandra’s next action-comedy. Or at least the ideal regular guest for "The Kelly Clarkson Show."

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#1: Play a Song That Kelly Knows

As you might've noticed, Kelly's competitiveness is behind many of the show's funniest moments. However, nothing can quite compare to this game of "Sing That Name That Tune" with Anne Hathaway. The pair hears an instrumental melody and must sing along once they’ve guessed the song. Hathaway's fool-proof strategy proves to be very effective, helping her nail "Piano Man" and blow "Mmmbop" out of the park. So, Kelly requests a song she'd actually recognize, and the band's happy to accommodate only. We don't know what had us laughing harder: Anne swooping in, Kelly's reaction, or just the fact she didn't recognize her own song. Needless to say, this became an iconic moment that we'll be laughing about for years.