Top 10 Deadliest Anime Powers



Top 10 Deadliest Anime Powers

VOICE OVER: Ashley Bowman
Don't expect to wake up after getting hit by one of these! Join Ashley as we look over the deadliest abilities in anime that will always down an opponent, as seen in series such as "Fate", "Dragon Ball Super", "Death Note" and more!
Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

Top 10 Anime Powers No One Has Gotten Up From

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we are counting down our picks for the Top 10 Anime Powers No One Has Gotten Up From.

For this list, we’re looking at anime abilities that tend to be something of a one hit kill. While there are certainly loopholes here and there, for the most part, these attacks are a clear signal that someone is about to get themselves wrecked.

#10: Princess Strike

“Princess Connect! Re:Dive” (2020-)

We’ve never seen so much devastation committed with such a happy-go-lucky smile. Pecorine may appear as your typical, eternally optimistic adventurer, but it turns out she’s got some serious power lurking inside of that sword arm of hers. After getting herself a boost courtesy of the hilariously bland protagonist Yuuki, Pecorine is able to unleash a swing that tends to blast everything around her in a pillar of light. Don’t be shocked to see a bubbly waifu dancing across the corpses of monsters after this attack is dished out.

#9: Good Luck Mode

“Tiger & Bunny” (2011-)

How can something purely cosmetic be so effective in combat? While not exactly meant to be taken seriously, the so-called Good luck Mode has still allowed both Kotetsu and Bunny to get out of some crazy jams. What do they do? Essentially, they do a barrel roll, their suits light up, they get an admittedly slick sound effect, and then kick the crap out of the criminal they’re chasing. That’s about it. No enhancement. No actual improvement to their luck. Just…a cool feature.

#8: Giga Slave

“Slayers” (1995-2009)

By itself, Lina’s Dragon Slayer does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s a burst of destructive, magical energy, capable of wiping out dragon-sized foes in an instant. It’s a tried and tested method that’s afforded Lina no shortage of wins. But what happens when she’s facing down a foe beyond the fringes of reality with the strength of a god? That’s when she pulls out the big guns. Giga Slave isn’t just a simple upgrade, it’s an exponentially potent technique that takes a fragment of the Lord of Nightmare’s power for herself. The result is sheer ruination.

#7: White Arrow

“Platinum End” (2021-)

Divine punishment has never been so brutal. Gifted to those lucky few who have a chance at becoming the new God, the white arrow is but one of a few tools each candidate has at their disposal. It’s also the deadliest, since getting struck by it results in an instant death. Simple, yet outrageously effective. Sure, having wings is pretty nifty, and being able to control people’s minds with the red arrow is all kinds of godly, but they don’t count for much if you’re on the receiving end of an insta-kill from on high.

#6: Excalibur

“Fate” Franchise (2006-)

In the Holy Grail War, the legendary weapon of King Arthur isn’t so much a tall tale as it is a radiantly lethal Noble Phantasm. While often keeping it hidden throughout her battles as a means to conceal her true identity, Saber isn’t afraid to bring out her majestic blade when facing down an opponent who can’t be beaten via conventional combat. Even the sturdiest of Heroic Spirits falter when facing down the might of Excalibur, as the likes of Gilgamesh, Caster and Berserker can attest to.

#5: Muscle Millennium

“Ultimate Muscle” (2002-04)

The wrestling technique that’s a guaranteed career-ender, and likely a life threatening one depending on whether or not the victim can withstand getting their entire body permanently dented. Replacing the Kinniku Buster as his new signature move, the Muscle Millennium essentially turns Kid into a human torpedo, wherein he sends himself and his opponent flying into the ring ropes, causing their body to becoming coiled and twisted to such an extent that it leaves permanent indents. At minimum, you’re looking at some serious dental work, at worst, your ribs are mulch!

#4: Hakai

“Dragon Ball Super” (2015-18)

Not to be confused with the lesser Energy of Destruction used by wannabe Gods such as Toppo, the Hakai is the tool of the trade bestowed only to those who have earned their status as a true God of Destruction, and there is no defense against it. Whether you’re a deity, a mortal, a planet, a ghost or anything in-between, a single exposure is all that is needed in order to reduce a soul to nothingness. Universal disintegration has never been so thorough.

#3: Giga Drill Break

“Gurren Lagann” (2007)

If you’re going to pierce the heavens, then you need something big enough to bust on through. Case and point; a giant mecha drill. Infused with the phenomenon known as Spiral Power, this oversized tool is humanity’s greatest weapon against the likes of the Beastmen and the Anti-Spiral, often implemented by Simon and Kamina to bring down their foes in the most outlandish way possible. Pretty hard to shake off an attack that gouges out your torso in a single jolt!

#2: Serious Punch

“One Punch Man” (2015-19)

Given how a casual love tap from the world’s strongest hero is enough to break most mortals, it’s fair to say there’s nothing in the known cosmos that can withstand the force of Saitama’s fists when he decides to up the ante. Whether it's to save time or put an end to a potentially world-ending enemy, the Serious Punch does away with the comedic aspect of Saitama’s attacks and instead goes all in on spectacle, and there is no coming back from it!

#1: Death Note

“Death Note” (2006-07)

All it takes is a name, a pen, and a page from the book of a Death God and a life is forfeit. By simply scribbling in a person’s name within the Death Note, the owner is able to orchestrate their demise without fail. In the hands of a genius sociopath like Light Yagami, it’s a mass murdering machine, one capable of dishing out heart attacks or any number of specified assassinations the world over. The ease combined with its efficiency makes it the perfect killing tool, with its reach as wide as the user’s twisted imagination.