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Top 10 Embarrassingly Awkward Movie Scenes

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Script written by Max Lett. Get ready to shield your eyes and feel weird all over. Join as we count down the top 10 embarrassingly awkward movie scenes. For this list, we’ve chosen memorable big screen scenes that are humiliating and uncomfortable for both the characters and the audience. The characters cringe, the audience cringes, it’s just a rough time for everyone involved. These movie scenes are just flat out tough to watch. Special thanks to our users Lee Sonnenburg and Camila Fernandes for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Max Lett.

Top 10 Embarrassingly Awkward Movie Scenes

Get ready to shield your eyes and feel weird all over. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down the top 10 embarrassingly awkward movie scenes.

For this list, we’ve chosen memorable big screen scenes that are humiliating and uncomfortable for both the characters and the audience.

#10: Stage Confession
“Meet the Fockers” (2004)

In the early 2000s, Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro starred in a trio of comedies about a man who must meet his fiancée’s parents and subsequently deal with her family. They’ve been through a lot of awkward situations together, but none gets quite as weird as this particular scene in the first sequel to “Meet the Parents.” Trying to catch him in a lie, De Niro injects Stiller’s character with truth serum, which leads to Greg Focker giving a bizarre and very revealing speech to both his wife’s family and his own. Things get a bit strange, to say the least.

#9: Orgasm Demo
“When Harry Met Sally” (1989)

Best friends don’t get any closer than this classic cinematic couple. In one of their first scenes together, Harry insists that none of the women he’s been with has ever faked an orgasm and that the idea that one can even be faked is preposterous. The result is one of the most unforgettable movie scenes of all time thanks to Meg Ryan’s Sally demonstrating how actually not preposterous the notion is in a diner full of people, to Harry’s – and moviegoers’ – shock.

#8: Answering Machine
“Swingers” (1996)

Calling up a girl after you first meet is always a touchy thing. You have to know what to say and what not to say; so it can get complicated. For Mike Peters, things get a bit out of hand after he leaves Nikki a message on her answering machine, but gets cut off as he’s leaving his number. Things eventually degenerate into a full on break-up when she finally picks up the phone. The scene leaves us feeling a little icky.

#7: Bangcock
“The Hangover Part II” (2011)

The gang is back in this sequel to the already outrageously weird and awkward “Hangover” movie. Naturally, they have to step things up this time around, and that means Stu accidentally cheats on his wife. In the process, he must also face questions about his sexuality when the woman he cheated with turns out to be, well, not as womanly as he – and we – are originally led to believe. The cringe factor is turned up high in this particular scene.

#6: Bags of Sand
“The 40-Year-Old Virgin” (2005)

Coming clean to your friends that you’re still a virgin isn’t the easiest confession to have to make. And it’s even harder when those guy friends really pride themselves on their guy talk. When Steve Carell’s Andy begins to lie his way out of this awkward situation, he manages to make the whole thing even weirder. But the cat’s finally out of the bag when he gives this interesting description of a women’s breasts.

#5: Dinner Party
“Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan” (2006)

Sacha Baron Cohen took the world by storm when he hit theaters as Borat, a reporter from Kazakhstan out to discover the joys and bounty of America. Borat is all about the awkward level, and he hits a new extreme when he tries to learn proper dinner party etiquette with respectable members of an eating club in the South. From showing naked photos of his son to inquiring about a “shit hole”, to designating a retired man as a “retard” and making his business in a bag, he finally shocks all with his hired date.

#4: Engagement Party Speech War
“Bridesmaids” (2011)

If you’re writing a movie but you just can’t think of anything funny to pad the script with and no inspiration is forthcoming, then you can always fall back on the screenwriter’s oldest trick. We’ve seen this in countless movies before, but something about an all-female cast makes it fresh and gives it a new twist. Here, the ladies battle for the heart and affections of their engaged friend, and the last word.

#3: Noisy Relief
“Dumb and Dumber” (1994)

Poor Harry! He’s on a date with a hottie, but Lloyd has sabotaged his chances with laxatives. The beauty of this scene is in all the nuanced tones and interesting noises Jeff Daniels makes when he finally hits the john. Truly this was masterfully planned and meticulously practiced to get just the right sights and sounds one might find in the bathroom. It’s like they say: anyone can enjoy a good fart joke. Even better, the toilet is out of order; talk about a nightmare!

#2: Sweet Pie
“American Pie” (1999)

When the hormones kick in, geeky teenagers look for any means by which to simulate sex. If that means ruining a perfectly good dessert, then surely some sacrifices might be made. Though this teen sex comedy featured several memorable moments, Jason Biggs really shot to stardom when his character Jim Levenstein decides one day to look at and use! a perfectly innocent apple pie in new and interesting ways. Surely, bakeries everywhere saw a sharp rise in pie sales after this movie was released.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Boob Punch
“Superbad” (2007)
- Dildo Fight
“Neighbors” (2014)
- Those Aren’t Pillows
“Planes, Trains and Automobiles” (1987)
- We’re Going Streaking!
“Old School” (2003)

#1: We’ve Got a Bleeder!
“There’s Something About Mary” (1998)

There comes a moment in a man’s life when he closes his fly over his own genitals. What’s important is what that man decides to do when it happens. In Ben Stiller’s case, he manages to ruin the prom date of a lifetime and effectively hamper any subsequent relationship he has with women. While his dream date Mary and her family watch in horror, Ted is wheeled off to the hospital in what might be the most awkward prom date incident ever, but also the number one entry on our list!

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