Top 10 Sexiest Female Non-Human Characters In Video Games



Top 10 Sexiest Female Non-Human Characters In Video Games

VOICE OVER: Dan Paradis
Script Written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

Come on, admit it. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Sexiest Female Non-Human Characters In Video Games.

For this list, we're taking female creatures from both a fantastical or sci-fi background and ranking them on how well their actions, attitudes and looks made gamers blush. On that note, characters like Bayonetta won't be included since they're technically still human, in the conventional sense.

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Script Written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

Top 10 Sexiest Female Non-Human Characters In Video Games

Come on, admit it. Welcome to and today we are counting down the top ten sexiest female non-human characters in video games.

For this list, we’re taking female creatures from both a fantastical or sci-fi background and ranking them on how well their actions, attitudes and looks made gamers blush. On that note, characters like Bayonetta won’t be included since they’re technically still human, in the conventional sense.

#10: Desire Demon
“Dragon Age: Origins” (2009)

In the world of Thedas, there are enough monsters to fuel your nightmares for a lifetime. Rarely do you find one who you’d like to take home to bed. Say hello to the Desire Demon. As you can guess, her purpose is to tempt an individual with their deepest desire. The Grey Warden encounters her while on a rescue mission into the dream-like world of the Fade, where she offers either knowledge, power or a quick roll in the brimstone if the mission is abandoned. It sound kind of tempting…

#9: Myrrah
“Gears of War franchise” (2006-2011)

For the Queen of the Locust Horde, you have to admit that she’s not as hard on the eyes as all the other monsters Marcus Fenix and co have come across. While she may be cynical, hellbent on the extermination of humanity and a colossal bitch at times, she was definitely an enemy you didn’t mind getting a little close to…even if you had the intention of stabbing her. I think Cole said it best.

#8: Catherine
“Catherine” (2011)

Having an affair is always a messy business that often always leaves both sides hurt. When you are seduced by a smoking hot, if slightly passive aggressive succubus who makes you have life-threatening nightmares every-night, then that’s just bad luck. Able to take the form of any man’s desired woman, Catherine will turn your world upside down with nights of passionate sex…before blinking out of existence and leaving your sanity in tatters. Guys, be warned.

#7: Bastet
“Smite” (2014)

In a world of ancient gods, you are unlikely to find one as sexy and as impressive as Bastet. Daughter of Ra, this feline is not only the embodiment of all your bizarre catgirl fantasies, but a powerful fighter that has quite the set of claws on her. As an assassin type with a set of killer techniques, she’s one Goddess you definitely want on your side.

#6: Fran
“Final Fantasy XII” (2006)

From cats to bunnies, with none of the appeal lost! As one of the Viera, a species of rabbit-y humanoid, or humanoid rabbit I’m not quite sure which, Fran has enhanced senses compared to her human companions. However, extended time spent away from her homeland has cost her the more supernatural attributes that her race are known for. She more makes up for this with her efficiency with a blade, not to mention she’s in charge of repairing an entire airship! Wow…is she single?

#5: Midna - True Form
“The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” (2006)

We all remember Midna. That small, dark, mischievous imp creature from the Twilight Realm. Yeah, she was pretty funny, and yeah she was a good companion for Link, and yeah she had some really good heart wrenching moments but come on guys, really? We don’t think she should be on this top –
Oooooh…well…um…ahem…I think I get it now…uh…how does one get from Earth to the Twilight Realm?

#4: Morrigan Aensland
“Darkstalkers” (1994-)

Along with Felicia, she’s often regarded as one of the sexiest characters in video games, which isn’t hard if you’re a succubus and that’s your wardrobe of choice. Rightful heir to the demonic throne of Makai, she likes to spend her days tempting humans, seeking thrills, and kicking ass. Often in other video games. She may be easy on the eyes guys, but chances are you’ll just end up kicked to the curb should you bore her. And god forbid you piss her off!

#3: Cortana
“Halo franchise” (2001-)

There’s not an ounce of flesh on her, but this artificial intelligence has captured the hearts of gamers everywhere. The one-constant companion of the king of badasses, Master Chief, Cortana served as both a friendly face and source of exposition throughout the space-faring franchise. She may be blue and holographic, but who could pass up an offer like this?

#2: Liara T’Soni
“Mass Effect franchise” (2007–2012)

There are so many lovely ladies in this saga that we were hard-pressed to choose just one. While characters like EDI and Tali would have made great candidates, it ultimately came down to the Asari who we could romp in space from the first game onwards! With genius intellect, a soothing voice and also masquerading as the infamous shadow broker, this biotic bombshell is always on hand to infatuate your Commander Shepard.

Before our lady of choice reveals herself, let’s take a look a few sexy honourable mentions.

“The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings” (2011)

“Star Fox franchise” (2002-2006)

“Mortal Kombat franchise” (1993-)

#1: Sarah Kerrigan
“StarCraft” (1998-2010)

She was trained to be one of the most lethal assassins in the universe, and ended up becoming one of the universe’s most feared, and strangely attractive, creatures. For most of her adult life she was taught to be a remorseless agent, but after being infected by the Zerg Swarm, she became the Queen of Blades, and in such became one of video game’s best female villains. She may want to watch all worlds’ burn, but by god some part of you wants stand by her side as she does. Hail to the Queen!

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