10 Things To Remember Before Playing Demon's Souls On PS5

VOICE OVER: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Alex Slade
Whether you've played the original or not, Demon's Souls will be a must-play on PS5! For this list, we'll be looking at gameplay elements that set it apart from its successors and things to be mindful of when the remake comes out. Our list includes Souls Farming, Weapon Durability, Item Burden, The Broken Archstone and more!
Script written by Alex Slade

Top 10 Things to Remember Before Playing “Demon’s Souls” (2020)

Welcome to MojoPlays, and today we’ll be looking at the Top 10 Things to Remember Before Playing “Demon’s Souls” (2020).

For this list, we’ll be looking at gameplay elements that set it apart from its successors and things to be mindful of when the remake comes out.

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Weapon Upgrade Items May Require a Second Playthrough to Find

To all the completionists out there, don’t expect to do everything in the first run. The journey to upgrading your chosen weapon or weapons to the max is an arduous one. Materials needed can’t be found on a whim, and you’re going to have to employ some serious farming tactics. As world tendency affects item drops, you may have to shift it over to aid your search and you might also have to jump into New Game Plus to assist that.

Different Weapons for Different Occasions

Many games have a meta, maybe not for the entire run, but at least for specific sections. While PVE is reasonably easy to work out, if you want to dabble in PVP, there are tons of other builds to cater to different playstyles, and there’s a lot of experimentation. “Demon’s Souls” has arguably the most complex PVP out of the entire Souls series. You could take advantage of the fact that there is no poise and that Greatswords have incredible knockback, or just cast magic from afar. Whether you’re going for pure strength, dex, or faith, duels will be very intense.

Souls Farming

With every RPG, there is some degree of grinding or farming, and “Demon’s Souls” is no different. Souls are used to level up and buy and upgrade equipment, so you’re going to need a lot of it. While you can just load in and start killing, specific items, spells, tendencies, and areas will yield far greater results, in which you can get hundreds of thousands of souls in mere minutes. With how infamously challenging the game is, souls farming will make the game a lot easier, as you’ll have better equipment and stats moving forward.

Defeating Bosses With Strategy

We all know that we can’t treat “Demon’s Souls” like a hack-and-slash action game. If you did you’d quickly get wrecked and give up on the game. It’s not for everyone and demands patience to devise a strategy on how to progress, and this is at its most apparent with the boss fights. Some are weak to fire, some are cheesed by constantly strafing, some are easier to take down at certain ranges or just after a specific attack. Whatever the situation, and no matter how difficult you may find the fight, once you work out the boss’s weakness, you’ll make short work of it.

The Online Rating System

This is a controversial one. Depending on how you perform as a summon can dictate a score that gets given to you by the summoner. You’re an absolute pro who aids the summoner in every way? You get an S. You’re so bad you’re a detriment to the entire battle? You get a D. This would be a permanent rating on your character, and the lower your scores, the less chance you would have of being summoned. Why would you summon someone with 100% of D scores when you have someone with 100% of A scores ready to be summoned too?

Weapon Durability

This game is so punishing you can’t even blindly swing your weapon around without there being consequences. Weapon durability is a burden to all. Every time you attack an enemy (or the wall), your durability will go down, and if the item breaks, your damage output will be significantly reduced. It’s always good to get into the habit of repairing your items every time you return to The Nexus and to carry at least a couple of Ed’s Grindstones. If you follow these steps, you shouldn’t have a problem, but it doesn’t hurt to have a couple of different weapons you can main just in case one breaks.

World & Character Tendency

Your actions will have consequences. While some games have a clear “if you do this, this will happen,” the system in “Demon’s Souls” was much more nuanced. Unholy acts would bring the tendency to darkness, making enemies harder, but would make them have better drops when defeated. White tendency would have an opposite effect, and anywhere in between would have an impact, too. To experience everything the game has to offer, you would have to explore areas at both tendencies. You can do several things to shift your tendency, so there’s no need to panic.

Item Burden

This differs from your carry weight in Dark Souls. Rather than having mobility affected by how much you’re carrying, in “Demon’s Souls,” there is a limit on what you can take, and if you meet that limit, it will restrict you in obtaining any more items. The ways around this are to upgrade your vitality to increase your item limit or to give them to the bank - Sorry, Stockpile Thomas. While annoying, it does add inventory management into the mix, which some players find enjoyable.

The Broken Archstone

We’re excited about a lot of things in the Remake. Updated graphics and mechanics are a couple, but we also hope we see some cut content make an appearance. The Nexus holds a Broken Archstone, and for a decade now, players have wanted to transport through it to see what could have been. Thankfully, some of the content has been retrieved to indicate what we unfortunately didn’t get to experience; a map called The Northern Limit, and the remake is an excellent opportunity to include this content in all its glory.

Magic is Overpowered

Usually, there’s some sort of trade-off with playstyles. Strong, but close-ranged and slow. Weak, but quick and far-ranged. With magic, however, there doesn’t seem to be any negatives to it. It just destroys. Sure, there may be a couple of cases in which a sword and shield might be better, but other than that, magic will make this game a walk in the park. All you need is a catalyst and some spells and miracles, and you’ll wonder why everyone thinks the game is challenging.