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Top 10 Cutest Pokemon

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Joseph Jo We aren't here to battle, we just want to show off my adorable Pokémon. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 cutest Pokémon. For this list, we're taking both the games and animation into account to look at some of the Pokémon where their features are just endearing and lovable. Special thanks to our users Georgina Bransfield, randomnamehere, Jaider Rupert Pineda and donnell.denson.5254 for submitting the idea at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Cutest Pokémon

We aren’t here to battle, we just want to show off my adorable Pokémon. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 cutest Pokémon.

For this list we’re taking both the games and animation into account to look at some of the Pokémon where their features are just endearing and lovable.

#10: Fennekin

Light and dainty, this fox Pokémon can be quite temperamental for our trainers. Because Fennekin originates from Aquacorde Town, a place based on a region in northern France, it is quite chic and has a bit of a temper. Although this Pokémon appears inoffensive enough, as it loves to enjoy munching on twigs, when intimidated, its ears can unleash a wave hot air that reaches over 390 degrees fahrenheit.

#9: Emolga

Expert at gliding around trees to avoid its preys as well as to scavenge for food, this flying squirrel Pokémon is simply irresistible. With oval shaped eyes and a big smile accompanied by two yellow cheeks, Emolga just seems happy all year around. Even in battles, this Pokémon just makes us go “aww.” Luckily for our trainers, you can always count on Emolga to cheer you up since it never has to evolve.

#8: Litleo

If you thought Simba the Lion King, was the cutest cub around, then make room for this little guy. This fearless feline Pokémon that is based on a lion cub has the most mesmerizing pair of eyes on our list. Small in size yet big in pride, Litleo has nothing to fear. That orange tuft of fur Litleo calls a Mohawk – surges more heat and energy used to defend itself when facing stronger opponents. Also this is one of the Pokémon where the next stage of evolution is based on the gender, but due to the nature of the lion and its pride, you’ll probably run into more females than males.

#7: Piplup

Who cares if this penguin Pokémon can’t fly, or has hard time walking on its mini flippers, it can still kick butt and look cute doing it. His light-blue feather looks like he’s donning a down jacket with oversized white buttons, while his dark-blue feather makes it look like a cape. What’s also packed inside this little guy is his strong ego, which makes a whole lot of sense figuring his marking above its beak resembles a crown.

#6: Squirtle

Our life would be a lot more entertaining if we had Squirtles running around. Introduced as one of the three iconic Pokémon during the first generation, Squirtle was a fan favorite when it appeared with the Squirtle Squad – a gang of deserted Squirtles. But no matter how hard this little fella tried to be a delinquent, we all knew Squirtle was too good to be terrorizing the town with that cute face. All this Pokémon wanted was a trainer that would show some love… or they just love to play tricks on people.

#5: Mew

Extremely Intelligent and curious about the world, this mythical Pokémon is on the wanted list of all the Pokémon trainers. Unlike others, Mew is genderless and has the DNA of every single Pokémon, giving it the potential to learn any attack. Gamers of the original Pokemon Red and Blue games always saved their treasured Masterball for this guy, or went to great lengths to get a good shot of it during the Rainbow Cloud level inPokémon Snap. Mew is just so adorable and unbelievably cute and innocent at whatever it does.

#4: Togepi

Wanna know an interesting fact? The male audiences weren’t checking out Misty, they were actually looking at Misty’s Togepi. Right boys? Considered as a Spike Ball Pokémon, no way does this fellow appear harmful. Always in an uplifting mood, Togepi is considered a symbol of good luck. Taking this thing into battle always caused heart-aches and grievances and we would much rather see a trainer get body slammed than this adorable little Pokemon.

#3: Teddiursa

You can combine all the teddy bear carnival prizes all you want and you’d still get nowhere near this level of cuteness. No wonder Teddiursa are considered as one of favorite Pokémon little girls like to train. This Pokémon’s diet is mainly honey and has the ability to make its crescent mark glow. What makes this fluffy bear even sweeter is it lets honey soak into its paws and uses it as storage when food becomes scarce. At least we think that’s what it’s doing.

#2: Pikachu

This little rat-thing became the main mascot for the entire franchise and went on to be one of the most beloved anime characters of all time. It’s safe to say unless Winnie the Pooh makes a huge comeback, Pikachu will be every child’s favorite yellow animal for a long time to come. Always coming out on the top, this chubby rodent knows how to dodge opponent’s attack with its stubby legs and ending the battle with a jolt of electricity generated from its baby cheeks. Without this cute little guy Pokémon would never be where it is today.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:



#1: Eevee

Pikachu might be the front-runner, but Eevee is the quintessential model for the cover of the Pokémon Vogue Magazine. With perfect posture, a well groomed tail, and a charming face supported by its real fur neck Eevee is just too pretty for words. What also makes this Pokemon so adorable is its small size that barely takes up any space out on the battleground. And if you’re lucky, you can probably catch Eevee dancing around out in the wild with more swagger and charm then any other Pokemon in the world.

Do you agree with our list? Who do you think is the cutest Pokémon? For more captivating lists of top 10s published every day, visit

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