Top 10 SEXIEST Anime Maids

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Written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

These maids are maidens made in japan.
Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten sexiest anime maids.
For this list we'll be looking at the most attractive female anime characters who happen to work as maids. Keep in mind we're looking at sexiest…not cutest or most loyal, sorry Rem but we guess you're already used to rejection anyway…

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Written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

Top 10 Sexiest Anime Maids

These maids are maidens made in japan.
Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten sexiest anime maids.
For this list we’ll be looking at the most attractive female anime characters who happen to work as maids. Keep in mind we’re looking at sexiest…not cutest or most loyal, sorry Rem but we guess you’re already used to rejection anyway…

#10: Wilhelmina Carmel

“Shakugan no Shana” (2005-12)
If you ever wondered why Shana was so prickly, you can partially blame it on her surrogate mother figure. As a Flame Haze, Whilhelmina is tasked with protecting the balance of the world via any cost, and as a result wasn’t the most social or approachable of people. While she’s still more warrior than maid, it becomes evident over time she does love her little pupil very dearly, and it’s in these rare and tender moments she’s at her most appealing.

#9: Erika

“Maid-Sama!” (2010)
One of Maid Latte’s star attractions, Erika prides herself on her fortunate assets. Though she has a hectic life of balancing college studies with her part-time maid services, Erika has proven herself to be talented in anything from fortune telling to volleyball. And while she may care deeply for her customers she often falls victim to a little nativity.
So in a café full of some of the most provocative maids around, Erika would certainly be our first choice.

#8: Hannah Annafellows

“Black Butler II” (2010)
This demonic maid has had one hell of a rough life. From burning down villages to serving under a complete scumbag of a master. She’s got everything you could ask for from a maid, decorum, class, willingness to let you gouge her eye out….uhh wait that’s kinda…. and even some wicked instrumental skills! But when she’s pushed to the edge she busts out her demon mode and the results are deadly.

#7: Sanae Shikikagami

“Ladies versus Butlers!” (2010)
While she won’t be receiving any accolades for her actual contributions as a maid, Sanae steals the show for us as the sexiest lady to ever attend Hakureiryō Academy. Due to her…natural advantages, the maid outfit manages to show off her features more so than her skillset. This appeal is oddly heightened due to the fact that she is an absolute cutie-pie with seemingly no indication that she’s aware of how attractive she is. Her drive to help her family out of financial difficulties is something to be admired, despite the fact she might be the clumsiest maid in existence.

#6: Narberal Gamma

“Overlord” (2015)
To be honest, Ainz Ooal Gown got a pretty sweet deal after being trapped inside a MMORPG. Leader of his own guild, constantly in a state of God Mode, he even has his own combat maid squad! Out of all these incredibly dangerous ladies our pick has to go to Narberal Gamma. Affectionately nicknamed Nabe, her loyalty to Ainz-sama is only matched by her distaste for humans, able to easily dispatch any enemy in her path with her mastery as a magic caster. While Ainz may have chosen her as his adventure partner because of her skills, we reckon it might have been for a few other reasons as well.

#5: Zest

“The Testament of Sisters New Devil” (2015)
Originally a demon who lived to serve her master as both an aide and scout, she eventually found herself joining the ever expanding harem of scarred protagonist Basara. After forming a contract and falling hard for her new master, Zest shows that despite her combat and magical abilities, she’s actually a frail and timid individual. Despite constantly doubting herself and citing that she’s beneath her new family, it’s pretty obvious that as far as demon maids go, you’d be lucky to have her in your service.

#4: Roberta

“Black Lagoon” (2006)
If you’re one of the few people she cares about, then good for you because you have the undying attention of a rather beautiful maid. If you’re anybody else then we recommend you get the hell out of her way, because Roberta is a one woman army. She managed to light up practically all of Roanapur on a mission of revenge, and even an island full of killers and mercenaries didn’t stand a chance against her military skills. No doubt she’s quite the bombshell in that outfit, but chances are if you try flirting you might end up getting a boot-knife to the nuts.

#3: Saber

“Carnival Phantasm” (2011)
Ok, we know we’re pushing the limits of the maid criteria, since that this is only for one episode but come on. It’s Saber. After landing herself a part time job at a maid café, Saber turns out to be quite the hostess. Though we may be used to her wielding the almighty Excalibur, a mop is a nice change of pace. Doubtless to say, this version of our hero was an instant hit and as such, Maid Saber has born several figures, posters and dakimakura that many of us are guilty of buying.

#2: Motoka Nogisaka

“Yosuga no Sora” (2010)
We don’t know how you did it Haruka, but you made a significantly older, significantly hotter lady fall head over heels for you. Working as a maid in order to cover her tuition fees, what Motoka seems to lack in ability she makes up in her sheer charm and magnetic personality. With her unwavering smile, she certainly manages to brighten up the show. That is until she has a sip of alcohol, that’s when things go from cheerful to downright steamy.

#1: Grayfia Lucifuge

“High School DxD (2012-15)
It is quite the accomplishment to be considered one of the sexiest and strongest beings in a series where every single female is not only a demonic entity with some devastating power but also heavily gifted when it comes to their looks. Despite her maid attire and stern attitude, Grayfia is the bride to the leader of the Four Great Satans and known in some circles as the Silver-Haired Queen of Annihilation. Throw in the fact she’s a knockout both in and out of that outfit of hers, and you have a character who just might be worth going to hell for.

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