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Top 5 Surprising Facts about America’s Next Top Model

VO: Lisa Yang
When you stick several competitors in a house together, there’s going to be some controversy. For this reality competition show, there were certainly lots of drama behind the scenes you may not have known! For example did you know that in one of the seasons, several models destroyed a loft and cost the show about $500,000 in damage? How about the fact that a previous contestant was let go because of her escort past and in turn sued the show?

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Top 5 Surprising Facts About America's Next Top Model

Even if you’ve watched every episode, there are some behind the scenes secrets that will surprise you. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 5 Surprising Facts About America's Next Top Model.
For this list, we’re looking at tidbits that you may not know about your favorite TV modelling competition show.

#5: The Models Destroyed a Loft

In season 10, it looks like things got a little crazier than usual in the Top Model House. According to multiple reports, the girls left the Tribeca loft where they were staying in quite a state. They were accused of causing $500,000 in damage to the 6 million dollar loft on Lispenard Street. The floors were apparently destroyed, and it seemed as though several food fights had taken place, with ketchup splattering the walls and drapes. In reality, the damage was likely the result of both the contestants and film crew, as we really can’t imagine why or how the models would have put holes in the ceiling.

#4: It's Democratic

While it may appear as though Tyra runs things on ANTM, it turns out that every time there is an elimination ceremony, the judges have to agree upon who will be voted off. According to past judges, they really do talk about who deserves to stay and who has to go - everyone’s opinion matters. They collectively vote on the decision and Tyra’s opinion isn’t given any more weight than that of any other judge. So even though she’s the one delivering the bad news, the final choice is a democratically decided one in which majority rules.

#3: A Contestant Sued Tyra

As you may recall, Angelea Preston was eliminated in the second to last episode of Cycle 14, only to make a comeback in Cycle 17 as one of the All Stars, winning the title in the process. Oh, you don’t remember that? Maybe it’s because her crown was taken away from her. In between shooting and the final episode’s air date, the judges decided to disqualify Preston for her prior work in the escort industry. The crew reshot the final scenes of the season, crowning runner up Lisa D'Amato as the winner instead. Preston went on to sue the show and Tyra Banks for a reported 3 million dollars in damages.

#2: ANTM Models Often Aren’t Taken Seriously

Though some of the former contestants have gone on to work in either editorial, runway, or commercial modelling, even for the winners, the show is no golden ticket. Cycle 7 winner CariDee English has come out saying that she feels as though she and the other ANTM contestants, despite being recognizable to TV audiences, have never been taken seriously within the modelling world. English stated that she thought there should be more support given to the models after the show wraps, as many don’t have the experience, knowledge or portfolio to actually make it in the fashion industry.

#1: Contestants Don’t Go Home After Elimination

This one is especially surprising, considering Tyra is always talking about sending girls “home.” But in reality, when a contestant is eliminated they are housed in a hotel and unable to leave until the show goes to film overseas. Cycle 16 contestant Sara Longoria shared this information back in 2014. Can you imagine being kicked off the show but told that you are contractually obligated to stick around? Whether it has something to do with reshoots, non-disclosure agreements or some other behind-the-scenes consideration, it seems like cruel and unusual treatment considering the girls know they’ve already lost. Then again, no one ever said modelling or reality TV would be a pleasant experience.

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