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Top 10 Reasons We Love Beyoncé

VO: Lisa Yang
Script written by William Fletcher She’s got charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent. This queen is called Queen Bey for a reason. Her on stage presence is full of energy and there’s really no one out there like her. We love her for so many reasons. Not only is she a mom first, she gives back through her charity Beygood, impressive talent and dancing skills but she’s not afraid to address touchy issues.

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Top 10 Reasons We Love Beyoncé

We’re not official members of the BeyHive, but we do adore Beyoncé for a variety of reasons. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Reasons We Love Beyoncé.

For this list, we’re focusing on our favorite things about Beyoncé Knowles: the woman, the artist, the icon.

#10: She’s Body Positive

Beyoncé has curves, and she’s not afraid to show them off. Throughout her career, this child of destiny has consistently promoted a positive body image, whether she’s on stage or living her regular life. And so, Beyoncé inspires young women and men to appreciate their natural beauty, and to be themselves, too. How can you not love that? Furthermore, she doesn’t shy away from such issues in her music. So, despite all the Internet trolls, Beyoncé stays positive, fully understanding that her message can uplift the spirits of fans and those struggling with self-confidence. Without Beyoncé, “Bootylicious” wouldn’t be part of the Oxford English Dictionary.

#9: She’s a Mom First

As a professional, Beyoncé is a legit business mogul. But family comes first, and she is most definitely invested in promoting that message, too. Whether she’s on tour or preparing for a new album, Beyoncé knows that fans are interested in her personal life, and she often provides a behind-the-scenes look at her maternal experiences. As a result, curious fans can further connect with the lyrics and music videos, understanding that, at the end of the day, Beyoncé’s a mother first. It’s the transparency that keeps people intrigued, and Beyoncé always keeps fans in the loop without any humble brag whatsoever.

#8: She’s Not Afraid to Address Touchy Issues

As Beyoncé has grown as a woman, she’s proven to be an effective social commentator. She often looks inward to address her own personal conflicts in her music, while simultaneously analyzing the world around her. Some musicians squabble about trivial issues, yet Beyoncé addresses familial drama – motherly drama – and her role as a black woman in modern America. Agree or disagree with her takes, she’s not one to keep silent. Like so many timeless artists that came before her, Beyoncé stays relevant because her opinions are respected within the music industry, and we love that she’s willing to speak her mind.

#7: She Has a Rabid Fan Base

Meet the “BeyHive,” a worldwide collective of Beyoncé fans that stand loyally by their girl. Every pop star has a devoted following, of course, however Beyoncé’s rabid fan base literally affects pop culture narratives. Through digital media, the Hive actively investigates Beyoncé haters and defends their Queen Bey with extraordinary passion. It’s true that some may be too committed and dramatic, but many BeeHive members follow Beyoncé’s lead by staying positive. With that being said, the BeyHive will swarm together when they feel Beyoncé has been disrespected.

#6: She Used to Be a Member of Destiny’s Child

In 1998, Beyoncé emerged in pop culture just as the world transitioned to the Internet era. So, the stars aligned for her group Destiny’s Child, and they put in the necessary work to become one of the industry’s most successful girl groups. For Beyoncé, she made headlines through her impeccable performances, professionalism and work ethic, all the while becoming one of music’s most recognizable artists. Year after year, Destiny’s Child delivered the hits, but they also set examples for young women, both with their music and how they carried themselves in public. And so, we love the standard they set for 21st century pop stars.

#5: Her Stunning Dancing Capabilities

Right from the jump, Beyoncé established a fan base with her exceptional dancing. Her skills developed as a young child when she began taking lessons in her native Houston – so, when Destiny’s Child hit the mainstream, their performance background set them apart. Today, Beyoncé continues to balance sensuality with class in her routines, all the while making them look easy, too. Whether it’s music videos or awards show performances, she always becomes a trending topic, as her technique and form is simply on another level, along with her creativity and progressive approach.

#4: She Gives Back

Given Beyoncé’s extraordinary wealth, it may not be surprising to learn that she often gives back. But, we love Beyoncé because she doesn’t do it for attention. Plus, her contributions are both monetarily AND culturally significant as well. Along with husband Jay-Z – a mogul in his own right – Beyoncé has quietly donated through her BeyGood Foundation, which has come to the assistance of earthquake victims, hurricane victims, homeless shelters, recovering drug addicts and children battling deadly diseases. And so, Beyoncé makes a difference by investing in communities and the underprivileged, which makes her cultural legacy even stronger.

#3: She’s Not Afraid of Changing & Evolving

Nostalgia and pop culture go hand-in-hand. But it’s the superstars that successfully re-invent themselves and look forward. From Day 1, Beyoncé hasn’t tried to be anybody but herself, which is what we admire so much about her. She’s not holding on to her Destiny’s Child past, nor does she follow popular trends…she creates trends and thinks ahead. Beyoncé mixes it up, shifting from practical to glamorous to street-smart. Of course, any stylist can dress up Beyoncé, but it’s her confidence and personality that boosts her style. She’s fearless when it comes to fashion, and she’s always evolving, which means that Beyoncé always inspires new looks.

#2: She’s a Feminist

In pop culture, people often debate the specifics of modern feminism. For Beyoncé, though, she’s a feminist in the truest sense. At the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, she performed in front of an actual “Feminist” sign, sparking a discussion about what the word actually means. From Beyoncé’s point of view, it’s about believing in equal rights for women AND men. So, rather than submitting to elitist criticism or internet buzz , Beyoncé keeps it simple. She’s a woman that supports peace and love for both genders, and without a slanted agenda. We love it.

#1: Her Insane Singing Ability

Beyoncé is the total package: she’s a triple threat who can sing, dance and act. But we love her because she’s worked so hard to develop her raw talent. As a child, Beyoncé demonstrated astounding range; a special gift that continued to evolve through training and practice. She knows how to compose herself during intense dance routines, and she handles her business during more subdued performances as well. And so, it’s Beyoncé’s artistry, technique and vulnerability that makes her unique, as she’s perfected all the little things that makes her such an affecting performer.


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