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Top 10 Most Disturbing YouTube Videos of All Time

VO: Rebecca Brayton

Script written by Alex Slade.

There are lots of creepy videos caught on tape, and some of the most disturbing videos you have ever seen are on YouTube. Whether it’s the Agamemnon Counterpart, the Max Headroom WTTW Pirating Incident or an African Shaman Performing Levitation, these are some of the most terrifying videos on YouTube. WatchMojo counts down ten of the most disturbing videos on the internet.

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Script written by Alex Slade.

Top 10 Most Disturbing YouTube Videos

One trip down the YouTube rabbit hole and you’ll find yourself watching these. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 most disturbing videos on YouTube.

For this list, we’re focusing on videos found on YouTube that make us slightly – or incredibly – uncomfortable. They don’t necessarily have to be scary, but these videos are definitely not something you see every day.

#10: The Klassic Kerry Mask

We know it’s just an ad, but does it have to be so creepy? The seventh in a series promoting Kerry’s items, this one features a model demonstrating the aptly titled Klassic Kerry Mask. She does so by sitting down for a couple of minutes before being given a magazine to read – which she probably can’t even see since her peepers are covered by the mask’s lifeless eyes. The company behind this video sells a bunch of other masks as well, but the disturbing factor varies from video-to-video. However, they’ve most likely reached their target audience with this one… Whoever or whatever they may be.

#9: African Shaman Performing Levitation

The very idea that we may be able to perform otherworldly or supernatural feats is an amazing thought. Whether or not we truly can, however, remains to be proven... Still, there’s no denying that what we see in this video is intriguing – and convincing. Can you imagine believing one thing your whole life, and then having it turned around right before your eyes? But as cool as it is, the shaman only levitates a few inches off the ground, so that likely isn’t enough to qualify him for X-Men membership just yet.

#8: Agamemnon Counterpart

The year is 2571. Earth is in ruins. Thanks, video, for giving us that information, right before telling us that what we’re watching has nothing to do with that. However, what we’re watching is far more unnerving, thanks entirely to the screams and images of faces without eyes, and faces with faces for eyes. There’s also a title at the beginning saying ‘Let’s make a new friend,’ goofy characters and the letter A pops up every now and then… Based on that, we’re guessing this was a children’s show gone wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong. And it’s sure to scar kids (and kids at heart) forever.

#7: Mark Twain’s Mysterious Stranger

Kids talking to a stranger named Satan… yep, we’re off to a good start with this one, folks. The way the kid says ‘uh oh’ after the ‘angel’ introduces himself points to all things wrong. Satan’s face even morphs into that of a demon as he creates life and then ends it. Kids were the target audience of this children’s movie, but with heavy messages about the frailty of existence and the dark and foreboding representation of the stranger, we can see why many TV stations opted not to air this particular vignette from the feature length film during small screen broadcasts. Run, kids, run!

#6: Bananas Exploding on Face

We have, like, no context for this one. But we can say this probably isn’t the best way to peel a banana. What you see here is all there is to it: a man has a bunch of firecracker-stuffed bananas on his face, and he makes them explode one by one. It’s being done in the name of art, but we can’t really figure out the message or what exactly he’s trying to convey. William Lamson’s face covered in exploded bananas is one unnerving sight, though. Geez, all we wanted was nutritional information on bananas, and we end up here. Thanks, YouTube.

#5: Max Headroom WTTW Pirating Incident

The troll among trolls: this guy or gal had a lot to say about nothing, when they interrupted a 1987 broadcast of Doctor Who on a PBS station in Chicago. Donning the mask of Max Headroom, the assailant apes the fictional host’s style a bit, cracks a lot of jokes, and… well, that seems to be it really. A lot of the dialogue is unintelligible, thanks to the voice distortion and static. While it may have lost its impact years after the incident, it was sure to startle viewers when it first hijacked the broadcast, given the context, the spanking and the fact that the signal pirate was never caught.

#4: Presenting Oscar

Imagine a plug-and-play organism that comes to life and evolves with every new part that’s attached. The very thought of just attaching limbs and organs and various appendages together, then having them work in unison to get to the ideal environment, is quite unbelievable. And that’s because it is. “The Modular Body” is a self-proclaimed science-fiction story featuring Oscar, the world’s first living organism built by biologist Cornelis Vlasman, and it’s been created and marketed as if it were real. Years down the line, something like this might become an actual possibility, but until then, we’re safe from self-aware life forms hell-bent on wiping out their human creators. We hope.

#3: The Wyoming Incident

This creepypasta and alternate reality game – or ARG – has gone on for years – and it’s still going. Honestly, no one knows what to make of it anymore, as it appears to have gone off the rails. Supposedly, the video captures a broadcast intrusion by a hacker who interrupted a local programming channel, and the images, sounds and frequencies shown in it apparently made viewers sick. While the story has since developed with numerous twists and turns about its origins and those involved, what we should keep in mind is that the Wyoming Incident is just a game… or is it?

#2: Dancing Man Wearing a Horse Mask Cooks Wild Mushrooms

The title of this clip pretty much sums it up: there’s a man, a horse mask, and some wild mushrooms. Oh yeah, and dancing, too; don’t forget the dancing. There’s just no context for this video: it’s poor quality, and the psychedelic music playing in the background only makes you more uncomfortable. This man, who’s possibly a Japanese performance artist, has come to be known as the final boss of the Internet, and that’s as good an explanation as any. If some friendly alien species were to plan a visit but wanted to brush up on humanity first, let’s just hope they don’t come across this.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few Honorable Mentions:
- Jared Lee Loughner “Genocide School” Rant
- Nitori Has Gone Mad
- Suur Tõll

#1: Salad Fingers: Spoons

This is arguably the strangest animation you’ll ever see, but you won’t be able to avert your eyes. A really wild – yet creative – mind is behind this series, which starts with a strange being with salad fingers on a search for rusty spoons, and it’s since enthralled millions of viewers worldwide. With its eerie music, strange inhabitants, and wacky world building, it’s no wonder this cartoon has garnered so much attention. It’s creepy, it’s rusty, it’s mysterious and it’s spooky. In fact, it’s altogether kooky, and impossible to un-see.

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