Top 10 Superheroes That Deserve Better Video Games

VOICE OVER: Dan Paradis
Script written by Shane O'Gorman

Super heroes, but not super games. Welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Superheroes That Deserve To Have Better Video Games.

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Top 10 Superheroes That Deserve Their Own Better Video Games

These superheroes always do the right thing, except manage to make good video games; but we’re hoping that can change. Welcome to and today we will be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Superheroes that deserve their own better video games.

For this list, we looked at a bunch of super powered protagonists across comic books, movies and TV shows to decide which ones we feel deserve to suit up and succeed in a high-quality video game experience for us to enjoy.

#10: Wonder Woman

With the DCEU in full swing and Wonder Woman’s popularity at an all time high, maybe its time to capitalize on that and get a video game into production. This Amazonian warrior’s fighting abilities and love of combat could provide for a satisfying hack ‘n’ slash adventure game similar to that of Heavenly Sword and Bayonetta. This superheroine’s golden lasso, indestructible bracelets as well as her sword and shield opens tons of doors in terms of gameplay opportunities, allowing the developers to take full advantage of her arsenal (as well as brute strength) to create some dazzling set pieces and combat systems. It would be wondrous indeed.

#9: The Flash

Considering how fast the scarlet speedster can go, it’s ironic how slow he is at getting his own solid video game onto store shelves. It can be designed to be very ‘arcadey’ in style, possibly as an on rails style game, having the player blast through levels and having to make split second movements in order to advance. Hire a developer that already has a great deal of experience with accurately simulating a sense of speed in gaming, you know like the guys responsible for handling a certain blue hedgehog. That or it could be a life sim game, where you control the flash and purposely screw up timelines.

#8: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

With the fan favorite TV series having just passed it’s twentieth anniversary, we feel a worthwhile video game based on ‘the Scooby gang’ is long overdue. Due to the show’s combination of ass-kicking action scenes and the heavy abundance of dialogue between the characters, we’re leaning towards a game that falls under the action-RPG genre. The martial arts in the show could translate to an energetic, Arkham style combat system and the many characters could lead to deeply intricate relationships similar to the Mass Effect series. Anything along these lines would make us happy, as we can’t wait to sink our teeth into a worthwhile Buffy game.

#7: Hellboy

Good ol’ Red may have the word ‘hell’ spelling out half of his name, but in actuality, he has a heart of gold. The video games based on him on the other hand…. yeah, those came straight out of Satan’s behind. Hellboy’s prior outings in the video game world have been utterly awful, with ‘The Science of Evil’ in particular being an ungodly disaster in every aspect of game design. A better interpretation doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just have Hellboy taking down supernatural enemies in a ‘God of War’ style hack ‘n’ slash adventure game and it’d already be on the right track towards excellence.

#6: Judge Dredd

He is the law and you could be too…if they’d just make a decent game about him! Mega City One is a place full of criminal activity, making it the perfect cesspool for a player to clean up, one street at a time. Have it be an open world action game, with the player moving Dredd through the city as judge, jury and executioner. Maybe have challenge missions too, where the player has to work their way up a building, clearing out each level of baddies, just like in the 2012 film. It’d be like a reverse GTA, instead of playing a crook, you’d control a super-powered cop going after the bad guys. Grand Dredd Auto.

#5: Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four can’t catch a break in the world of celluloid, so maybe their luck will fare better in video games? They’ve have had a couple of pretty mediocre beat ‘em up style games already but, c’mon, how hard can it be? With four characters featuring completely unique powers from one another, a beat’ em up inspired by the Fantastic Four should have all the right components to be right up there with the classic X-Men arcade game. But lets try something completely different and make a sort of co-op puzzle platformer similar to that of ‘The Lost Vikings’ on SNES. Sounds crazy? Yeah, that’s what they told Stan Lee when he created the Fantastic Four in the first place.

#4: Ant-Man

With Marvel Studios having successfully adapted the character onto the big screen for a wider audience, maybe the next form of media Ant-Man should break his way into is video games. Think about it, you control the tiny superhero as you traverse through locations that look much larger than they actually are, akin to how something like ‘Chibi-Robo’ felt to play. Add to this the ability to command an entire ant-army, with various commands to help you complete objectives, similar to the gameplay in ‘Pikmin’, and we feel this could shape up to be something quite special. Anything is better than that random pinball tie-in we got with the movie…seriously, what was up with that?

#3: Power Rangers

Go, go Power Rangers…and get cracking on a halfway decent video game already! There have been dozens of games based on this wildly popular TV series, mostly in the beat ‘em up genre but we feel none have quite come close to capturing the magic of the show. Hand over production duties to Platinum Games, the same folks who brought us the insanely action packed experiences like Metal Gear Rising and Vanquish; match made in heaven right there. Hell they’ve already made their own Tokusatsu inspired game with The Wonderful 101, so it’s clear they already have the passion to make a Super Sentai/Power Rangers game. Hopefully we don’t have to wait long until its morphin’ time.

#2: Superman

With DC having already nailed Batman in the world of video games with the Arkham series, its time for them to turn their attention over to the other half of the world’s finest: Superman. To be fair, a compelling game about a character that is essentially indestructible makes it hard to create any sort of real challenge for the player, but we believe there just has to be a way to do the man of steel justice! Maybe a high-stakes action game, where something is constantly going wrong to fully simulate what it would be like to be Superman, always having to save people. Whatever it is, it can’t be as bad as Superman 64 was…. right?

#1: Iron Man

Nowadays, Iron Man is one of Marvel’s most appealing properties and with Spidey seemingly getting the treatment he deserves, we hope they set their sights on the golden avenger next. Maybe have the game be set during the comic arc called the ‘Armor Wars’ providing players with action akin to the aforementioned ‘Vanquish’. Include a feature to fully customize your own Iron Man suit to meet each specific situation for added fun! C’mon! We’re not game developers and that’s already a bunch of good ideas, you don’t need to be a genius like Stark to make a solid Iron Man game and we hope we don’t have to wait much longer until it rolls around.