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Top 10 Hilarious Broad City Moments

VO: Lisa Yang
Script written by Savannah Sher These two ladies are the funniest broads in New York city! Whether they’re running around wreaking havoc, getting into absurd situations to make bank, Ilana interviewing interns, Ilana unclogs a toilet, Abbi in the hole, Ilana’s allergic reaction, or Abbi’s apartment hunt, these ladies will never fail to make you laugh!

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Top 10 Hilarious Broad City Moments

This over-the-top comedy has too many amazing moments to list, but we’ll certainly try! Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Hilarious Broad City Moments.

For this list, we’re looking at our favorite scenes and storylines from the first three seasons of Comedy Central’s hit show -has although we won’t be including moments from the “Broad City” web series.

#10: Ilana Interviews Interns
“Mochalatta Chills” ”

Ilana’s office job is a source of constant entertainment, and for most of Season One we see her doing everything she can to avoid actually getting any work done. Between napping in the bathroom and torturing her coworkers, Ilana is pretty much the worst employee imaginable. When she learns that she can earn commission, however, she decides to hire a team of unpaid interns to help her make bank. While interviewing them, she manages to make the meetings entirely focused on her instead of her prospective hires. Her “white power suit” is another highlight of this storyline.

#9: Ilana Unclogs a Toilet
“Hurricane Wanda” ”

When the whole gang is stuck in Abbi’s apartment together during Hurricane Wanda, the group dynamics are hilarious all the way through the episode. The highlight, though, is when Abbi has to use the washroom, but only after realizes that they no longer have running water. Since her crush is over, she needs Ilana’s help dealing with the problem. A misunderstanding causes the situation to come to a head, but the audience finally gets to see exactly how Ilana used her ninja skills to solve the issue.

#8: Abbi in the Hole
“The Matrix” ”

In this episode, Abbi and Ilana decide they have to get out of “The Matrix” and avoid technology for the day. They decide to rollerblade to the park to get the most out of the outdoors, but unfortunately their blading skills leave something to be desired. Abbi ends up in a construction hole with a pretty serious foot injury and is left to her own devices while Ilana goes for help. The escalation of what Abbi gets up to when she’s by herself gets funnier and funnier with every scene.

#7: Yas Queen
“Kirk Steele”

When Ilana is put in charge of babysitting a precocious child from a wealthy family, you know things are going to get ridiculous. She spends the day trying to expand his cultural horizons and drags him along on an adventure with Abbi. The highlight of the episode, though, comes near the end when Ilana is returning the boy to his mother. It turns out he really has been paying attention to her lessons and is smarter and spunkier than she’s given him credit for. His rendition of Ilana’s most famous phrase is what really puts it over the top.

#6: Abbi Visits the DMV
“2016” ”

While Ilana’s antics usually get more attention, Abbi’s character is the unsung comedic hero of “Broad City.” Her awkwardness and insecurity are perfectly portrayed, showing an exaggerated version of what many people feel every day. In a storyline that is fitting to her character, Abbi has a history of taking horrible photos at the most important times. When she has to go to the DMV to renew her license photo, not only is the place a complete hellscape, but she ialso nevitably produces an ID photo to rival all others.

#5: Abbi Uses Tinder
“Rat Pack” ”

After her boss at Soulstice, Trey, makes a move on her, Abbi decides she has to get serious about her dating game. She downloads the popular dating app Tinder, but somehow doesn’t fully grasp the intricacies of how it works. While Ilana is trying to raise money for an exterminator to kill a rat in her apartment, Abbi has a string of guys arriving at the party who are increasingly unlike their profile pictures. She finally learns that swiping left is an option, and the audience realizes just how clueless she has been.

#4: Navigating the Subway
“In Heat” ”

“Broad City” is known for its great intro montages and one of the best is featured in the Season Two premiere. It’s summer in New York and the girls are trying to make their way from one end of a subway train to the other so that they can be near their exit. Something hilarious is happening in every car they go through, showing a little slice of the city’s eccentricities. Of course the kicker is that after all their work, they end up on the wrong platform anyway.

#3: Abbi's Apartment Hunt
“Apartment Hunters” ”

Abbi’s roommate (oops, we mean roommate’s boyfriend) Bevers, is a constant source of annoyance for her, so when she gets a large amount of cash for selling one of her art pieces, she decides it’s time to move. We’ve seen New York apartment hunts in many comedies before, but as always, “Broad City” takes it one step further. Each place seems more horrific than the last, and her realtor, played by Amy Sedaris, is simply insane. When she finally finds the perfect place, the audience knows something is going to go wrong but we couldn’t have anticipated just how this one was going to unfold.

#2: Abbi's Wisdom Teeth
“Wisdom Teeth” ”

When Abbi has her wisdom teeth removed, Ilana is charged with her care and of course, things don’t exactly go smoothly. She gives her a double dose of her medication, as well as her own concoction of pain relievers, and Abbi ends up escaping the apartment while in a perilous state. Watching her traipse through Whole Foods, wreaking havoc along the way, is amazing. On top of all that, this episode features two encounters between Abbi and Jeremy that are not to be missed. Abbi’s awkward fake phone calls will only make you cringe if you’re not already laughing too hard.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Cleaning Service
“What a Wonderful World”

The Pegging Incident

Lincoln Talking to Dogs
“Working Girls”

#1: Ilana's Allergic Reaction
“The Last Supper”

For Abbi’s birthday, the girls go out for a five star seafood dinner, but unbeknownst to her, Ilana has a severe seafood allergy that she doesn’t disclose until it’s too late. She keeps insisting that she knows her limits and will stop when she has to, but as each course comes out, her reaction gets increasingly worse. The story culminates with Abbi accidentally stabbing herself with Ilana’s Epipen, giving her the surge of adrenaline she needs to carry Ilana out of the restaurant. The season ends on a sweet note as the two are walking down the street together after their night of excitement.

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