Top 10 Funniest Moments on Modern Family



Top 10 Funniest Moments on Modern Family

Script written by Nick Spake

This critically acclaimed ABC comedy has come a long way since its humble beginnings. 8 seasons later, Modern Family is still as funny and heart warming as season 1. Let's take a look at some of the funniest moments on Modern Family! We've taken into account moments such as Lily at the dry-cleaners, Mitchell's long-lost son, stuck in the elevator When the Dunphy children walk in on their parents and more!

Top 10 Funniest Moments on Modern Family

They’re the family of the 21st century. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Funniest Moments on Modern Family.

For this list, we’re taking a look at the best moments from this acclaimed comedy series.

#10: Cam’s 1st Day as a Music Teacher
“The Butler's Escape”

It’s not uncommon for music teachers to be enthusiastic. Since this is Cam we’re talking about, though, he takes the gig to another level of over-the-top, sporting a sweater with a giant musical note on it. He kicks things off by literally introducing the class to music, playing a variety of ditties on the keyboard. This might be appropriate for kindergarten, but Cam is teaching a class of teenagers. The kids feel embarrassed just being in his presence, most notably Luke and Manny. Cam’s teaching methods range from whimsical to creepy, particularly when he describes everyone’s beautiful bodies as instruments. While his first day is a bust, actor Eric Stonestreet hits all the right notes.

#9: The Search for Haley
“Connection Lost”

Even in an era of FaceTime and iMessage, staying connected with your loved ones can be exhausting. This episode focuses on a search for Haley from the perspective of Claire’s laptop. It’s definitely among the show’s most ambitious endeavors with a strong balance of witty dialog and clever visual storytelling. The family grows increasingly concerned upon discovering Haley’s relationship status has been changed to married. They soon decipher that she’s pregnant and got hitched to Andy in Vegas. The resolution is something of a perfect anticlimax, however, as it’s revealed that Haley isn’t pregnant or married. She was asleep at her parents’ house the whole time!

#8: A Lesson in Babymaking
“Haley's 21st Birthday”

It’s the cringe-inducing question every child inevitably asks: “Where do babies come from?” It’s a familiar trope we’ve seen in countless other sitcoms, but “Modern Family” manages to nonetheless put a fresh and hilarious spin on it. Lily seeks out Alex and Manny for answers, but ultimately gets stuck with Luke. Using dolls and a couple plastic cups, Luke demonstrates how a frat party hookup works. Manny attempts to give a more adult presentation, but this simply amounts to an immature squabble. As it turns out, Lily already has an idea of how babies are made, but her explanation involves eggs and tadpoles. Actually, her version sounds more graphic than the real deal.

#7: The Model Plane
“Come Fly with Me”

Phil and Jay always make for an endearing comedic duo, as one’s an eager optimist and the other’s a restrained cynic. In one of their earliest bonding experiences, they fly a model plane. Given Phil’s childlike mentality, Jay is understandably reluctant to surrender the controls. The outing still ends in calamity though, as Jay shows his chatty son-in-law how to thread the needle. Instead of going through the hoop, the Vought F4U Corsair crashes right into Phil’s face. While he claims this was an accident, the laidback look on Jay’s face suggests he really wanted to shut Phil up. Intentional or not, it resulted in an uproarious bit of slapstick that’d make anyone wince.

#6: Cam’s Dating Advice
“The One That Got Away”

Despite not being able to legally drink or gamble, Manny is probably the most sophisticated member of the family. When it comes to wooing the ladies, however, he’ll often turn to his elders for guidance. Cam gives Manny some solid dating advice over the phone, but some of the people nearby misinterpret the circumstances. Noticing their raised eyebrows, Cam hilariously attempts to clarify that he’s not talking to an eleven-year-old girl, but rather a little boy. Of course this doesn’t exactly help his situation. Cam may constantly say the wrong thing at the wrong time, but the writers behind his dialog certainly have a way with words.

#5: Mitchell’s Long-Lost Son
“Our Children, Ourselves”

Mitchell’s experimentation with women may have only resulted in one sexual encounter, but that’s all it takes to procreate. Matters take more than a few shocking turns when Mitch and Cam cross paths with Mitchell’s ex-girlfriend, Tracy. Spotting Tracy with a redhead that appears to be around eight, they jump to the conclusion that Mitch has an illegitimate son. The two eventually decide to meet the child, but don’t get what they expected. It turns out that Tracy was actually with her husband, a little person with ginger hair identical to Mitch’s. Apparently Tracy has a type. With great buildup and an ingenious payoff, this subplot results in one of the show’s biggest laughs.

#4: Lily Visits the Dry Cleaners
“The Wedding (Part 1)”

Even with the legalization of gay marriage in California, the walk down the aisle is anything but smooth for Mitch and Cam. The couple faces a laundry list of problems on their big day, a highlight being a dry-cleaning mix-up. They race to pick up the right tuxedo only to discover a closed sign. Lily’s rescue attempt only creates more problems, as she winds up riding the conveyor like a carousel. Her parents are nearly driven to break the window with a trashcan, which may remind you of the time they accidentally locked Lily in a car. While they do reclaim the tux and their daughter, there are still a few more fires to extinguish.

#3: Claire Gets Stuck in Escalator
“My Funky Valentine”

Phil and Claire may be the show’s most “traditional” couple, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get into their fair share of crazy shenanigans. Looking to spice up their love life, the two spend Valentine’s Day at a hotel under the alter egos of Clive and Julianna. The roleplaying climaxes when Claire shows up wearing nothing but a coat. The fantasy is abruptly killed, though, as her coat gets stuck in an escalator. What’s worse, seemingly everybody is at the hotel that night, from Phil’s co-worker, to the school principal, to Jay and Gloria. The situation is as hysterical as it is uncomfortable, but at least Gloria has Claire covered.

#2: Dylan Performs “In the Moonlight”
“The Incident”

Upon meeting Haley’s boyfriend, Dylan, Claire and Phil immediately assume that he’s a no-good punk who’s just looking to get into their daughter’s pants. They have a change of heart, however, after Dylan brings the feuding family together in harmony. As Dylan plays an affectionate love ballad he wrote for Haley, they’re almost convinced to let them to go to a concert together. A few explicit lyrics later however, they’ve firmly changed their minds back. Both the song itself and everyone’s reactions to it are nothing short of priceless. The laughs don’t end there, though, as the family is unable to get the catchy tune out of their heads the following morning.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Gloria Singing
“Regrets Only”

Baby Cheeses

Mitchell’s Spider-Man Outfit

#1: Claire & Phil Get Caught in the Act
“Caught in the Act”

This episode actually earned the show an Emmy. Though well-written from start to finish, the standout moment occurs early on, as the Dunphy children attempt to surprise their parents with breakfast in bed for their anniversary. What lies behind the bedroom door is the epitome of awkward, as they stumble upon... well, just watch. We’re not sure what’s funnier: Phil and Claire’s humiliated reaction, Haley and Alex’s mortified reaction, or Luke’s confused one. In any case, the audience is bound to react with a huge laugh. The ensuing storyline is not only funny, but also poignant, as the Dunphy kids realize that their parents’ healthy sex life must mean they still love each other.