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Top 10 Signs You're A Disney Fan

VO: Emily Brayton
Script written by Kayla Hozjan You know you’re a Disney fan when….you’re sick of people saying you’re “too old”, you’re on the lookout for other fans, you’re basically a Disney historian, you love any opportunity to dress up, you collect Disney merchandise like it’s going out of style, when you’re always planning your next Disney vacation, you can quote from almost every film and you know all the songs by heart. Facebook: Twitter: Spotify: Instagram:

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Top 10 Signs You're A Disney Fan

There’s no denying it… you’re hopelessly devoted to the House of Mouse. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Signs You're A Disney Fan.

For this list, we’re looking at some of the charming habits, funny quirks, and endearing obsessions shared by diehard Disney fans.

#10: You’re Sick of People Saying You’re “Too Old”

Disney films and the assorted cast of characters that populate them might be child-friendly and ultimately kid-oriented. For every raised eyebrow or casual jab thrown at your age, however, you’ve got a counterargument - these stories are timeless classics that can and should be appreciated by all ages. Quite frankly, in your mind, anybody who believes that a passion for Disney is something you outgrow is living in a world without magic, and they are the ones missing out. You’re a grownup with all the accompanying responsibility, and honestly, the positivity and wonder of Disney is more helpful to you now than ever!

9: You’re On the Lookout for Other Fans

It’s always nice to meet people with whom you share common interests. Dog lovers gush over their pets together, fans of specific sports teams feel a natural sense of community, and so on. Despite the fact that Disney films have a major presence in pop culture, however, finding other self-proclaimed Disney fans can still be tough due to the aforementioned stigma. When you do spot an adult rocking some Disney apparel or bringing up one of the films, you can’t help but hope for a fairytale ending to this potential friendship. Of course, more often than not… you discover that they’re casual about it and you’ve come on WAY too strong.

#8: You’re Basically a Disney Historian

Most people have a favorite Disney movie, but few know what went on behind the scenes to get it made, like the fact that “Sleeping Beauty” was filmed with live actors first for reference. You know ALL the stories, though. When people reminisce about how great Disney was in the ‘90s, citing “Aladdin,” “Beauty and the Beast, and “The Lion King,” you’re quick to bring up, as if it’s common knowledge, that all of those were considered part of the Disney Renaissance. Of course… your encyclopedic Disney knowledge gets you some weird looks, but you don’t care… The history behind Disney is almost as interesting to you as the movies and parks themselves.

#7: You Have All the Classics in Your Collection

You ditched the DVD player awhile back because Netflix and other streaming services have most of your content needs covered. Your houseguests respond with shock and bemusement when they spot your VHS player, though. Then, they take a look at the bookshelf full of classic Disney films you’ve proudly put on display and well… they’re still confused. For you, it’s not as simple as streaming the movie - you have a strong association with the specific VHS tapes that you would pop into the VCR and watch on repeat when you were young. And sure, some of them have started to decay after hundreds of viewings, but you wouldn’t watch these films any other way.

#6: You Love Any Opportunity to Dress Up

Halloween is hit or miss with adults. Some are only too happy to don an over-the-top get-up and embrace the silliness of it all, while others simply cannot get into the spirit of the thing. For you… there’s nothing silly about Halloween, it’s a golden opportunity to bust out your movie grade Disney costume and stay in character all night. To be honest, Halloween isn’t enough to satisfy your Disney cosplay needs. You’re always overjoyed when you get an invite to a costume party. Kid’s birthday party? Why not? Any acceptable occasion is good enough for you! Of course, Katsucon and D23 are like Christmas for you.

#5: You Collect Disney Merchandise Like It's Going Out of Style

Your Prince Charming or Princess better be a Disney fan or at least be alright with living in cramped quarters, because the baggage you come with takes the form of a veritable treasure trove of Disney paraphernalia. It could be mugs, figurines, stuffed animals, movies, posters, video games, or, as is most often the case, a little bit (or rather A LOT) of everything. You can justify them as legitimate collectables that will gain value, and in some cases, that’s true, but you know deep down that’s not why you do it. You love Disney, and every one of these objects brings a little more magic into your home.

#4. You’re ALWAYS Planning Your Next Disney Vacation

For kids and adults alike, a trip to Disney is a once in a lifetime experience. For others, that first trip proves so enchanting that “once in a lifetime” goes out the window the second they leave the park. There’s nowhere you’d rather be than Disneyland or Disney World and regardless of which is closer, you’ve likely made the pilgrimage to the other anyways. As soon as you get home from the Magic Kingdom, that itch comes back, and despite promising yourself that your next vacation would be a different one, you’re already dreaming of returning. Your frequent trips have made you the go-to person for planning a trip to Disney amongst your friends.

#3: You’ve Got a List of Underrated Disney Films & a Defense for Each One

“The Fox and the Hound,” and “The Great Mouse Detective”: these two films rarely get much lip service when talking Disney films. And while you can understand the cultural, marketing, and production factors that ultimately resulted in them getting relegated to the b-catalogue, you maintain that they are gems in their own right. Films from the Disney’s Bronze Age largely go ignored, lost between the Golden Age, Silver Age, and Renaissance films. Unless people have at least thirty minutes to kill, they shouldn’t dare bring up “The Black Cauldron” around you. Sure, its failure almost ruined the company... but the film is a work of misunderstood genius, as you’re only too happy to explain to them.

#2: You Can Quote from Almost Every Film

Disney films are ripe with infinitely quotable lines, and you’ve got the collection stored away in your brain to prove it. In fact, you’ve got a Disney quote for every occasion because that’s the beauty of Disney. The dialogue in their films covers all manner of territory, from hilarious one-liners and silly rhymes, to poetic and poignant reflections on life, love, and loss. Does someone need a timeless sentence on the nature of good and evil? Look no further, you’ve got them covered with a little help from your mental database of Disney dialogue. Little do your friends know, you actually slide Disney quotes and references into casual conversation without them noticing on the regular.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

You Can Name the Voice Actor Behind Each Character

You Love Disney Trivia Games

All Your Favorite Foods Are Disney Exclusive Dishes

#1: You Know All the Songs by Heart

Of course, if you’re a true diehard Disney fan… it is most likely the music, above all else, that captured your imagination from a young age and has stayed with you into adulthood. Disney animated features have long been defined by their often award-winning musical numbers, crafted with care to be catchy, moving, and truly memorable. You probably know every word to all but the most obscure numbers, and we’re willing to bet you burst into renditions of them regularly, regardless of situation or setting. But hey, in your mind, any moment can benefit from a classic Disney song.
Which of these films was not part of the Bronze age?

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