Top 10 Costliest Celebrity Robberies



Top 10 Costliest Celebrity Robberies

Script written by Spencer Sher

Perhaps it would have been prudent for these celebs to invest in some better home security! From Miley Cyrus to Rachel Bilson and Lindsay Lohan, WatchMojo is counting down the celebrities who were infamously robbed of cash, jewellery and other personal items.

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Script written by Spencer Sher

Top 10 Costliest Celebrity Robberies

Perhaps it would have been prudent for these celebs to invest in some better home security! Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Costliest Celebrity Robberies.

For this list, we’ll be taking a look at celebrities who were unfortunate enough to be relieved of cash, jewellery and/or other personal items after being robbed.

#10: Kirsten Dunst

While staying in the penthouse suite of the SoHo Grand Hotel in Manhattan, Dunst was taken for more than $15,000 after burglars broke in and nabbed a $13,000 handbag, $2,500 in cash, electronics, as well as the actress's credit cards and identification. The theft, which took place in the summer of 2007, was solved rather quickly, as it was a simple matter of checking the hotel security cameras and identifying the thieves. Luckily for Dunst, all of her possessions were returned without a hitch, which, all things considered, makes her fortunate.

#9: Steve Jobs

The strangest part about this celeb robbery is that they weren't alive when it occurred! On July 17th, 2012, nearly a year after his death, Steve Jobs’ California home was broken into and relieved of numerous tech devices worth about $70,000. The criminal reportedly made off with 3 iPods, 3 iPads, a Macbook and an Apple TV, as well as some jewellery and Jobs’ old drivers license, the latter being both an interesting thing to own and a pointless thing to steal. The thief was eventually caught after he attempted to link the stolen devices to his personal iTunes account – because it would be weird if both parties were tech geniuses...

#8: Miley Cyrus

It wasn't exactly a party in the USA for Miley in 2013 when her Los Angeles home was robbed of over $100,000 worth of jewelry and purses. Authorities believed that the theft – which took place in broad daylight on the weekend of Cyrus' 21st birthday – was an inside job, as there were no signs of forced entry. However, this isn’t the first time someone has attempted to break into the singer's home, as a scissor-wielding intruder was found around the premises in 2012 but was quickly arrested when one of Miley’s employees called the police. Talk about a close call!

#7: Julianne Moore

In the summer of 2012, actress Julianne Moore was robbed of $127,000 worth of Cartier jewelry from her Manhattan apartment. The items in question included a $33,000 diamond tennis bracelet and four watches worth a total of $77,800. Moore suspected the theft was linked to the 20 or so member construction team that was conducting renovations at the time. Unfortunately for the Oscar winning actress, her hunch was not confirmed and the items were never recovered.

#6: Rachel Bilson

Between 2008 and 2010, a group of Los Angeles teens that came to be known as the Bling Ring stole $3 million in cash and other personal belongings from the homes of a number of celebrities. Of all the people affected by these crimes, it appears Bilson was hit the most times. Her home was allegedly robbed up to six times between April and May of 2009, with the thieves making off with anywhere between $130,000 and $300,000 in jewelry, clothing, and property – including an engagement ring that belonged to Bilson’s mother. Much of the stolen good were sold by the thieves on the Venice Beach boardwalk.

#5: Lindsay Lohan

With a certain level of fame comes a certain level of fandom. And while it's nice to know someone appreciates your work and sense of style, it's not so pleasant when it drives them to rob you wholesale. As the “fashion icon” to one of the key members of the Bling Ring, Lindsay Lohan was targeted in August of 2010 and ultimately relieved of $130,000 worth of jewelry and clothing. But through CCTV footage captured during the Lohan robbery, and a bit of Facebook detective work, police were finally able to crack the string of crimes and shut down the Bling Ring for good.

#4: Kate Moss

In May of 2010, Kate Moss was relieved of more than $140,000 worth of artwork while she was asleep in her London home. The art thieves managed to break in undetected, swiping three of the model’s paintings before hightailing it out of there. One of the paintings was a portrait done by the anonymous graffiti artist Banksy. The scariest part about this particular robbery was that Moss, as well as her boyfriend, and her mother, were home and asleep the entire time! Fortunately, no one was harmed and an arrest was made soon after.

#3: Orlando Bloom

You’ve got to be pretty ballsy to steal from Legolas. In July of 2009, the Bling Ring struck again, this time taking around $500,000 worth of goods from the home of actor Orlando Bloom while he was out of town. Of the items that were stolen, the strangest appears to have been a pair of Bloom’s underwear... along with the more obvious jewelry, and artwork as well as a Louis Vuitton laptop bag. This robbery in particular was said to be motivated by the gang's Rachel Lee, who wanted to own the lingerie of Bloom’s then-girlfriend Miranda Kerr, and Bloom's art collection to decorate her new home.

#2: Paris Hilton

Of all the celebrities that the Bling Ring managed to rob during their crime spree, Paris Hilton appears to have suffered the most; as the robbers made off with $2 million in cash, jewelry, clothes and even nude photos of Hilton she had in an open safe. The first time, thieves Rachel Lee and Nicholas Prugo broke into the socialite's Los Angeles mansion in unspectacular fashion; they let themselves in through an unlocked door. It was a later Bling robbery that would net them $2m worth of jewerly, drugs, clothes, and cash, and finally prompted Hilton to notify police.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable, or in this case dishonorable, mentions:

Kourtney Kardashian

Audrina Patridge

Tyler Perry

#1: Kim Kardashian

In the fall of 2016, a gang of armed men dressed as police officers stormed the reality TV star’s Parisian hotel room and made off with approximately $10 million in cash and jewelry. Kardashian, who had the misfortune of being in the room during the robbery, was bound, gagged and made to stay in the bathroom until the gang ultimately fled the scene. A ring worth $4 million and a box of jewelry worth $5.6 million were among the items that were stolen. In the aftermath of the robbery, 17 men were indicted on criminal charges, with authorities viewing the matters as an inside job.