Top 10 Dark Souls Areas Where EVERYONE Gets Stuck
Trivia Top 10 Dark Souls Areas Where EVERYONE Gets Stuck



Top 10 Dark Souls Areas Where EVERYONE Gets Stuck

VOICE OVER: Daniel Paradis WRITTEN BY: Mackenzie Houle
Dark Souls is a notoriously difficult series, but some areas are literally the WORST. THE WORST I SAY. Sorry, uh...Welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Hardest Areas in Dark Souls!
Top 10 Hardest Dark Souls Areas

Here we thought the bosses were hard. Welcome to and today we’ll be taking a look at the Top 10 Hardest Dark Souls Areas. Before we begin, we publish new content every day, so be sure to subscribe.

For this list, we’ll be taking a look at the areas in the Dark Souls series that gave us the most gruelling, controller-breaking, scream unto the heavens levels of difficulty. From hazards, to enemies, to the bosses themselves, these are the areas that kept us seeing this message. Please keep in mind, as the series allows for so many different play-styles, some of these areas may not seem hard to you. Also, we’ll be excluding Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne for this list, sorry guys.

#10: Archdragon Peak

“Dark Souls III” (2016)

A hidden mountain looms off the distance from Irithyll; once you reach it, though, you’ll wish you hadn’t. It’s filled with serpent-men similar to those of a certain fortress, that strike using fast and successive attacks, stun locking you and dealing massive damage. If that wasn’t bad enough, summoners will continue to manifest strong warriors until defeated. While there are only two bosses in this area, The Nameless King is arguably the hardest boss in Dark Souls 3-easily putting all others to shame. The journey to face him is long and arduous, and actually defeating him is considered even harder.

#9: Shrine of Amana

“Dark Souls II” (2014)
Located deep underground, a giant sprawling lake sits, with siren songs echoing across the rocky walls. You’ll soon see that this area isn’t just for show -as once the song ends, creatures rise out of the lake and attack you. Deeper in, you’ll face casters with a far enough range and plenty of guards to put even the best archers to shame. While FromSoftware did fix this area slightly… it didn’t help much. Of course, while dodging magic attacks and lake creatures, you’ll need to be careful where you tread, as the poorly-lit lake has some fairly easy to miss drops. It’s amazing how you can kill giant demons, but can’t SWIM!

#8: New Londo Ruins

“Dark Souls” (2011)
A quiet, dark set of ruins lurks down below Firelink Shrine, filled with cursed souls and damned warriors. The cursed ghosts are pretty tricky, as you’ll only be able to fight back by using a certain item or becoming cursed yourself, making fighting these apparitions a heavy hinderance. You must do this while watching out for the narrow paths that drop into the watery abyss. Should you manage to drain the water though, new terrors will begin to awaken, and give you a run for your souls. Just remember, if you venture too deep into the dark, you may lose yourself in the abyss.

#7: The Smouldering Lake

“Dark Souls 3” (2016)
Seriously, what is it with Dark Souls and their love for making lakes difficult for us? After going through poisonous lakes, frozen lakes, and lakes deep in the dark, where could they go next? How about one that’s on fire… complete with monstrous crabs, a giant ballista, and a massive worm that shoots lasers. A little over the top, even by Souls standards, it’s not just the lake you have to worry about, but the tombs filled with poison and fire-based enemies that lurk beneath. The tombs are claustrophobic enough to leave large weapon users crying in fear.

#6: Anor Londo

“Dark Souls” (2011)
A gorgeous city, this area marks the halfway point of the game… and it is one long threshold to cross. Several narrow paths line the city that you must cross, with one false step spelling instant death. You won’t get time to map out a route either, as enemies will attack as you tightrope walk from one end to the next. If you manage to make it inside the cathedral, a plethora of Silver Knights await you in nearly every room. And just when you think it’s all over, you’ll have to face the infamous dynamic duo, Ornstein and Smough. With their combined might, it’s a wonder why they aren’t the final bosses.

#5: Painted World of Ariamis

“Dark Souls” (2011)
If by chance you do stumble into this area, be warned - without the power of flame, you may find yourself trapped in a difficult nightmare. This land is certainly not peaceful, and its inhabitants are not very kind at all. Enemies explode into Toxic gas if defeated without fire, and there is no means of teleporting out unless you reach the end. We can praise the sun that Priscilla IS kind, letting us escape this painted world, but this won’t be the last time we’re trapped in a mess of a masterpiece.

#4: Frigid Outskirts

“Dark Souls II” (2014)
A torch won’t help you here, as a giant blizzard blows over the tundra, hiding the safe passage to the other side. If getting lost was your only problem, this area wouldn’t be on our list -as monstrous reindeer charge out from the snowy veil, ramming into you, causing massive damage. To make matters even worse, you’ll have to save up your Estus, as a duo boss fight awaits you on the other side.

#3: Blighttown

“Dark Souls” (2011)
Come on, no hardest area list would be complete without Blighttown. Located under the sewers of Undead Burg, this place is split into two sections. The upper areas feature narrow wooden scaffoldings with silent toxic snipers shooting at you from afar, while the lake at the bottom can easily kill you from the poison alone. If you don’t die by toxic or poison, don’t fret, as boulder-wielding giants and enemies hiding in pots will happily oblige in granting you your death. While The Gutter is just frustrating, this is one area fans can all agree they don’t want to visit!

#2: The Ringed City

“Dark Souls 3” (2016)
If Dark Souls III truly is the end of the series, then The Ringed City went out really strong. Invincible angels firing lasers, headless enemies with massive health, and four bosses just scratch the surface of the gorgeous fallen city. The beauty can be difficult to see from all the archers filling your eye-sockets with arrows. If you can manage to see through the blood and splintered wood, you can find some pretty cool weapons and gear... right before you’re pushed off the side of a tower. It’s frustrating, thrilling, and also sad, as it marks the end to one of this generation’s greatest series.

#1: Tomb of the Giants

“Dark Souls” (2011)
Pitch black darkness requiring you to un-equip either a headpiece or shield to have light? Check. Giant skeletal warriors and beasts hiding in the dark? Double check. Narrow paths and precarious ledges with giant arrows being fired at you? Looks like we hit the trifecta. Located deep underground, the monstrosities are near impossible to make out save for their glowing eyes, which -even then- only a few possess. As if there weren’t already enough undead out to kill you, there’s a particular NPC who just loves to trick others. Escaping this underground hell is enough to make any player praise the sun.