Top 10 FromSoftware Games
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Top 10 FromSoftware Games

Script written by Nathan Sharp

These guys make more than just Bloodborne and Dark Souls... that being said we'd be fools not to include those incredible games on this list. Welcome to, and today we're counting down our picks for the top ten FromSoftware games.

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Top 10 FromSoftware Games

This team sure knows how to make a video game. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten FromSoftware games.

For this list, we’ll be looking at what are generally considered to be the greatest video games developed by the Japanese company FromSoftware. We’ll only be including games that FromSoftware has developed, so the games that they’ve exclusively published will not be included.

#10: “Chromehounds”

“Chromehounds” was a great co-operative online experience released for the Xbox 360 in 2006. The game takes place during the fictional Neroimus War and sees teams controlling various mechs. Teamwork and strategy is key, as the game places a heavy emphasis on cooperation, so players looking for the next great online experience found a lot to enjoy in “Chromehounds.” The depth of the gameplay and the customization options also meant that fans could continue to enjoy the game for countless hours. While it lacked a significant single player campaign, “Chromehounds” was a fantastic showpiece for the online capabilities of the Xbox 360.

#9: “Enchanted Arms”

“Enchanted Arms” was your typical JRPG, complete with strategic combat scenarios. And while it never reached the heights of the greatest JRPGs like “Final Fantasy,” it was still a solid experience when played on its own terms. The story followed Atsuma, an inexperienced Enchanter who grows his abilities during an epic quest to end a centuries-old war. The game had everything that makes an RPG great, complete with an intriguing story, an imaginative world, and a difficult but rewarding combat system. It made for a solid 30-60 hours of highly creative entertainment.

#8: “King’s Field II” (AKA “King’s Field” in English-Speaking Countries)

“King’s Field II” was released in Japan in 1995 and in North America and Europe the following year, serving as the first “King’s Field” title to secure an international release. You play as Aleph as he tries to recover the Moonlight Sword on the massive island of Melanat. The game received good reviews at the time of release, and while many criticized the slow movement of Aleph, many lauded the fantastic graphics, immersive RPG elements, and massive world. The “King’s Field” series is often considered to be a precursor to FromSoftware’s signature “Dark Souls” series, and “King’s Field II” is arguably its greatest representation.

#7: “Armored Core 3”

If there’s one series that FromSoftware is known for outside of “Dark Souls,” it’s “Armored Core.” These games are third-person shooters in which players control giant mechs called Armored Cores, and while most of them are good games, “Armored Core 3” is arguably the greatest entry in the series. That’s because it retains the signature style of the series while introducing various notable gameplay enhancements, like detachable weapons and allies who aid you in battle. There are also a huge amount of customization options and enough replay value to keep the devoted intrigued. It was easily one of the best mech-based titles on the market at the time.

#6: “Otogi: Myth of Demons”

“Otogi” is an often-forgotten masterpiece for the Xbox, and one of From’s best and most unique titles. The story follows Raikoh Minamoto as he tries to save the world from demons after the seal separating the demon and human world is broken. The game’s production values were simply outstanding for the time, featuring stellar sound design and unbelievable graphics, all of which helped to showcase what the Xbox was capable of in terms of power and presentation. It also featured FromSoftware’s signature challenging combat and imaginative boss battles. It was an amazing game and a technical showpiece rolled into one unforgettable package.

#5: “Demon’s Souls”

Serving as the first entry in the “Souls” series, “Demon’s Souls” was unlike anything in gaming at the time. You control an unnamed soldier who enters Boletaria, an area where mortals are being hunted and killed by unimaginable beasts. Critics and audiences alike praised the game for its beauty and sense of wonder, but it also challenged them in ways that few modern games could. It was unforgiving, but it was also so terrifying and imaginative that we forced ourselves to push on and to get better. While the series would improve with time, “Demon’s Souls” was a mesmerizing introduction to FromSoftware’s signature franchise.

#4: “Dark Souls II”

A lot of people like to hate on “Dark Souls II” as an entry in the “Dark Souls” series, but there’s no denying that it’s a fantastic game when played on its own terms. “Dark Souls II” took what was great about “Demon’s Souls” and the first Dark Souls and improved upon them with a more powerful engine and better artificial intelligence, both of which helped make the imaginative enemies, areas, and boss battles all the more captivating. It presented gamers with another hypnotic world that yearned for exploration and discovery, and it helped cement the “Souls” series’ reputation as one of the best in modern gaming.

#3: “Dark Souls III”

If “Dark Souls III” is indeed the final game of the “Souls” series, then FromSoftware bowed out on a definite high. The game takes place in the Kingdom of Lothric at the end of the Age of Fire and the beginning of the Age of Dark. “Dark Souls III” presents an accumulation of what made the “Souls” series so memorable, including its most wondrous world yet, populated with the most imaginative and challenging bosses of the series. By this time, FromSoftware had perfected the “Souls” formula, presenting us with “Dark Souls” in all its challenging and inventive glory.

#2: “Dark Souls”

While “Dark Souls III” may be the better game in terms of polish and technicality, it wouldn’t even exist without “Dark Souls,” and for that, we must rank it higher. “Dark Souls” took what made “Demon’s Souls” such a success and cranked everything up to 11, including the difficulty. While many critics noted its insanely difficult gameplay, many also spoke of the highly rewarding and cathartic rush one experienced when overcoming a particularly frustrating challenge. It wasn’t for everyone, but those who did play it experienced the type of awe-inducing wonder that only video games can create.

#1: “Bloodborne”

“Bloodborne” is arguably FromSoftware’s masterpiece, as virtually everything about this game is flawless. The city of Yharnam is both dripping with dread and meticulously crafted. The enemies are all fun to battle, and the Lovecraft-inspired bosses are some of the most original and terrifying in all of gaming. And the gameplay, in a break from typical “Souls” fashion, is fast-paced and aggressive, which results in some of the most heart-pounding moments you will experience in gaming. It is FromSoftware’s greatest accomplishment and a masterpiece which will go down in history as one of the greatest console exclusives of all time.