Top 10 Santa Clarita Diet Moments
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Top 10 Santa Clarita Diet Moments

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There are so many memorable Santa Clarita Diet moments that we can't believe it got cancelled. We're taking a look at the best scenes from this sadly short-lived Netflix series. It might've gotten the axe after only three seasons, but we're still hungry for more. MsMojo ranks the best Santa Clarita Diet moments. Which Santa Clarita Diet moment is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!
It might’ve gotten the axe after only three seasons, but we’re still hungry for more. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Santa Clarita Diet Moments.

For this list, we’re taking a look at the best scenes from this sadly short-lived Netflix series. We’d suggest catching up with this underrated show before we spoil anything for you.

#10: Abby & Eric Kiss

Abby is a fearless free spirit with reckless tendencies while Eric is a sensible intellectual who lacks confidence. You could say they make for an odd couple, but Abby and Eric are probably the most normal people on the show. Although they even each other out, Abby is nonetheless reluctant to confront her feelings. When it looks like Abby and her parents will have to go on the run, however, she finally lays her cards on the table. Knowing that time is of the essence, Abby suggests that they share a kiss goodbye, to which Eric agrees. Abby dives right into the smooch and Eric comes back for seconds. Cute, casual, and just a little uncomfortable, it’s certainly a fitting first kiss for these two.

#9: Joel & Sheila Are Captured
“The Cult of Sheila”

As adorable as Abby and Eric are, it’s Sheila and Joel who give the show its beating heart. The connection between this couple is thicker than blood and they always have each other’s backs. When Dobrivoje Poplovic chains up Joel and impales Sheila to the wall, it appears they may go down together. Fortunately, Sheila has inadvertently started something of a cult, finding dedicated followers in Tommy, Jean, and Ron. The trio storms the hideout to rescue their savior and her husband. As exciting as this prison break is, there’s still time for some humorous banter as Tommy and Joel fight over who gets to wield the crossbow. It’s a good thing Tommy handed the weapon to Joel, who pops an arrow through Poplovic’s head.

#8: Sheila & Jean Eat a Nurse

After Sheila bites her, Jean is given a new lease on life… well, a new lease on death. Despite Sheila’s best efforts, Jean is resolute on killing her landlord, who has apparently been ripping her off. Doing a little digging, Sheila discovers that it’s actually Jean’s caregiver who’s been stealing from her. Sheila initially tries to resolve the situation peacefully, but it doesn’t take long for her to see that Amanda is overdue for her just desserts. Sheila and Jean might’ve gotten off on the wrong foot, but sinking their teeth into Amanda’s neck and devouring her gallbladder ends up being an enlightening bonding experience. Reflecting on how they’ve treated their daughters, Sheila and Jean find that they have more in common than just bloodlust.

#7: Abby Injects Herself
“Baka, Bile and Baseball Bats”

Being surrounded by death brings out Abby’s demented sense of humor and rebellious outlook on life. When Eric and Dr. Wolf create a cure for Sheila, Abby volunteers herself as a test subject. Without even saying anything, she injects herself with the experimental serum, acting as if it were an over-the-counter drug. Eric and Wolf fear the worst when Abby starts convulsing, but it turns out she was only kidding. The fact that Abby would joke about something so dire is already darkly hilarious, but she doesn’t stop there. She pretends to convulse again, and again, and again, never failing to cause a panic. Not every gag is funny four times in a row, but Abby’s commitment only leaves us laughing harder and harder.

#6: ‘Til Death Do Us Part
“The Cult of Sheila”

Throughout Season 3, Sheila pleads with Joel to let her bite him so they can spend eternity together. Joel isn’t sure if he can commit to eating people or being in a relationship with Sheila forever. After giving it some thought, however, Joel decides that life and death would be empty without Sheila. This revelation couldn’t have come at a more convenient time, as Mr. Ball Legs suddenly crawls inside Joel’s head. Unsure what to do, Sheila gives Joel a kiss and then gives him a bite. As an undead Joel opens his eyes, the sly, bloody smile on Sheila’s face says it all. It was a killer way to close out the season, although it appears we may never find out what happens next.

#5: Anne Finds Out

Following a trail of carnage, Anne inevitably realizes that Sheila and Joel are the murderers she’s been pursuing. Anne appears to have everything figured out, but she’s thrown for a loop when Sheila survives multiple gunshots. Since Sheila has risen from the dead and smites the wicked, Anne jumps to the conclusion that she’s a Christ-like figure. While Joel and Sheila aren’t looking to start a religion, they don’t deny Anne’s accusations. Gary’s severed, talking head further exhibits Sheila’s ability to grant eternal life, but Anne needs one last sign from God. Fortunately, Abby and Eric happen to blow up a fracking site right then. This ending cleverly brings all of Season 2’s major subplots together, wrapping things up in a tidy yet messy package.

#4: Disposing of the First Body
“We Can't Kill People!”

Much of the humor in “Santa Clarita Diet” stems from how the Hammonds try to maintain an everyday life even when they’re literally covered in blood. After Sheila spontaneously kills Gary, she tries to ease the tension by talking business while Joel digs a hole in the desert. Gary’s remains have been piled into a container, but Joel and Sheila’s biggest concern is that they couldn’t find the lid. Although this argument seems rather petty given the circumstances, the lid really would’ve come in handy since the container tips over as a car pulls up. While it’s just Eric and Abby, the forced grins on Joel and Sheila’s faces as they try to cover up this obvious crime scene epitomizes the show’s twisted tone.

#3: Joel Kills Dan
“Attention to Detail”

Burying a body for your spouse is one thing, but Joel’s devotion to Sheila is truly tested when Dan catches onto them. Dan tries blackmailing his neighbors into killing a couple people, but Joel is eventually motivated to take a stand. The tables don’t turn in Joel’s favor, though, as Dan points out that he has a lot more dirt on him and Sheila. When Dan threatens to lock up Sheila, Joel is driven to whack the crooked cop on the head with a shovel. With Dan pushing up daisies, Joel demonstrates just how far he’s willing to go to protect Sheila. The teargas grenade Eric buried doesn’t go to waste either, as it makes it look like Dan went out on a fart.

#2: Gary’s Head
“Moral Gray Area”

Gary isn’t just Sheila’s first kill, but also the first person she reanimates. It isn’t until Season 2 that anyone realizes this, however, as Sheila and Joel unearth Gary’s head. This is perhaps the most surreal moment in the show, but it ends up being more than just a throwaway gag. Gary becomes a regular player from this point on, creating a hysterical dynamic between the talking head and the people who desecrated the rest of his body. As funny and bizarre as the situation is, we also get some unexpected character development as Gary repents for his past mistakes. Gary reveals a surprisingly sweet side when he asks the Hammonds to look out for his niece. How can you say no to that face?

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Abby Saves Her Parents
“The Chicken and the Pear”

Sheila’s Toe Falls Off
“Strange or Just Inconsiderate?”

Joel & Abby’s Motorbike Ride
“The Farting Sex Tourist”

Tommy Tries to Kill Sheila
"Belle and Sebastian Protect the Head"

Tear Gas
“We Can Kill People”

#1: Sheila’s First Kill
“So Then a Bat or a Monkey”

Although Gary evolves into a redeemable character, he starts off as an egotistical jerk. When he sexually assaults Sheila in the first episode, we feel nothing but satisfaction when she goes from licking his fingers to biting them off. From there, she turns Gary’s intestines into an all you can eat meat platter. When Joel stumbles upon this gruesome scene, Sheila professes how much she wants to make their marriage work, neglecting the body she was just feasting upon. All Joel can do is send her a priceless “WTF” expression. Joel and Sheila’s marriage may have its problems, but if they could overcome this crazy hurdle, there’s nothing their relationship can’t survive. As Gary is torn apart, Joel and Sheila are ironically brought closer together.