Top 10 Video Game Weapons That Made Your Friends Rage Quit

VOICE OVER: Todd Haberkorn WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson

Lock, stock and get ready to rampage. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Weapons That Made Your Friends Rage Quit. For this list, we'll be looking at the weapons in video games that we've used to enrage each other for our morbid delight!
Written by Ty Richardson

Top 10 Weapons That Made Your Friends Rage Quit

Lock, stock and get ready to rampage. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Weapons That Made Your Friends Rage Quit.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the weapons in video games that we’ve used to enrage each other for our morbid delight!

#10: DL-44
"Star Wars: Battlefront" (2015)

Han Solo's iconic blaster pistol should have been a welcome addition to EA's 2015 reboot of Star Wars: Battlefront. Unfortunately EA did what EA does best and took something people should have loved and made it into something everyone hated. The DL-44 was more powerful than everything else in it's class; stronger and more accurate than most rifles but still worked well in close range with a decent rate of fire. That alone might have been OK, as it took some serious progression to unlock, buuuuuuuut the gun was also part of the Digital Deluxe and Ultimate editions of Battlefront, making it a day 1 pay to win nightmare. Honestly it was almost game-breaking and if your friends had this gun and you didn't, they had an actual advantage. Classic EA.

#9: Cerebral Bore
"Turok 2: Seeds of Evil" (1998)

It's gruesome, it's visceral, it's the perfect weapon for killing dinosaurs as you fight for survival across a world where time has no meaning. While it's hailed by gamers for just how horrifically satisfying it is to use, many were singing a different tune when it came to the multiplayer. After all, having a weapon that can lock on and unleash a homing projectile that drills through the skull of your target can be a godsend...if you're firing at a mutated raptor. If you're another player in a Team Deathmatch, then it quickly became the bane of your gaming existence, as getting hit by one ensured a swift defeat.

#8: Infinity Gauntlet
“Fortnite Battle Royale” (2017)

Granted, if you’re a fan of Marvel’s comics or its cinematic universe, you already know what to expect from this weapon without even playing the game. As part of the “Avenger: Inifinity War” collaboration this mystic item allowed whoever was lucky enough to pick it up to transform into the Mad Titan Thanos and have access to his abilities. And therein lies the problem of all of this, Thanos was so extremely overpowered (and rightfully so) that he was pretty much impossible to take on. With this weapon you could hand your friends a defeat even bigger than the one the Avengers suffered!

#7: M203 Grenade Launcher
“Call of Duty” series (2003-)

Man, remember how frustrating it was to play COD online? While it was a technical achievement in online gaming for consoles, the incessant spawn-killing was enough to make our thyroids burst. It only got worse as the years went, as players managed to find new ways to troll each other courtesy of this particular Grenade Launcher. For example, if you manage to build the right loadout, you can launch grenades across the map and quickly rack up killstreaks. To say this weapon was broken or overpowered is simply an understatement, with many a disheveled gamer quitting the match after getting torched one too many times.

#6: Golden Gun
“GoldenEye 007” (1997)

No, we didn’t forget about the trolling explosive that is the proximity mine, but there’s something about the Golden Gun that makes death so much more infuriating. While the gun is supplied with infinite ammo, this one-shot wonder only gives you a single bullet to fire before having to reload. Given how “GoldenEye” incorporates a moderate amount of auto-aim, those wielding the Golden Gun can rack up a sizeable body count, leaving everyone else to strafe like hell and unload every bullet they can before their untimely demise. See? Now the proximity mines don’t look so bad!

#5: Splat Roller
“Splatoon” series (2015-)

In recent years, Nintendo has gotten a lot better at achieving game balance in most of its multiplayer games, to an extent. Surprisingly, one of the most broken weapons they’ve created in recent years can be found in the first “Splatoon” game. Whereas every other weapon requires some skill and precision, the Splat Roller takes almost no effort to rack up eliminations and cover the arena in ink. Simply walk around and wait for someone to pop from around the corner and BAM! Expiration has never looked so colorful.

#4: Golden Hammer
“Super Smash Bros.” series (1999-)

Ever since Smash rocked up onto the gaming scene, the Hammer has been the bane of every player’s existence. Just a single hit could launch you into oblivion, and your only defense is to run or try to interrupt the wielder with a projectile. However, “Brawl” is where the Hammer would get a supersized cousin - one with a menacing golden sheen! With the ability to launch fighters twice as far and make the wielder look hopped up on caffeine, the Golden Hammer can diffuse just about any projectile, practically granting invincibility. Should your enemy grab a hold of it, you'd better start running!

#3: AWP
“Counter-Strike” (2000)

Very, very, VERY few games manage to age like fine wine, and the first “Counter-Strike” is not one of those games. The biggest reason for this is because of how ungodly powerful the Magnum Sniper Rifle is. When compared to other long-range death dealers across the gaming sphere, the AWP requires very little accuracy due to its high damage. So long as you hit the enemy in the top half of the character model, it is insta-kill. It may have been fun to use this when cheesing the AI, but its unbalanced state turned many game nights into sniping wars.

#2: Energy Sword
“Halo” series (2001-)

Yeah, the “Halo” series has had several weapons that were total B-S, but if we had to choose one, it’d be the Energy Sword. This totally-not-a-lightsaber has caused no end of headaches for players due to its ability to slice Spartans in one hit. You’d think a weapon as powerful as this would be difficult to find, but alas, it is about as common as a Needler. Considering it takes nearly every weapon multiple shots to kill someone, getting killed by the Energy Sword often felt like a giant middle finger rather than an honorable death.

#1: Blue Shell
“Mario Kart” series (1992-)

There's a reason this racing series has been known to ruin friendships, and it's all thanks to this cerulean cretin that terrorizes the tracks. Ever since it was implemented in “Mario Kart 64”, the Blue Shell has often been the difference between 1st place and defeat, whether it be against friends or AI. It wasn’t until “Mario Kart 8” when the Blue Shell would finally be given a weakness of its own, but unfortunately, the Super Horn has a low spawn rate, so nine times out of ten you can kiss that gold trophy goodbye.