Top 10 Practical Operators in Arknights

VOICE OVER: Dave Thibault WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
With so many characters to pick from, what are the best characters in Arknights? Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we'll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Practical Operators in Arknights. For this list, we'll be looking at some of our favorite operators from the new mobile game and how you can use them effectively.
Practical Operators in Arknights

Everyone has their favorites, but there’s only room for one operator...or ten, in this case. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Practical Operators in Arknights.

For this list, we’ll be looking at some of our favorite operators from the new mobile game and how you can use them effectively.

#10: Deepcolor

Born in an upper-middle class family, Deepcolor has used her photographic memory and observation skills to become an exceptional artist. Don’t let this painter’s gentle appearance fool you, though, as she can be a formidable ally on the battlefield. With the ability to summon two massive tentacles, Deepcolor can quickly hinder the enemy’s progress and possibly save one of your units from death. However, you’ll have to promote her a couple of times in order for her to really bring the pain! One promotion will let her summon three, and the second promotion will increase it to four. So, keep an eye out for her required materials!

#9: Matterhorn

Well, take a look at this handsome devil! Er...Forte...person? Anyways, Matterhorn was trained to become a bodyguard for the Silver Ash family during his youth. Today, he is a Defender class unit that can help fend off troublesome troops. His skills focus on increasing his resistance, making it difficult for enemies to defeat him. Snowfield Guard will increase his Arts Resistance which can be increased even further when his second skill, Cold Resistance, is activated. With that in mind, Matterhorn might be best to place close to an exit, but not too close. He can buy you extra time if you need it, but keep in mind that things can go awry quickly!

#8: Beehunter

Take a wild guess as to how she got her name. Before joining Rhodes Island, Beehunter was one of the best underground brawlers you could encounter, and that experience shines on the battlefield. With solid stats in attack speed and damage, this Guard unit can greet your foes with a storm of fists. Her talent - Boxer’s Concentration - allows her to deal bonus damage when attacking the same enemy, increasing by 3% and stacking up to five times. When at full Potential and Promotion, though, that rate doubles, allowing Bee to deal up to 30% bonus damage! This girl is no pushover!

#7: Shaw

Shaw is one of many Specialists that can be a crucial part of your squad. Formerly a firefighter for Lungmen FD, Shaw has managed to transfer her firefighting skills over to combat, using her water hose to push enemies back. The best part about her is that you don’t have to place her on ground level to impede an enemy’s progress; you can also place her on upper levels, allowing you to push back without worrying much about her HP. So, if you’re having a hard time maintaining some crowd control, Shaw might be a valuable asset. Oh, and she tends to speak without using any spacebars.

#6: Orchid

Upon meeting her, one may think that Orchid is not within her field of practice. After all, this elegant lady was once an editor for a fashion magazine which doesn’t exactly scream “potential squad leader” in any stretch of the imagination. However, this Specialist has proven to be an exceptional unit thanks to her ability to slow enemy movement. This ability is most effective when in range of Snipers as Orchid can provide additional time for them to take out foes. The tricky part will be when to place her where and how to make her range most effective.

#5: Jessica

This Sniper may be the timid one of the pack, but don’t underestimate her abilities; Jessica is one of the best snipers you can have (hence why she’s often used in the Tutorial missions). Her first ability - Power Strike Beta - can deliver powerful blows unto her enemies as it features a damage multiplier for every few attacks. As for her second skill - Smokescreen, Jessica gets an evasion bonus of 75%, making it hard for enemies to hit with physical or Arts attacks. In other words, she’s a hard unit to bring down, which is plenty of reason to keep her in your squad at all times.

#4: Rope

What’s a thief without a good grappling hook? Rope may not seem like a useful character at first, but once the game starts throwing in traps and hazards, she almost becomes a required unit. Thanks to her handy hook, Rope can reel enemies in, sending them falling down holes or forcing them into traps. Of course, her efficiency all depends on how big her target is, making it super important to upgrade her Hook Shot and Double Hook skills. Luckily, her upgrade costs are cheaper compared to other Specialists. So, you shouldn’t take long to get her in good standing.

#3: Shirayuki

This is one ninja you’ll definitely want on your squad! Whereas Jessica specializes in killing enemies quickly while taking little damage, Shirayuki is the type of Sniper that can deal area-of-effect damage thanks to her oversized shurikens. What makes her even more lethal is her obscenely wide range, making her perfect for covering open spaces where enemies may spawn in. Needless to say, Shirayuki can help defeat smaller foes quickly while chipping away at bigger targets. It wouldn’t be smart to play her early on, but if you have enough deployment points and still aren’t close to finishing the mission, send her out ASAP!

#2: Dobermann

Ah, the tenacious instructor of Rhodes Island. She may come off as a bit of a hard ass, but Dobermann can back up her attitude with her combat prowess. Serving as a Guard unit, Dobermann boasts a longer attack range than other Guards, able to crack her whip from a good distance. Her talent - Starter Instructor - can also boost the attack power of any 3-star units within her range. The best way to use her is to place her behind Guards with shorter ranges and place characters with ranged attacks behind her. If you take advantage of her talent and maximize her Promotion and Potential ranks, you can practically create a wall of pain!

#1: Amiya

How could we leave out our favorite assistant? We’re not putting Amiya at the top spot solely because she’s the mascot of “Arknights” - she’s actually one of the best Casters you can put on your squad! However, she’s also one of the trickiest to learn, specifically because her two skills - Chimera and Spirit Burst - are self-destructive. Spirit Burst allows her to attack random targets, but she’ll be left stunned for a short amount of time. Chimera, on the other hand, maximizes Amiya’s attack power and ignore an enemy’s Defense and Resistance stats. Unfortunately, Amiya will retreat as soon as it ends. So, use her abilities wisely!