Top 10 Funniest Letterkenny Moments



Top 10 Funniest Letterkenny Moments

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Michael Evans
From hirps, to fistfights, to silly fun nonsense, these are the best "Letterkenny" moments. Our countdown includes the Letterkenny leave, Daryl & the one-eyed sheet, Daryl's super soft birthday party, and more!

Top 10 Letterkenny Moments

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Letterkenny Moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the best scenes from the sitcom, Letterkenny, be they chirps, fistfights, or just silly fun nonsense. Even though it is “impolites to kiss and tells,” we will be discussing important scenes from the series, so a spoiler alert is in effect.

What are your favorite moments from the iconic Canadian comedy? Let us know in the comments. Pitter patter.

#10: Wayne’s First Opponent in the Toughest Guy Competition
“Super Soft Birthday"

In the series premiere, we are told that Wayne’s fighting ways have changed due to the influence of his now-ex girlfriend, Angie. But, with that relationship having ended, it’s just a matter of time before Wayne reclaims his crown as the toughest guy in the community of Letterkenny. First on the list of challengers is Sled Ted, so named for his love of all things snowmobiling. And this scrap has everything: a banging soundtrack, degens at the end of the laneway, slo-mo fisticuffs, and a clear victory for the leader of the Hicks. If you don’t know who the toughest guy in Letterkenny is, you’d better check yourself.

#9: Meeting the Shamrockettes
“The Ol’ College Try”

Feeling directionless in season 5, Reilly and Jonesy agree to join their old coach in leading a two-time hockey league winner. What they don’t realize is that it’s the local women’s team, the Letterkenny Shamrockettes. Their first meeting with the team does not go smoothly, with the girls, er… ladies (women?) not being very inviting. The boys knew going in that the team had a problem with a battle for leadership. They witnessed it firsthand in this scene where the team leaders, Betty-Anne and Mary-Anne, take turns chirping about each other’s… mitts, which in this case, is not a reference to hockey equipment.

#8: Can a Baby Be Considered Smart?
“Bradley Is a Killer”

There’s no telling what subjects might come up at the “brek-fixt” table with friends, and this scene is a great example. Who but our beloved Hicks would even care if babies can be considered smart? Aunt Nancy’s considered opinion notwithstanding, Wayne is unconvinced, prompting Dan and Daryl take him on in a battle of wits. Despite Wayne’s very well thought-out and dramatized arguments, it seems as though this debate is not over. What do “you’s guys thinks?” Can babies be smart or is a baby grabbing your thumb just a baby grabbing your thumb? This hot debate may never get sorted, but it’s certainly good for a laugh.

#7: Daryl’s Super Soft Birthday Party
“Super Soft Birthday”

You do not mess with tradition. If Daryl’s mom thought it was worthwhile to repeatedly embarrass him with super-soft birthday parties throughout his childhood, it only makes sense that his best buddies would continue the tradition into adulthood. What makes a birthday party super soft are things like sweet drinks with silly names, cupcake stations, and farm animals doubling as unicorns. This party would surely have been softest ever… had Joint Boy not shown up with his troupe of “surly uncles” to challenge Wayne’s title as toughest guy in Letterkenny. Nonetheless, this tradition is so strong that fans of the show sometimes have their own Super-Soft Birthday parties.

#6: The Letterkenny Leave
“The Letterkenny Leave”

When the McMurrays invite you to a party, and that party gets weird, you might need to find a way of escaping. And to be clear, when the McMurrays are hosting… it always gets weird. And so that’s when you use The Letterkenny Leave. In this scene, things are not going smoothly at the McMurrays’ soiree, and the Hicks discuss possible methods of exiting the party. They end with the Letterkenny Leave, which entails walking through a sliding glass door after stealing a case of beer. With the situation not yet being that dire, they decide that it is best to wait to see if things escalate. But... they’ve always got this iconic exit in their back pocket if need be.

#5: Shoresy Chirping & Reffing
“Back to Back to Back”

Everyone in Letterkenny would likely agree that, in a world of chirping, Shoresy is the uncrowned champion. After all, he basically exists only to make Reilly and Jonesy uncomfortable with his incessant comments about his activities with their respective mothers. The moment that we chose to immortalize on this list, however, is the time Shoresy took a break from reffing a Shamrockettes game to take a few shots of his own. No one is safe when Shoresy gets on a roll, and the chirps may not even be the best part. Check out that fancy skating. Shoresy delivers on all levels.

#4: Daryl & the One-Eyed Sheet
“Holy Sheet”

The people of Letterkenny don’t seem to have a clue about their Mennonite neighbors, leading to many absurd claims and theories. In this case, Daryl says that sometimes Mennonites trick unsuspecting gentlemen into impregnating their young women, in order to expand the bloodline. According to Jim Dickens, the act must be “holy,” so it is done through a hole in a sheet. Allegedly. But, when local Mennonite, Noah Dyck, asks for help on his farm, you help him, no matter what nefarious plans he might have. The Hicks offer a hand and all is well until Daryl believes he’s found evidence that supports their greatest fears. As usual, Daryl is largely mistaken, but boy can those Mennonites run!

#3: Katy Raps About the Takedown of Dierks
“American Buck and Doe”

At the end of the 8th Season, Katy finds out that her American Boyfriend, Dierks, has been stepping out on her. This leads to his season-ending, albeit off-camera, beatdown. The original spoken-word rap that opens Season 9, however, tells the story of this savage takedown. The imagery in the poem is striking, with Katy likening herself to a Ferrari and a Targaeryan from Game of Thrones. Dierks fares far worse, being called a disaster, as a reminder that her crew did indeed amass and put his arm in a cast. When Katy spits, it’s equal parts fire and truth.

#2: Squirrely Dan’s Romantic Experience

The boys were “hucking the ball” around the other day, and Dan opens up about a recent date with his sweetie. Despite it being stated many times that it is impolite to kiss and tell, Dan does just that. According to Dan, his sweetie suggested that she might throw him a “curveball betwixt the sheets,” as they say. Wayne and Daryl are shocked. They exclude Dan from the ball hucking, even as Dan continues to describe the act, what it entailed, and even how good it felt. Could be, it really is impolite to kiss and tell, after all.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Happy Hour with the Hicks, “Ferda”
Wrasslin’ Puns with Pals

The Senior Men Finally Chirp, “MoDeans 2”
The Rest of the Players Learn to Trash Talk

Meeting Les Hiques, “Les Hiques”
Meeting the French Doppelgangers of Our Beloved Hicks

Moist Puns, “Way to a Man’s Heart”
Possibly the Worst Word Ever

Picking Stones, “The Native Flu”
Speaking of Stewart’s Manhood

#1: Chirping at a Couple of Hockey Players
“Ain’t No Reason to Get Excited”

To think, it all started when some hockey players came up the produce stand the other day. The initial scene in the series serves brilliantly as an introduction to many of the tropes and jokes the series offers. It has a beautiful and confident Katy-Kat, a pair of enthusiastic-but-dumb hockey players, childishly-funny wordplay, and the Hicks regulating the entire affair. It also introduced us to such quotables as, “treasure trail,” “tilly,” and, of course, “donnybrook.” Who among us hasn’t handed out some free literature, the odd time? Who doesn’t enjoy a little tasteful backward pageantry? Welcome to Letterkenny.