Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2022



Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2022

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2022 is stacked with anticipated movies. For this list, we'll be looking at movies coming out next year that we're the most pumped to see. Our countdown includes "Legally Blonde 3," "Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore," "The Batman," and more!

Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2022

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2022.

For this list, we’ll be looking at movies coming out next year that we’re the most pumped to see. It should probably go without saying at this point, but release dates are subject to change.

What movie are you the most excited to see in 2022? Let us know in the comments.

#10: “Babylon”
Release Date: December 25, 2022 [U.S.]

With “La La Land,” Damien Chazelle became the youngest filmmaker to win the Best Director Oscar. Where “La La Land” masterfully captured the fantasy and reality of modern Hollywood, Chazelle is going back to Tinseltown’s golden era for his latest film. Three years after “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” “Babylon” reunites Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie for another love letter to the City of Stars. Speaking of stars, the stacked supporting cast includes Tobey Maquire, Jean Smart, and Olivia Wilde, just to name a few. Robbie plays Clara Bow, a silent film star who also found success in talkies. Bow played the lead in “Wings,” the first film to win Best Picture, and we wouldn’t be surprised if “Babylon” was Oscar bound as well.

#9: “Legally Blonde 3”
Release Date: May 20, 2022 [U.S.]

Two decades later, “Legally Blonde” remains as quotable as ever. If that’s not a testament to its endurance, women still come up to Reese Witherspoon on a weekly basis and say, “I went to law school because of ‘Legally Blonde.’” While “Red, White & Blonde” wasn’t as well-received, it did leave us with a fun potential idea: Elle Woods in the White House? One direct-to-video spinoff and Broadway musical later, Witherspoon is finally returning to her most iconic comedy role. If the filmmakers follow through on the Elle for President angle, there’s plenty of timely material to work with. Mindy Kaling is writing the script with Dan Goor, whose credits include “Parks and Recreation” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” With a lineup like that, we have no objections!

#8: “Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore”
Release Date: April 15, 2022 [U.S.]

Although “The Crimes of Grindelwald” received a mixed reception, most would agree that Jude Law was a strong addition as a young Albus Dumbledore. The film also left us on a huge cliffhanger concerning Dumbledore’s past. Based on the title, it seems like Dumbledore will have an even more prominent role in the third film. While Dumbledore is one of this franchise’s most famous characters, he’s also among the most mysterious. There’s potential here to explore a side of Dumbledore that we’ve never seen before. The film will also show a different side of Gellert Grindelwald with Mads Mikkelsen replacing Johnny Depp. The recasting was met with some controversy, but let’s be honest. Mikkelsen was born to play a dark wizard!

#7: “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”
Release Date: November 11, 2022 [U.S.]

“Wakanda Forever!” It’s the battle cry that we were all chanting walking out of “Black Panther” in 2018. When “Black Panther” got a Best Picture nomination in 2019, we once again found ourselves chanting, “Wakanda Forever!” In 2020, we said goodbye to the great Chadwick Boseman. His death inspired many touching tributes with #WakandaForever trending across social media. In May 2021, it was announced that the “Black Panther” sequel would be subtitled - you guessed it - “Wakanda Forever.” Even after more than three years, these two words haven’t lost their impact. They continue to inspire Black excellence and the fighting spirit that sees us through the bleakest times. It’s safe to say that “Wakanda Forever” will still hold relevance in 2022 and beyond.

#6: “Don’t Worry Darling”
Release Date: September 23, 2022 [U.S.]

Olivia Wilde made her feature directorial debut with 2019’s “Booksmart.” The original screenplay for that teen comedy appeared on the Black List ten years earlier. The script for Wilde’s follow-up film popped up on the Black List as well. “Don’t Worry Darling” couldn’t sound more different than “Booksmart,” though, demonstrating Wilde’s range as a filmmaker. Florence Pugh and Harry Styles star as a married couple in the 1950s. Although everything seems idyllic in their “utopian experimental community,” Pugh’s Alice soon begins to uncover her husband’s dirty little secrets. Wilde also co-stars in a supporting cast that includes Chris Pine, Gemma Chan, KiKi Layne, and Nick Kroll. This psychological thriller reunites Wilde with “Booksmart” co-writer Katie Silberman, practically guaranteeing another winning combination.

#5: “Elvis”
Release Date: June 24, 2022 [U.S.]

When you hear the words, “Elvis Presley” and “biographical musical,” which filmmaker immediately comes to mind? Baz Luhrmann, of course! From “Strictly Ballroom,” to “Moulin Rouge!,” to “The Great Gatsby,” every Luhrmann production is a spectacle, to say the least. Few other directors working today have the visual eye required to pull off an Elvis biopic. It also wouldn’t be a Luhrmann picture without Catherine Martin, who serves as a producer, costume designer, and production designer. The film centers on Elvis’ dynamic with his manager Colonel Tom Parker, played by Tom Hanks. Fitting since Forrest Gump did inspire Elvis. The King himself is portrayed by Austin Butler, whose screen credits range from sitcoms like “iCarly” to Oscar winners like “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”

#4: “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”
Release Date: May 6, 2022 [U.S.]

From “Loki,” to “What If…?,” to “No Way Home,” the multiverse became an integral piece of the MCU in 2021. 2022 will be an even more significant year for the multiverse, as Doctor Strange finds himself in the middle of a reality-bending conflict. He won’t be alone, as Wanda Maximoff is also getting wrapped up in the madness. While plot details have otherwise been kept vague, the 2016 film ended with Karl Mordo deciding that the world would be better off with fewer sorcerers. Now that the multiverse has been unleashed, who’s to say that Mordo will stop with our world? Sorcerers across the multiverse could be in peril, although Mordo might not even be Strange’s biggest problem if those Shuma-Gorath theories are accurate.

#3: “The Batman”
Release Date: March 4, 2022 [U.S.]

After so many incarcerations, you’d think that we’d be sick of the Caped Crusader already. Watching the footage for Matt Reeves’ “The Batman,” though, it feels as if we’re being introduced to this world for the first time. What we’ve seen so far flawlessly blends the realism of Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy with the gothic fantasy of Tim Burton’s “Batman.” Robert Pattinson seems tailormade to play a young Bruce Wayne and Zoë Kravitz slips right into the Catwoman role. As much as we love the Joker, it’s about high time the Riddler and Penguin got another shot at a live-action big-screen production. With the story drawing inspiration from “The Long Halloween,” “Year One,” and “Ego,” expect a film that fully embraces its comic roots.

#2: “Lightyear”
Release Date: June 17, 2022 [U.S.]

As well as the CG in the original “Toy Story” holds up, occasionally the human characters can look a little off. Seeing the trailer for “Lightyear,” it’s incredible just how far Pixar has come. Not only does Buzz look more realistic than we ever thought possible, but the backgrounds could easily be mistaken for live-action. This origin story seems to be taking a more grounded approach, but that doesn’t mean we won’t still get robots, aliens, and Buzz’s iconic spacesuit. While Chris Evans is inheriting the Lightyear mantle from Tim Allen, the film remains close to its roots with Pete Docter scribing the screenplay. With “Turning Red” and “Into the Spider-Verse 2” also coming out, 2022 is sure to be another stacked year for animation.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

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“Downton Abbey: A New Era,” March 18, 2022 [U.S.]
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“Scream,” January 14, 2022 [U.S.]
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“Disenchanted,” TBA 2022 [U.S.]
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#1: “Thor: Love and Thunder”
Release Date: July 8, 2022 [U.S.]

In “Thor: Ragnarok,” director Taika Waititi injected the franchise with the visuals and voice we’d associate with an 80s heavy metal album. So, it’s only appropriate that “Love and Thunder” also sounds like something out of Kiss’ discography. At the same time, don’t merely expect more of the same. At its core, this superhero sequel is a romance. With Natalie Portman’s Jane, Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie, and Jaimie Alexander’s Sif all returning, the shipping potential here is endless. Of course, it wouldn’t be an MCU film without action and Jane will have more to do than ever before as she steps up as the Mighty Thor. With the Guardians of the Galaxy also in this awesome mix, we’re already feeling the love and thunder.