Top 10 Cory & Shawn Moments on Boy Meets World



Top 10 Cory & Shawn Moments on Boy Meets World

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These Cory and Shawn moments were #FriendshipGoals. For this list, we'll be looking at some of the best moments within the greatest TV friendship of all time. Our countdown includes the waffles, the secret handshake, girl training, and more!

Top 10 Cory and Shawn Moments on Boy Meets World

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Cory and Shawn Moments on “Boy Meets World.”

For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the best moments within the greatest TV friendship of all time.

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#10: The Waffles
“She’s Having My Baby Back Ribs”

This is such a pure and sincere moment between these two best friends that we had to make room for it on this list. When Topanga goes through a crisis and worries she’s getting fat, Cory doesn’t understand why she’s so upset. So, naturally, he turns to his best buddy Shawn for some advice. They sit in bed together eating waffles, discussing what he should do. It’s always been a big joke throughout the show that Cory and Shawn are like a married couple, and this moment is the epitome of that.

#9: Shawn Defends Cory Against His Brother
“The Pink Flamingo Kid”

Before Jack Hunter ever entered the scene, Shawn had another half-brother Eddie who existed for exactly one episode. Cory however, isn’t aware of this, even upon meeting him at the trailer park. Shawn warns him to stay away, but Cory doesn’t understand, and they end up getting into a fight about the whole thing. But when things really get out of hand between Cory and the trailer park boys, Shawn shows to back him up. Shawn has always had a complicated relationship with his family, but the one person he can always count on is his true brother, Cory. And this time, it’s Shawn’s turn to show up for him.

#8: Shawn Comes to the Hospital

Speaking of Shawn showing up at exactly the right moment, he is the master of the grand entrance. After his father’s death, Shawn goes on a soul-searching road trip, unsure of when he’ll return. But when he finds out that Cory’s newborn little brother, Joshua, is dangerously sick, he shows up at the hospital to give Cory hope when he needs it most. Our excitement when Shawn walks out of the hospital elevator is beyond words. No matter what’s going on in their own lives, these two besties always show up for each other.

#7: Future Shawn & Cory
“Breaking Up Is Really, Really Hard to Do”

We just had to include this classic moment on this list. Though we get to see the whole “Boy Meets World” gang grow up into adulthood, this is the only time we get a glimpse at Cory and Shawn as old men. When Cory’s girlfriend Wendy has big ideas about their lives together, Cory has a glimpse into the future. In this flash forward scene, we see Cory and Wendy still together after ninety years. And who else is the other star of that possible future? Of course, it’s Shawn. It’s adorable to see that whatever future Cory imagines for himself, his best buddy is always there with him to argue about the rolls.

#6: The Secret Handshake

What would two best friends be without their own secret handshake? This shake is the epitome of 1990s BFFs. It is ridiculously long and complicated beyond reason. If you grew up in the ‘90s, you probably had one of these with your best friend. Whenever Cory and Shawn are particularly happy, or feel the urge to celebrate a triumphant moment, they break out into this happy dance. In the sequel series, we even get to see that nothing has changed over the years, and that they’ve kept up this goofy handshake well into adulthood.

#5: Shawn Picks Cory Over the Cool Kids
“The Uninvited”

Shawn and Cory have always done everything together, but when they get to high school, things start to change. Cory thinks that getting invited to a party that Shawn didn’t means he’s the cool one. But he quickly realizes that he was only invited because he’s seen as safe, and Shawn is the one at the real cool party. Cory feels left behind, but attempts to let Shawn spread his social butterfly wings, anyway. Shawn however blows off all his cool, new friends to hang with his best bud. He reassures Cory that nothing has changed between them, and it never will.

#4: The Alternate Timeline
“I Was a Teenage Spy”

Remember when we said that Cory and Shawn could be best friends in any possible future? Well, apparently this dynamic duo could be best friends in any possible past as well. Cory gets an electric shock and dreams that he’s sent back in time to the Cold War. Nobody knows him and with his knowledge of the future, he’s quickly deemed a spy and a traitor to America. Yet when he meets the 1950s version of Shawn, who’s somehow even more of a loner in this universe, they become best friends all over again. No matter the year, no matter the timeline, Cory and Shawn will always have each other’s backs.

#3: Girl Training
“Chick Like Me”

Cory and Shawn were way ahead of their time with this one. They defy the conventionalities of male friendship. In order to write an article about what it’s really like to be a girl, Cory and Shawn go undercover to get the real experience themselves. It’s hilarious watching them help each other dress up like girls to get an inside perspective. But it’s not all fun and games. They also both learn a lot about themselves, each other, and the opposite sex. This journey is inarguably one of Cory and Shawn’s best schemes.

#2: Forbidden Love
“An Affair to Forget”

As we previously stated, it’s a long-running joke on the show that Cory and Shawn might as well be a couple. Well, here, we see that in spades. When Shawn starts going out with a girl that does not like Cory, the two of them have to sneak around behind her back to spend any time together. They practically behave like exes who still aren’t over each other. It’s pretty hysterical watching them steal away sweet moments in the library, or have secret, longing phone calls. Naturally, no girl could ever really come between Cory and Shawn.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Hugs, “Cult Fiction”
Cory Gives Shawn a Real Hug

Cory Realizes Shawn Is “The One,” “If You Can't Be With The One You Love…”
Till Death Do They Part

Thanksgiving, “Turkey Day”
Peace Amongst the Classes

“I Love You” Practice, “What I Meant to Say”
Shawn Warns Cory About the Battlefield of Love

Bro Love, “My Baby Valentine”
Even Cowboys Can’t Stop Their Love

#1: The Wedding
“It’s About Time”

What would Cory and Topanga’s wedding be without a major Cory and Shawn moment? Shawn’s been having a really hard time as the wedding grows closer, because he assumes it will mean the slow demise of their friendship. They even get into a fight at the altar. It’s crazy watching them exchange insults and duke it out all while dressed up in their tuxes. Of course, they manage to work things out with a few sappy words. In the end, Shawn even stands up with Cory for part of the ceremony. Topanga really should have known that to marry Cory, she had to marry Shawn, too.