Top 10 Supporting Characters on The Big Bang Theory



Top 10 Supporting Characters on The Big Bang Theory

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These supporting "Big Bang Theory" characters practically stole the show. For this list, we'll be looking at the best characters that were not part of the core cast on this definitive sitcom. Our countdown includes Mary Cooper, Bert Kibbler, Wil Wheaton, and more!

Top 10 Supporting Characters From The Big Bang Theory

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Supporting Characters From “The Big Bang Theory.”

For this list, we’ll be looking at the best characters that were not part of the core cast on this definitive sitcom. So friends, family, co-workers, and even exes of those seven favorites are on the table.

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#10: Mary Cooper

It didn’t take the show very long to introduce us to the likes of Sheldon’s mother. We’re glad Chuck Lorre decided to cast his “Roseanne” alumnus in this role as Laurie Metcalf shines as Mary Cooper. A staunch Christian from Texas, Mary gives us a glimpse into what life was like for a young Sheldon. Given Sheldon’s massive affinity for the sciences and intellectualism, it was creative genius to make his mother simple yet stern, seemingly the only one able to wrangle him in. Some of the best laughs come from Mary’s interactions not only with her son but also his friends as she tries to be a mother to all.

#9: Beverly Hofstadter

One of the best decisions the show ever made was to give the two lead characters mothers that were polar opposites of them. While Leonard seeks approval and affection from her, his mother Beverly sees him more like a long-term experiment than a son. She may be Leonard’s mom, but it’s actually the scenes between her and Sheldon that make Beverly such a memorable character. Who could forget them singing Journey in the apartment, or the countless car rides that make Leonard jealous. Plus, when you pair her with Sheldon’s mother, it’s a delight to see the science versus faith debate play out onscreen.

#8: Mike Rostenkowski

Although he doesn’t appear very often, Bernadette’s father Mike is a lovely addition to the extended cast. Fans had come to adore Bernie both for her squeaky voice and fiery demeanour. So it was no surprise to meet her father and discover where that spunk came from. A no-nonsense retired cop, Mike doesn’t beat around the bush. But that doesn’t mean he can’t give us a laugh or two. Between the failed fishing trip episode, and his drunken antics with Sheldon at Thanksgiving, Mike’s a guy that you could see hanging out with the late Mr. Cooper.

#7: Zack Johnson

Ahhhh, Zack. Introduced in Season 3, Penny’s on-again-off-again boyfriend Zack at one point thinks Leonard is going to blow up the moon with a laser. With a child-like mind inside an adult body, he became a fan favorite for his dimwitted interpretation of the world around him. The contrast of someone like Zack around so many intellectuals gives us countless laughs. From comments about kids and divorce, to his love of Archie comics, he brings a nice touch of innocence to every episode he’s in. Plus, he also gives Penny a major realization and Amy an owl-sounding twitch that brings on more laughs.

#6: Bert Kibbler

One of the recurring gags on the show is Sheldon’s disdain for geologists. So it was only a matter of time before the writers brought in a geology-themed character. Tall, big, and maybe even a little intimidating on sight, Bert is actually a gentle giant. Originally crushing on Amy in Season 7, his appearances are peppered more throughout the last few seasons. Much like the rocks he adores, Bert’s humour is dry and often only understood by other geologists. Nonetheless, he does provide a few good laughs through his sheer awkwardness. Maybe Bert could find a roommate named Ernie who got his jokes?

#5: Arthur Jeffries a.k.a. Professor Proton

Fun fact: Bob Newhart agreed to play Professor Proton on the condition that it would be a semi-recurring role. And wow, are we ever glad he did. His portrayal as the host of a kid-oriented science show gave birth to a pseudo father-son relationship between him and Sheldon. Revered by Sheldon, Jeffries takes the adoration in stride. But it’s his countless retorts and comments that give us the chuckles every time. It’s only made possible by Newhart’s trademark dry delivery, which in turn makes Proton so memorable and funny. We were so relieved that his in-show death was not the end of his appearances.

#4: Barry Kripke

From the moment Kripke opens his mouth and challenges the boys to a robot battle, audiences are in for a treat. Appearing in twenty-five episodes of the show, Kripke is often a thorn in the side of our favorite scientists. Yet somehow he also provides a steady stream of laughs for viewers. Kripke’s rhotacism - a difficulty pronouncing “r” sounds - is often played for laughs, but never comes across as mean-spirited, and has even been used by Kripke himself to poke fun at Sheldon. In fact, it’s the Kripke-Sheldon moments that we love the most as Kripke just seems to know exactly how to get under Sheldon’s skin.

#3: Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton once referred to “The Big Bang Theory” as one leg of his career tripod. The show saw countless notable guest stars, but the actor’s recurring appearances as a variation of himself are something else entirely. Wil’s initially nothing more than Sheldon’s nemesis, but as his appearances increase, so do his interactions with the rest of the cast. He stars in a movie with Penny, sees “Star Wars” with the boys, and even has the girls over for Dungeons & Dragons. He may never have been part of the principal cast, but we’re definitely glad he found his way onto the show.

#2: Debbie Wolowitz

We never see her face - save for in some background photos - but we certainly feel her presence within the show. More often than not, you’ll hear her yelling at Howard over one thing or another. The banter between the two is often where the comedy comes from. Mrs. Wolowitz’s insistence on treating Howard like a child, and his behavior as one, often gives us the best laughs. And who could forget Bernadette yelling at her, making us all wonder if she’d somehow been infected with her persona. Despite losing Mrs. Wolowitz in Season 8, the character did return in a flashback.

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#1: Stuart Bloom

Much like how the main characters overlook him, audiences can easily do the same without realizing how much time he’s spent on the show. It’s a bit surprising to learn that Stuart appeared in eighty-four of the show’s 279 episodes. Given how much time we saw the guys in the comic book store, it’s no surprise we eventually got to know its owner. Often humbled, Stuart is a character who comes in and out of the main character’s lives repeatedly. He serves up plenty of laughs through his self-deprecating humor, an unusual relationship with Howard’s mom, and his never-ending money problems.