Top 10 Times South Park Characters Went Beast Mode



Top 10 Times South Park Characters Went Beast Mode

VOICE OVER: Callum Janes WRITTEN BY: Matthew Guida
The animation may be simple, but we've seen some "South Park" do some absolutely beastly things. For this list, we'll be looking at the moments in “South Park” when characters unleash their inner beast against those unfortunate enough to make them angry. Our countdown includes Stan Marsh getting possessed by Satan, Randy Marsh beating up Bat Dad, the Final Battle for Imaginationland, Butters Scotch beating up Dr. Oz, and more!

#10: Stan Marsh Gets Possessed by Satan

After Stan becomes addicted to freemium games, he seeks salvation through religious guidance. His prayers are ultimately answered, but instead of Jesus, Satan is the one who answers Stan’s call. After explaining to Stan how addiction works, Satan learns that the cause behind Stan’s problem is part of a ploy cooked up by his counterpart, the Canadian Devil Beelzaboot. Disagreeing with his methods, Satan possesses Stan’s body and goes to Canada to confront Beelzaboot. After an intense battle, Satan puts the Canadian Devil in his place by sending him back to the fiery pit from whence he came. You would think getting possessed by Satan would mess Stan up even more, but surprisingly, he turns out to be okay.

#9: Butters Stotch Beats up Dr. Oz

With all the ill-treatment Butters suffers from his classmates and his parents, you would think he would find some solace when his grandmother comes to visit. Unfortunately, she turns out to be even worse. When Stan finds out about Butters' situation, he forces the latter to become the star of his video. When their video gets them a spot on Dr. Oz's talk show, he tries to get Butters to talk about his tormentor, even though he clearly doesn’t want to. Oz continues to push Butters with aggressive questions until he finally snaps and violently lashes out at him. Just goes to show that even a kind and forgiving kid like Butters has his limits.

#8: Token Black Beats up Eric Cartman

After forming a Christian rock band to win a bet against Kyle, Cartman recruits Token based on certain stereotypes. While it turns out that Token can play bass without any previous experience, this does little to lessen his contempt for Cartman. Even though the band ends up being a huge success, Cartman's victory is ruined after learning that Christian record companies don’t give out platinum records, which was the whole point of the bet. Cartman does not take his loss well, which destroys his band’s reputation. Upset over Cartman’s actions, Token confronts him, but when Cartman insults him too, Token retaliates by beating him up. While brief, Token beating up Cartman is definitely one of the episode's most memorable moments.

#7: PC Principal Beats up Eric Cartman

Embodying the very essence of political correctness, PC Principal’s introduction to “South Park” brought forth a bunch of new changes. Many of which were not well received by the students. With most of the fourth graders eager to see PC Principal gone, they send in Cartman who threatens to frame him. While most people would be furious about Cartman trying to frame them, PC Principal is more upset over his use of politically incorrect trigger words. It doesn’t take much to set PC Principal off as he uses Cartman to destroy much of the faculty bathroom, before unleashing a savage beating that horrifies Cartman’s classmates and puts him in the hospital. Needless to say, PC isn’t leaving South Park anytime soon.

#6: ManBearPig Attacks

Every time ManBearPig appears in “South Park,” death and destruction are never far behind. Following his official debut during the Imaginationland Saga, ManBearPig returns to South Park eleven seasons later to collect on a debt made by Stan’s grandfather and the rest of the senior citizens. Upon his arrival, he goes on a savage killing spree, taking the lives of many South Park citizens as compensation. From attacking long-running character Ned Gerblanski, to turning a Red Lobster into something out of the Red Wedding, it seems that no one is safe from ManBearPig’s wrath. Even Satan wasn't spared from becoming one of ManBearPig’s many victims.

#5: The Final Battle for Imaginationland

There’s a reason that the Imaginationland Trilogy won a PrimeTime Emmy award. After every evil character ever imagined is released, the remaining good characters prepare for a final clash with the dark army. This all-out war between good and evil features plenty of hilarious, yet epic moments where several iconic characters fight for their lives, with a classic “South Park” twist. The final battle features one badass moment in particular with Butters when he finally realizes his potential as the chosen one and helps the good characters using his imagination Later on, although Al Gore even goes as far as to activate a nuke to blow up Imaginationland, destroying everyone, both real and imaginary, thankfully Butters was there to save the day.

#4: Monster Celebrities Throwdown

The creators of “South Park” dislike Barbra Streisand so much that they made her a literal monster. After restoring the “Diamond of Pantheos,” Streisand transforms into a terrifying monster known as Mecha-Streisand. Along with going on a rampage and destroying most of South Park, Mecha-Streisand also battles against Leonard Maltin and Sidney Poitier who have their own kaiju forms. When she proves too powerful for them to stop, all hope seems lost until Robert Smith of “The Cure” arrives to save the day. He transforms into a Mothra-like kaiju and defeats Mecha-Streisand by hurling her into space, much to the joy of the townspeople. Unfortunately, this wouldn't be the last “South Park” sees of Mecha-Streisand as she returns bigger, badder and scarier than ever thirteen seasons later.

#3: Randy Marsh Beats up Bat Dad

While the youth of South Park attempt to lose in Little League baseball, Randy is determined to prove he’s the best by fighting the drunk and obnoxious fathers from opposing teams. Initially confident in his ability to beat other dads, Randy faces his toughest foe yet in the form of the ultimate Little League trash-talking father, Bat Dad. When the day of their fight finally arrives, Randy and Bat Dad hold nothing back as they engage in a brawl that's way too intense for a Little League game. With a little encouragement from the boys, who want him to win so they can be disqualified, and even a cameo from Mickey Goldmill, Randy overwhelms Bat Dad and beats the crap out of him.

#2: Timmy Burch Fights Jimmy Valmer

Before Jimmy and Timmy became one of South Park’s iconic duos, they were heated rivals. After losing the attention of his fellow scouts, Timmy's contempt for Jimmy reaches a boiling point when the two get into a fight over Jimmy’s comedy act. Things quickly escalate out of control as the two boys exchange blows and soon draw in a large crowd of people. Rather than break up the fight, the crowd’s more interested in watching the two duke it out. Their brawl is hilarious, yet far more brutal than one would expect, proving that despite their disabilities, both Jimmy and Timmy can hold their own in a fight.

#1: Wendy Testaburger Beats Up Eric Cartman

Cartman never misses an opportunity to make fun of others. However, he learns the hard way that there are some lines you just don’t cross. After mocking Wendy’s attempts to raise awareness for Breast Cancer, Cartman infuriates her to the point where she threatens to kick his fat posterior. Cartman desperately attempts to weasel out of the fight through various means, such as eating his underwear and telling on her. Despite his best efforts, the fight still happens and boy is it a sight to behold. Taking inspiration from films like “Snatch” and “There Will Be Blood,” Wendy destroys Cartman and gives him a heaping helping of karmic retribution. Who knew that a fight between two little kids could be so brutal?